Anne Marie Waters 

December 22nd 2019 


Every adult man and woman has the right to live their lives as they prefer. It’s our most fundamental liberty that we are able to choose our own destiny. The only restrictions on our liberties should be to prevent harm to others in the form of bodily harm, violation, or imposed servitude or containment, and more. In other words, our liberties should only be limited by the liberties of others.

Because I believe this, I believe in the right of adults to alter their genitals or other parts of their bodies, in an attempt to live life as the opposite sex. They say they do this because they believe they should have the body of the opposite sex, because they ‘feel’ like that sex on the inside. I have sympathy with people who struggle with this, and if they genuinely want to change their bodies, I have no right to interfere. But the matter of transgenderism is not as simple as this. It now encompasses harm to others, particularly to children.

Children are being introduced to a whole new fabricated “reality” of non-binary, pansexual, demisexual, and polysexual (to name just a few).  They are then encouraged to choose one of these genders and “identify” with it. The whole thing is incomprehensible.

Perhaps even more shockingly, children have been referred for medical intervention to alter their bodies at a young age. More than 800 children in the UK have been given ‘puberty blockers’ to halt their biological development, and this is funded by the NHS.

This effectively amounts to experimentation on children, it must be brought to an end.  This is why For Britain proposes that medical and surgical intervention to change sex be limited to adults.  People may of course wear whatever clothes they wish, act as they wish, wear their hair as they wish, but to prevent harm to children, we will ensure only adults can undertake major life changes such as the removal or alteration of their genitals.

Self-identification is another important element of the transgender debate.  This means a person simply needs to state that they are the opposite sex, and then be treated that way by the law.  What I and others are arguing here is not that “all transexuals are sexual predators”, but that sexual predators will exploit self-id to gain access to women’s dressing rooms, toilets etc, where they constitute a threat to women.  Therefore, we must prioritise the safety of women and disallow ‘transwomen’ accessing areas intended for women. For Britain therefore will ensure that self-ID never becomes law in the UK, and convicted sex offenders may never “identify” as a woman and gain access to women’s prisons or other areas intended for women.

Women’s sport is also off limits.  People who were born male may not compete in sporting contests intended for female competitors.  Full stop.

Finally, we will make sure that the police, and the judiciary, remember our fundamental right to freely express our opinions on this matter.  We have no right to threaten transgendered people in any way, and we do not.  What we are calling for is our right to disagree that transwomen are women or transmen are men.  Currently this legitimate belief has been pushed in to the realm of “hate speech”.  Police have arrested people, interviewed them under caution, warned them about their “thinking”, and told them what that thinking ought to be.

This is not a free country.

For Britain seeks to restore sanity, and this starts with restoring speech.  We will lead by example and have the courage to say openly what so many of us are thinking.  Join us.


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