Anne Marie Waters 

January 17th 2020 


We can expect little better from the press.  Once again, the nation’s “journalists” are participating in (and encouraging) racial slurs in order to protect a religion, an ideology, from the scrutiny it so richly deserves.  A report this week revealed that Greater Manchester Police allowed known rapists of children to carry on raping children for fear of stoking up racial tension.  Once again, we are told the rapists are “Asian”.  They are not.  At least, that’s not the relevant characteristic. 

The press has been referring to Muslim rape gangs as “Asian” since it was shamed in to reporting on these some years ago (having been silent for decades).  While it may be true that the vast majority are comprised of Pakistanis, and Pakistan is in Asia, so is Japan, and China, and Thailand.  Yet there are no Japanese, Chinese, or Thai men involved in these gangs.  

In the UK, the word “Asian” refers to people whose origins lie in the Indian subcontinent.  Overwhelmingly it refers to people of Pakistani, Indian, or Bangladeshi background.  So to a British audience, the press is suggesting that these gangs include Hindus and Sikhs, but they do not.  Nor are there any Pakistani or Bangladeshi Christians involved. 

Even on the right of politics, these men are characterised incorrectly.  For example, Katie Hopkins has referred to this as a “Pakistani Muslim” problem.  But she’s only half right.  These rape gangs are only Pakistani in areas where the Muslim majority is Pakistani.  In Bristol, where the majority Muslim population is Somali, the rape gangs are also Somali.  

Across Europe, rape statistics are staggering.  In Norway’s capital, 100% of stranger rapes over a 5 year period were carried out by “non-Western immigrants”, and in Denmark, a shocking 10 out of every 12 such rapists are of immigrant background.  (I’ll bet a few pounds that we’re not talking about immigrants from Switzerland). 

The rapists enjoying free rein to destroy the lives of European women in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and elsewhere are not, on the whole, Pakistani, so we cannot consider this a Pakistani issue.  They largely stem from Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Libya and Morocco.  None of these are Pakistan and not all of them are “Asian”.  These are countries encompassing a variety of cultures and ethnicities, but they do in fact have one thing in common.  They are all Muslim.  

Muslim men in the Muslim world are taught from birth to see women as inferior, and as such, they are free to treat women however they please.  It says so in the Koran itself.  Clearly.  So seriously is the Koran taken in these countries that in some, criticising it carries the death penalty.  What is written in the Koran is not taken lightly.  The Koran also tells Muslims that non-Muslims are vastly inferior.  Given this, what do we expect attitudes towards non-Muslim women to look like?  

We found out in Cologne, we found in Rotherham, we are finding out again and again, and still the religion of Islam avoids blame or even scrutiny.  The media, politicians, the commentator class, still insists on smearing an entire continent to shield the real culprit; a religion that teaches contempt for us, our culture, and certainly our women.  

The police didn’t prevent child rape in Greater Manchester because the rapists were Muslims.  They chose to allow girls to be brutally raped to protect the reputation of Muslims.  Meanwhile, the establishment, police and beyond, pursued “racism” at every turn.  

The message was clear, shut up about rape gangs or we’ll label you a racist and destroy your life.  They set a stark example with their relentless campaign of injustice against Tommy Robinson.  Labour led the way politically, turning a blind eye to the rape of girls in its own voting heartlands, and manipulating party selections to elevate Muslims to positions of local authority.  Labour is at it again this week; all of its leadership candidates have promised to bow down to the Muslim Council of Britain’s demands to further protect Islam from criticism. 

For Britain will throw these rapists in jail, 20 year minimum.  If they are not British citizens, we will throw them out of this country permanently.  No ifs or buts.  

But just as crucially, For Britain will give the British people the means to punish the rotten police who allow this and other atrocities to take place across our country. 

Shame on the police, shame on the press, and shame on the Labour Party and the treacherous establishment who continue to let this happen.  

Britain’s girls have been utterly betrayed in the most horrific way, we will end this mass rape and restore justice, and we’ll do it for the girls of Britain. 


Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain