Anne Marie Waters 

January 25th 2020


Decent transport in a primary prerequisite for a functioning society.  We must be able to get around, cheaply and with ease.  Our goods and products must do the same, and transport is an area in which small smart changes will make a huge difference.

Firstly, there must be investment, and it must be wise.  HS2, the notoriously expensive new high speed line connecting London with Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, is already projected to cost around double the initial costs stated.  You can read my article on this here.

What the north of England needs however is not high speed access to London, but high speed and reliable trains to connect northern towns and cities.  I regularly travel in the north of England and know only too well about delays, crowded carriages, and increased ticket costs.

For Britain will end HS2 and invest the money in a new system for the north.  This is crucial.  In fact, with the money saved by abandoning this project, we could revitalise the railways all over the UK.

Britain’s taxi service also needs reform, and national legislation to prevent licencing fraud.  For Britain is proposing a nationwide register of taxis, that will ensure uniformity of standards across the country.  Taxi drivers must live legally in the UK for at least 2 years and be able to provide a criminal background check for at least 10 years.  Illegal immigrants must be actively prevented from working in the taxi trade.

Furthermore, drivers must speak English and hold a licence from either the UK or the Republic of Ireland.

We also believe in making life easier for Britain’s millions of motorists.  Two hours free parking in town centres will encourage greater community engagement and revitalise the high street and small business.  It will also lessen the ever-increasing expenses born by drivers.  Speeding penalties will only be applied to drivers who go over the limit by more than 5 mph, and motorway speeds will be increased to 80 mph.

These small changes will give new life to transport in the UK.  They will cost little, in fact, we will make savings.  We will allow people to travel with greater ease and at lower costs.  It’s an essential change For Britain.


Anne Marie Waters


For Britain 

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