2nd Feb 2020

As Party Chair, I enter 2020 with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Brexit (although it may not be perfect) has finally happened. The country feels like it has taken a breath, and all of us can reflect on where we are at. Britain is now an independent nation again, free from the control of the EU monster. We all hope trade deals are going to be as good as possible, but Brexiteers craved sovereignty above all else, and we now are on an irreversible path to that.

For me, however, we can’t take our foot off the gas. UKIP and the Brexit Party have now effectively gone. And while Boris is being slapped on the back for getting Brexit through, he cannot be trusted on all the other big issues. The Tories have been in power for 10 years, and society has taken many steps backward in that time.

For Britain needs to be the political home for all the people who have concerns about our basic freedoms, including freedom of speech. People who worry about the fact that whilst EU immigration is falling, immigration from outside the EU is rising and how that is changing the fabric of our society. Islam continues to bully to get it’s own way and the left have enabled this religion to tighten it’s grip on the establishment.  Trans madness isn’t going away. Left wing indoctrination is on the rise in education, and animal welfare won’t improve under Boris as we continue to slaughter over 100 million animals a year without stunning. Last but not least, we have been proven right as the police admit they have been wilfully ignoring the mass rape of white girls across the country.

The de-platforming of Katie Hopkins, whilst not a surprise, is a reminder of the grave situation we are in. Katie has never incited violence, yet a group of left wing and muslim activists managed to call a meeting with Twitter to demand her right to speak be removed. They obliged without any pushback from our politicians or media. The story was published in the left wing press within minutes suggesting collaboration, and a hit job was placed online later in the day, so she had no right to reply. Katie was insulting a muslim couple who are in prison for plotting to behead her during a speech, but this was of course edited out so a one sided version of events could be presented to the world without right of reply. North Korea would be proud.

The only way we can change things is through political power. We have to win more council seats in May because that is the foundation to ultimately win parliamentary seats. UKIP didn’t manage this, and neither did the Brexit Party. But we will, as we have a strategy, all we ask is you back us in the long term.

If that sounds dull to you, then become an activist. We will lobby MPs to address the Stasi style tactics of the far left / Islamic activists. We need to make a noise so the mainstream media simply cannot ignore us. Help us with this. This is your party, we are representing all the people who crave a return to sanity. Yes, other groups will come and go, with figures who may strike a chord on a certain issue. But it isn’t an either / or. Keep supporting us by being  a member and let us get on with the serious business of delivering a plan to win us political power. People are jaded, I get that – but we can’t afford to be. We can’t afford for For Britain not to succeed, I am deadly serious.

It’s so urgent. So important.

If your friends, family, neighbours show concern about the direction of our nation, tell them to join. The bigger the party grows, the louder our voice. The left are terrified of us, it is why they lie about us constantly. They know a strong For Britain voice will resonate with millions. Stifling our voice and spreading lies are all they have.

We are launching a fighting fund for the May elections. Give what you can. Raise what you can in branch meetings. We also are launching a 20 for 2020 campaign in Feb – new members can join for £20 in this momentous year. Do what you can – speak to us if you are able to do more. Talk, encourage, educate and bring new people into our family.

The time is now, 2020 is the year that we kick on.