By Paul Burgess B.Sc., M.Sc. C.Eng, Environment Spokesman

6th January 2020

Dr William Happer is a retired professor of physics from Princetown University  with over 200 published papers. He was an adviser to the USA government until vice president Gore cleansed the advisors of any different opinions to his own. He is probably the man who understands more about the CO2 molecule and its radiative behaviour than any man alive. He co-authored a book in 1982 on CO2 being a cause of global warming and how, because of feedback mechanism with water vapour, it would cause accelerated global warming. However he was wrong and openly admits he was wrong because the empirical data that followed did not tally with his claims. He is now a major climate change realist and I very much respect him.

He openly admits his wrong conclusions.  The fact he was wrong does not bother him one jot. He was pleased to have learnt more from the science and in taking this attitude is a true scientist. That is how most science worked, well that was until climate ‘science’ came along.

I learn, almost daily, of friends who dare not speak their views not just on climate change but on any subject for fear of losing their left wing friends. It is as if a censorship has settled on  the land and people are offended by any opinion that is even slightly to the right of Carl Marx. How this censorship came about is still a bit of a mystery to me. When I was at University, yes I was unusual at being to the right of the crowd, but this never led to anything but good robust debate without anyone taking offence.

My university years took place when the ‘consensus’ was of a coming ice age. Up until 1945, the year I was born, the earth had warmed and had just experienced the 1930’s which is the hottest decade on record or, at least it was until the data revisionists changed it. This warming was natural and CO2 levels were low. The warming was understood because we were coming out of a mini-ice age. Then as soon as I was born the climate began to cool. The cooling was against a background of rising CO2. By 1970 this worried scientists so much that they wrote to the president of the USA to inform him of their consensus asking him to prepare for the coming ice age. Thankfully, he ignored them.

The climate then taught the scientists a lesson because by the late 1970’s they were forced to change their minds and they switched to ‘global warming’. So warm periods occur at low CO2 levels as in the 1920’s ands 1930’s. Cooling periods occur when CO2 levels are rising as per the 1945 – 1970 period. This shows no  correlation between CO2 levels and warming but what about historic ice ages?

Well each ice age start when CO2 levels were high and end when  they are low. Each warming period begins when CO2 levels are low and ends when CO2 levels are high. How can this be? it is the exact opposite of what the propaganda is teaching us?

Well, let us suppose, just for a moment or so, that these climate changes are not related to CO2 levels and say some other cause like the natural cycles of the earth’s orbit, tilt and wobbles are the cause. Now add the simple fact that the atmosphere has only about 2% of the CO2 in it compared to the 98% in the oceans.  Then, as we know, the fact that water absorbs CO2 when it cools and gives it off when  it warms and an explanation  begins to emerge that explains it all.

The orbital effect cause cooling – the CO2 gets absorbed more into the oceans thus reducing the CO2 as the earth cools ending up the cooling period with low CO2 levels. Then with now low levels of CO2 the orbital effects cause warming and as the climate warms the oceans give off CO2 they raising the CO2 level ending up with high CO2 levels before the next cooling cycle starts. Does that sound a good explanation? Well, lets us check that out a bit more.

It takes a lot of energy to heat water and the volume of the oceans is incredibly high so when you have a warming period starting from low levels of CO2 as they always are the CO2 given off from the oceans would follow the warming because it is not the cause of it but the result of it. Guess what…..that is what happens the CO2 level increase follows the warming from about 600 years to over a thousand years. This is looking good…. but we need to see if those earth cycles match the historic ice age record.

Ok, so now let us plot those orbital cycles and compare them to the ice ages and warming periods and eureka they fit – there is an excellent correlation between them and the climate. These cycles were determined by a chap called Milankovic, a chap who started off as a civil engineer just like myself. There being no computers in his day, and as it needed decades of computations by a whole team of mathematicians, his problem was to recruit a team for such a thankless boring task. Well, back in those days clever women were a problem for society. There was simply no work for them so he recruited a whole gang of clever women and they set about doing the work , that took decades and it proved the correlation! Why, it seems is there always a clever women behind each clever man? Or in this case a whole gang of them? I will not even attempt to answer that question as i know which side my bread is buttered.

To make this story even stranger Milankovic was a prisoner of war at the time and was released, as was the officer code in those days, to do his work, provided he was honour bound not to resume hostilities towards his captors.