Anne Marie Waters 

January 31st 2020 


Well, here it is.  The day we’ve been waiting for.  But before we get to the celebrations, let’s answer the critics.

It’s true, this isn’t the Brexit we wanted.  It isn’t a clean break, and Farage is right to say that Johnson’s deal is little different to May’s, but the British people made their voice heard in December, and that’s that.

People had had enough of the Brexit to-ing and fro-ing, and Boris knew it.  His entire general election campaign centred on three words: Get Brexit Done.

It worked.  The people wanted it over with, even if it wasn’t the Brexit they necessarily voted for.

My views on this are clear.  I don’t believe a clean break from the EU is genuinely possible for any European country.  It is a mammoth political and financial institution and region and it is right on our doorstep.  We must deal with it.

But now the cause for celebration.  The United Kingdom is taking an enormous stride away from the EU and its burdensome bureaucracy.  Control is coming back to the UK.

The glass is definitely half full!

I believe the EU will interfere in the life of nation-states for as long as there is an EU, but we have just made this undemocratic scam a lot weaker, and our success outside of it will inspire others to follow suit.

In the not-too-distant future, the EU could well be gone, and Europe a free continent again.  But for now, let’s celebrate this giant leap towards the restoration of the United Kingdom.

Happy Brexit Day Everyone!


Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain