8th January 2020

Imagine for a moment that in Trump’s America, schools started their morning by chanting ‘death to Iran’.

There would rightly be a media uproar, and ‘the left’ would be apoplectic with rage.

For years, Iranian schools have demanded that pupils chant ‘death to America, Israel and Great Britain’ each day, brainwashing another generation to hate the West and Israel.

We don’t hear this in the current discourse though do we? Why do we have such low expectation of Islamic nations, that we just shrug our shoulders at this behaviour? It seems that any group of people in the West stating they are ‘against hate’ are merely against the West, and Western values, as they never seem to call out actual hate. Particularly religiously motivated hate, which this is.

Iran killed over 1,000 anti Government protestors recently – it’s own citizens, dumping bodies in the river like garbage. It imprisons women who remove their veil, and shot in the head a 16 year old girl for dancing in the street.

People are currently taking their side.

For many the focus of their anger is on America,  a country that has never, ever carried out these types of acts, and never would. There is absolutely no disadvantage in America to being a woman in 2020, but feminists spend all their time ranting about Trump, as their ‘sisters’ are beaten and sent to jail in Iran (or worse).

When Iranian General Mohammed Reza Naqdi stated earlier in 2019 that Iran will annihilate Israel, and threatened to attack American bases, should everyone assume these people just lie all the time? Do nothing, because they’re just crazy fanatics and they don’t actually mean it? Is that how the left and apologists view muslims? Liars that fantasise about genocide but won’t act it out?

Or should we believe them and act accordingly?

Not once has Corbyn denounced this sort of rhetoric from Iran, but he can’t wait to tweet his criticism of President Trump. He won’t call terrorists that kill Westerners ‘terrorists’. In any book, it makes him a traitor.

Boris Johnson is wholly correct not to share any information with him.

Iran has spent the last year boarding American ships, shooting down drones and attacking the US embassy. Neutralised terrorist Soleimani is known to be behind hundreds of American deaths, and atrocities across multiple regions. If Trump wanted war, he has had every opportunity to start one. He held back a strike in June 2019 so as not to risk the lives of any Iranian civilians, as the military couldn’t guarantee no causalities.

During the period of mourning for Soleimani, the Iranian Parliament broke out into chants of ‘Death to America’ (can you imagine that in Westminster!).

At what point to you take action?

Maybe some of those attacking America can provide a figure. How many people need to die before the looking away stops, allowing the deaths to continue?

To stage manage the funeral they kettled their own people into a tight space to make the crowd appear larger for the cameras, resulting in over 50 deaths in a tragic crush. There’s a complete lack of regard for human life, but it never gets called out. The news is just full of how bad America is, it is truly bizarre to see.

Yes, there are risks in striking back, but it is moral cowardice to abstain from doing the right thing. Leaders must take tough decisions, and as our closest ally, Britain should support and defend the US when it chooses to defend itself. We would expect (and receive) the same in return.

Both the far left and the far right seem angry, blaming Jews and offering a whole host of ridiculous anti-Semitic conspiracy theories for what is happening.  They criticise For Britain because we aren’t racists that subscribe to their warped world view. These people are abhorrent.

Soleimani’s daughter took to twitter asking for suicide jihadis to wreak revenge (what does it take to be banned from Twitter unless you are perceived as ‘on the right’?). Imams and Clerics call for American blood to the spilled, for death and for slaughter.

Where is the media questioning why Iranian religious figures aren’t calling for peace and unity? Why is all this being allowed to slide, whilst everything that happens is being twisted to attack Trump and America?

We don’t want wars. Nobody should. But we stand by our allies when they defend themselves and take action against monsters, because not to would be devastating for us all in the long run. They kill their own people because in that situation they are in a position of strength. It is illogical to suppose they wouldn’t do the same to sworn enemies if they built up the ability to do so.