16th December 2019

We now have 5 years of a Conservative government with a large majority. Brexit, even if not the pure form we would prefer, is happening and so it is time for the UK to start focussing on other issues. It is time for a patriotic party to fill the vacuum left by Labour.
Labour has been driven out of Scotland, and it can happen in the rest of the United Kingdom too.

To drive our collective agenda we must all come together behind one common sense and patriotic party which can represent us politically. I urge both UKIP and Brexit Party members and supporters who are now politically homeless to join For Britain without delay. I also urge Labour members who have lent a vote to Boris for Brexit to join us, as we have a plan that will deliver the change that we urgently need. Greens, Tories and everyone else, we represent important issues that transcend traditional politics, and I urge you to look at what we stand for and be part of our growing movement.

We have spent the last two years working incredibly hard to establish our party, battling the entire system to do it. We have been waiting for resolution on Brexit to detail our longer term plans. We acknowledge the national focus on Brexit, and the general political fatigue for other issues, but it hasn’t stopped us working away in the background to be ready for this moment.

Everything is in place.

Now is the time to tell you our strategy.

We have a 5 year plan, because success is about serious politics, not street marches or rallies, but changing things through the ballot box. This takes time and patience as history shows.

Last year we won Council seats, beating both the Tories and Labour in the process. We will build on this, standing more councillors and winning more seats, starting in May 2020. This is the cornerstone of our strategy.

We will use our influence to lobby this new Tory Government about dangerous and divisive extreme left wing and Islamic groups that attack our freedoms and poison our education system. If you were equally appalled by the students wishing death on Boris Johnson after his win, you will understand what we mean. A toxin has entered society, spreading anger and intolerance, and has been allowed to grow. For Britain will be doing everything we can to reverse this trend, and a large Tory majority means that we now have more options to make that happen. Get involved, your country depends on it.

As our local election successes increase, we will in parallel implement our plan for parliamentary seats, meaning by the time of the next election For Britain will not only be standing candidates, but standing candidates to win. We are working on that strategy now.

The biggest difference of all that we can make is having people inside Westminster.

We are established, and listed by the Electoral Commission as a ‘Major Political Party’. Don’t split support across fly-by-night groups and parties, get behind the one party that is serious about politics and will actually make the change across all the important issues. We can, we have the structure to do it, and we will.

Five years seems a long time away, but a credible plan needs to be built on solid foundations. In that five years we will be making a difference through activism nationally as well as community work locally, and we will be relentless in representing the issues we all care deeply about.

As an example, surveys show that the vast majority of Brits would ban the burka, yet the media and politicians try to convince you this is an extreme minority view. The vast majority of British (and European) countries wish to see immigration reduced, and are concerned about Islam and the effect on our culture. Again, you are made to feel extreme for holding these views that are in reality mainstream. This election showed again just how out of touch both the media and the political class are with the general public. We have our finger on the pulse of the country, because our party is made up of the normal people of the country. It’s our greatest strength.

The Tories won’t ban non-stun slaughter on their own, they need pressure and we are already running our campaigns to this end. And if the EU For Britain is now a member of the prestigious pan-European Identity & Democracy Partyis still your priority then know this – we believe the whole EU project must be brought down, and we won’t stop working with our European friends and allies in the Identity and Democracy Party to make this happen.

We will represent you, we know how you feel about the direction of this country. Read our manifesto, unite behind us and For Britain will be the party that deals with all the critical issues beyond Brexit.

The first step is joining, do it now and let’s all come together.

The time is now.