Anne Marie Waters

December 21st 2019

When you have been on the receiving end of the mainstream media, it changes your life. It changes you because you learn firsthand just how corrupt public life can be. People often believe “there’s no smoke without fire”, they believe that the press simply isn’t allowed to lie – they are wrong, and it’s a hard life lesson to learn. The press openly and repeatedly lies. It does this unashamedly. I can’t recall the number of times I’ve taken part in interviews with journalists, only to read the resulting article and scarcely recognise it.

Journalists will take a single line and completely transform what was actually said. They’ll try to make you look and sound ridiculous and crass, they’ll find the worst possible photos, it’s public humiliation and it’s all based on lies. I’ve had journalists attempt to spill water on me, tell me to “calm down” while blocking the camera showing that I was perfectly calm, and I’ve had journalists imply that I agree with the “far right” label they affix to me. For example, a newspaper has reported that I intended to form a “far right” party to take the place of the BNP. This was written despite the fact that I have never said I want to take the place of the BNP, and I deny, with evidence, that I am far right. But the journalists say whatever they want to, and I have no right of reply.

In a demonstration of the weakening of the journalistic trade, reporters and writers no longer investigate or ask questions. They simply copy and paste from Wikipedia, or present the biased position of Hope Not Hate as fact. Hope Not Hate exist, and are paid, to fight “fascists”. When they can’t find real fascists, they invent them, and the press facilitates it.

So what is to be done?

For Britain has a refreshing and unique policy to make the media fair. In a free society, we should only impose regulation on the press for a justifiable reason, and any regulation must promote rather than restrict free speech. For this reason, For Britain proposes that all political candidates, during an election, are given a right of reply to any articles written about them. This is particularly the case when the coverage portrays the candidate in an unflattering light.

Furthermore, the right of reply must be of a similar length and prominence to the original article.  Candidates must be contacted about articles to be published about them, and there must be justification of any labels attached to that candidate.  If a journalist will call a candidate a “fascist” for example, they should explain what fascism is, and why or how the candidate meets that definition.  This should be based upon the candidate’s own words and not information from Hope Not Hate or a similar group.

It can never be deemed to be fair that a person can be smeared and slandered in the national press without right of reply.  All just-minded people can see this isn’t fair, and they will help us right that wrong.

Finally, we will fight any attempt to restrict our rights online.  The internet has provided unprecedented liberty in communication; everyone can make a website and have their voices heard.  It’s a profoundly important development in our public lives and it has given a platform that no government should be permitted to take away.

Social media is openly biased towards left-wing politics, and this must be confronted and opposed.  For Britain will take all opportunities to fight back against media tech, and the British people know the importance and the justice of this fight.

For Britain will put an end to the lies that are so poisoning our democracy.  Join us.


Anne Marie Waters


For Britain 

You can watch a video on this topic here.