Anne Marie Waters 

January 14th 2020


The response of our leaders to the Brexit referendum result taught us a stark lesson, but a valuable one. It revealed that the majority of MPs did not wish to keep their promise and withdraw from the European Union. They felt fully comfortable in doing this, showing that they take their seats in Parliament for granted. It goes without saying that this is intolerable, and as well as holding them to account at election time, the people of Britain need a means to protect their rights from the very Parliament currently assigned to protect them.

Freedom of speech is the prime example. Laws have been passed in recent years to limit the political expression of British citizens. We are not permitted, indeed it is a criminal offence, to engage in something called “hate”. Who determines what constitutes “hate” is a public sector and Government with a vested interest in preventing free speech by labelling the proposals of their opponents “hate”. It is a totalitarian tactic as old as totalitarianism itself.

Free speech must be restored in the United Kingdom.

For Britain is proposing a written and codified constitution for the United Kingdom; combined with a Constitutional court. This will strike down laws or overturn public sector decisions if they have had the effect of limiting the civil rights of the British people.

The ability for the citizen to hold the public sector to account is limited. It should be expanded. While local councillors are directly elected and therefore accountable to voters, local government chief executives are not elected and the people have no means to remove them. For Britain will change this. Senior local government executives, NHS executives, CPS, and police are simply not accountable enough to those whose lives they affect. For Britain will introduce the Public Sector Accountability Act to (inexpensively) allow citizens to a review of the duty of their local police chief (for example), provided those citizens can provide evidence of the failure of the police chief to carry out their public role.

Reform of the House of Lords must also be undertaken, starting with a total review of who is in there, what they do, and how much they cost. The role of the House of Lords requires a full public debate which For Britain will facilitate.

The Human Rights Act has long had a bad name, and deservedly so. It exists apparently to provide protection for our rights, but left-leaning judges have interpreted it not to protect our right to free speech for example, but to protect the rights of known criminals and terrorists from foreign climes, often at our expense. The Human Rights Act has to go, and be replaced by something that works; that actually protects the civil rights of the British people.

Electoral fraud is something we can deal with simply and immediately, all that is needed is the will. We must restore police numbers, end the “hate” emphasis, and turn the police around. They must treat electoral fraud seriously, and the CPS must prosecute to set a much needed example. Postal voting should be brought to an end, it’s a breeding ground of corruption.

Overall, there are serious flaws in how Britain is governed, and these can be turned around. The policies put forward by For Britain (see my video here for more details) are the policies that the people of Britain are crying out for.

We’ll get our message out there and we’ll turn the tide, back in the direction of what is best for the people of Britain.


Anne Marie Waters


For Britain