Frankie Rufolo

December 19th 2019


As soon as Boris Johnson’s victory was declared, the chattering classes of anti-Brexit politicians, journalists and commentators from the Remainstream media, as well as D-list celebrities among the Twitter mobs, repeated the lie that everyone who wants a real exit from the EU is a racist bigot. We’ve been told this was a win for the rich, the elite, and the establishment. Whilst the Tories are an old party who have improved nothing in their time in power, and are nothing to get excited about, it’s worth a reminder that big banks, big business, and the international corrupt establishment supported Remain (which had more than its fair share of bigots and racists as well). Here are a few examples of the worst of Remain:

 1: John McCain

Yes, Senator John McCain endorsed Remain in the referendum. Remember when the mainstream media praised this never-Trump Republican because he wasn’t racist to Barack Obama? Meaningless tripe. John McCain is known for saying “I hate the gooks.” So not all old bigots are Brexiteers. On top of that, having suffered the horrors of war himself in Vietnam, he inflicted them on others by voting for needless foreign intervention such as the Iraq War.

2: BAE Systems

This giant weapons dealer, that has been arming the Islamic tyrants of Saudi Arabia, endorsed Remain in 2016 when chairman Roger Carr wrote a letter to The Times. As well as assisting some of the worst human rights abusers on the planet to commit war crimes in the Middle East, this bloodstained business has been accused of ripping off poor developing countries in Africa, and investigated and fined by the Serious Fraud Office for corruption. Hopefully the arms manufacturer will be very disappointed when The For Britain Movement and our allies on the continent prevent the formation of an EU Army.

3: Shell

The Remoaners often argue that we need the EU for environmental protections, but some of the endorsements for Remain are not as green as anti-Brexit fanatics would like. This fossil fuel company is responsible for oil spills all over the world from the Gulf of Mexico to the River Niger. Like BAE systems, this pro-EU company has been accused of assisting human rights abuses, and collaborating in political executions in Nigeria.

4: Joko Widodo

You probably won’t have heard the name but this man is the president of Indonesia. Once praised as a “progressive” Islamic country, Indonesia’s human rights record has been getting worse and worse since this man took power; executing people for drug crimes and subjecting homosexuals and adulterers to corporal punishment in public. On a visit to Brussels to solidify Indonesian relations with the EU, this tyrant also said he’d like Britain to remain a member.

5: Richard B Spencer

Whilst it is true that the tiny and insignificant real far right in the UK was pretty much united behind Brexit, the story was quite different internationally. American alt-right leader Richard Spencer wrote an article in the lead-up to the referendum arguing that leaving the EU would not be good for Britain. He defended the EU regarding the migrant crisis, despite the fact that EU agreements like Schengen effectively meant that Merkel’s invitation to a million migrants affected the rest of the continent. He also that the EU had the potential to be “a white racial empire.”

6: Tony Blair

It’s no secret the former Labour Prime Minister has been trying to keep us in the EU. While he’s widely despised for starting an illegal war in Iraq, George Galloway’s film “The Killing$ of Tony Blair” exposes  his corporate sabotage of Britain’s public sector . Whilst the Remoaners are scaremongering about Donald Trump privatising the NHS, it was their criminal mastermind who got Richard Branson involved in the NHS, started the dodgy contracts with huge companies, and even privatised our airspace.

7: Richard Branson

This brings us on to Margaret Thatcher’s poster-boy who more recently has been donating to Gina Miller’s campaigns, as well as trying to sue the NHS because he can’t privatise it quickly enough. Conservative newspapers have been banned from sale on his trains, and Breitbart censored for those who use his broadband. Remoaners are frighteningly happy with the Orwellian Brave New Matrix direction our country is going,  but one thing that may inconvenience them is the fact he has previously been arrested for the tax fraud the EU is supposed to prevent. Other controversies include skimpy sexualised uniforms on female staff, and profiting from trips to Seaworld and other parks that keep dolphins and orcas in featureless tanks. It just shows that the elites care more about money than they do about freedom.

8: Change Nothing UK

Stopped laughing yet? This breakaway group from the UK’s political establishment, founded to fight for the EU’s political establishment, seems to have been pretty short lived. Perhaps there was potential for a new centrist party but this one was dropped as a baby in the European elections that should never have happened. You may struggle to remember but Chuka’s chums spent much of their campaign attacking Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, trying to demonise them as racist. They probably should have been more careful not to throw bricks from within a glass house: The “Independent Group” got into a race row on the day they launched with former Labour MP Angela Smith appearing to describe ethnic minorities as “a funny tinge” on Politics Live (before issuing an apology). Then when these flashy neo-liberals unveiled their candidates, three of them were forced to step down for derogatory remarks such as “crazy black whore.” Not the best start. Now Anna Soubry is gone and they have no MPs, it looks like good riddance.

9: Xi Jinping

The president of China told David Cameron that he wanted to see “a united EU.” The Communist Party leader tends to support tyrannical super-states that suppress islands of democracy, as the brave and courageous people of Hong Kong know all too well. When the EU has the support of this dictator with an appalling human rights record, it casts doubt on the notion that Britain’s membership makes us any safer from dangerous superpowers – are we supposed to stop them by doing everything they want? It’s also somewhat ironic that the Leavers were demonised as racist and Nazis when the Remainer Jinping is erasing non-heterosexuals from the media, and condoning electric shock gay conversion therapy, whilst putting thousands of China’s Uighur Muslims in concentration camps – a travesty that looks like a build-up to genocide.

10: Anjem Choudary

Although Choudary couldn’t endorse either side because he sees voting as un-Islamic, he did say that he would prefer it if Britain remained in the EU because of European legislation that protects the so-called rights of terrorists. It should be no surprise, as Choudary has influenced countless Jihadis. Specifically, the EU protects against deportations, but the EU’s own agencies admit that the weakened internal borders are also enabling terrorists and human traffickers. When Theresa May said that Britain is safer in the EU, she was wrong. It’s time to take our country back and stamp out this Jihadist problem. Remoaners may cry about the ‘Breaking Point’ poster and push the “hate crime” hoax, but Anjem Choudary is the perfect face of hate for Remain.

Frankie Rufolo

For Britain Exeter