Frankie Rufolo 

January 9th 2020

Based Amy: Guilty of Patriotism

Amy Dalla Mura, a passionate Brexiteer, was recently sentenced to 28 days in prison for shouting at Anna Soubry. This should be a national outrage as it sets a dangerous precedent for freedom of speech in the UK.

Soubry is gone from Westminster, her uninspiring failure of a party humiliated and disbanded, but she has left a dangerous legacy of political censorship. At the beginning of 2019, her encounter with the anti-EU yellow-vest protesters had the mainstream media exaggerating to the point of hysterics, after she was unfortunate enough to be labelled “a Nazi.” There was no media outrage when the hustings in the Lewisham East by-election was shut down by far-left protesters determined to stop Anne Marie Waters from speaking, and all the candidates in attendance evacuated. Soubry’s hoo-ha in Parliament Square had the far-left and the anti-Brexit lobby blaming the social media presence that Tommy Robinson had at the time, as well as newspapers’ use of words such as “enemies,” “surrender” and “traitor.”

Saying “traitor” got Amy Dalla Mura (AKA Based Amy) imprisoned in December. She saw Soubry being interviewed – live on BBC Newsnight – and shouted at her. The word ‘traitor’ has been subject to criticism from the far left and EU advocates, arguing that this “toxic language” is causing ‘far right radicalisation’ and encouraging violence, with the murder of poor Jo Cox constantly hijacked by shameful MPs.

As well as “racist,” “fascist,” and “Nazi,” “incitement” is another term which has been overused and devalued to the point where it has become almost meaningless. As for the word ‘traitor’, why shouldn’t we level this accusation at the powerful? Free speech means we have to be able to shout it from the rooftops if we feel betrayed, and politicians have let us down. Let’s not hold back: if an MP lies, goes back on their promises, goes against the wishes of their constituents or the wider country, and votes on a fundamental issue that sells out this country to a foreign power, they’re not a nitwit, they’re not a silly billy. That MP is a dishonest, shameful, fat-faced, back-stabbing traitor!

Amy Dalla Mura never called for violence, never threatened to hurt Anna Soubry and was probably never within an arm’s reach her, yet still the MP shouted “get the police!”  It shows that someone like me or you can have the establishment scared, but the establishment’s reaction can be scarier still. By the time the “harassment” case was taken up in court, Amy Dalla Mura was a rival parliamentary election candidate in Anna Soubry’s constituency of Broxtowe. The Brexiteer’s bail restrictions meant she was banned from the entire constituency – excessive when it includes three towns – and prevented any mention of Soubry in Dalla Mura’s election literature. It could certainly be argued that the law was hindering the pro-Brexit candidate’s election campaign.

Despite this major setback, she still secured 432 votes, beating an obvious joke candidate and an independent. This court case not only shows Anna Soubry to be cowardly, but it perhaps raises concerns about political bias in our judiciary.

Amy Dalla Mura was found guilty of harassment and sentenced to 28 days in prison. Needless to say, this sets a particularly dangerous precedent. Whilst Marcus Meechan (AKA Count Dankula) was arrested, and after his conviction could have been imprisoned for what was clearly a joke on the internet, this lady has actually ended up behind bars.

Heckling politicians has been a tradition of working class protesters for centuries. Whilst it should be acknowledged that the likes of suffragettes were forced to take more extreme direct action because they didn’t have the vote, Brexit brought democracy itself into question. Remoaners have tried to prevent the result of our referendum being enacted, even though Leave won by more than a million votes, many seriously suggested that the elderly should be disenfranchised. Leavers felt their votes no longer meant anything at all. By standing up to MPs like Soubry, we’re only fighting back, democratically with words, not terror. It’s clear that the laws against harassment have to be reined in to protect free speech, as well as our right to protest – to boost morale, to raise awareness of issues, and make ourselves heard… to scream and shout and let it all out!

Having met Amy myself, I have commented on her dreadful situation before but I feel guilty about how long it has taken me to write this blog. Perhaps because I am guilty of what she has done, the crime of campaigning for Brexit!

On May 22nd, my friends and I turned up in Bedford Square to counter-protest a Labour Remain rally in Exeter. I called my local MP Ben Bradshaw a traitorous cow, exposed Lord Adonis as a racist and for a laugh, called Luke Sills, who represents St David’s ward on Exeter City Council, a soyboy. Am I guilty of harassment? Was my language toxic? Does calling a politician names amount to dangerous rhetoric? What about the politicians who speak out against our democratic vote?

On a footbridge in February last year, I was assaulted and threatened with death by someone who called me an “ignorant racist,” – an incident which was recorded by chance and quickly went viral. I still fight on and defend my opponents’ right to say something that I consider to be flat-out wrong, because I know they’ll expose their ignorance.

Boris Johnson has said nothing. Almost no one is defending this poor lady. I should maybe prepare to join Amy in the cells but for now, I’ll keep advocating for free speech, challenging the Labour and Tory hypocrites who speak of imaginary incitement and toxic language, and standing for election as a For Britain council candidate in May.

I’ve always enjoyed the experience and highly recommend it if you’re a member or are thinking of joining our exciting party.

You may feel you can’t commit to becoming a councillor, or fighting an election, but there are many other ways that you can help.

People must be able to vote for our party, as many as possible.  The 2020s could be another decade of political revolution, the option of that vote is needed!


Frankie Rufolo

For Britain Exeter