Response to Boris Johnson stating an additional 20,000 PCs will be recruited.

By Andy Thomas

6th February 2020

Andy was a serving officer in a Northern Force for 25 years, uniform, Support Group, CID, Drugs and latterly Intel.

Housing officer for 10 yrs working ASB cases in various high crime estates.

Married with two children and mad England RUFC supporter!

Hats off to Boris…

A great soundbite, a fantastic promise and er……well…..a great soundbite. How are you going to turn this into something useful? How will you make any difference? 20,000 extra officers sounds, on paper, a lot. However, the 20,000 at best, merely returns officer-levels to the pre-austerity period or probably less..

Social media is now being filled with ‘passing-out’ photos by proud parents of the new officers. The determination on their faces are both touching and also strangely evocative. Mainly because we dinosaurs know full well the frustrations and disillusionments to come.

Most of us know that mere numbers will not change a single thing. You could make the number 40,000, 50,000… won’t make an ounce of difference to the society we have deliberately engineered and foisted on us by stealth.

The British public have had more than enough of cultural Marxism and the Emperor’s New Clothes World this has engendered. And why? Because it has failed miserable. The Police being forced to swallow the nonsense of Scarman and MacPherson. In 2019 the public want Gene Hunt – they’ve been lumbered with George Dixon and they’ve had enough!.

Boris purged the Party of Remainers, now he MUST purge the Home Office of the anti-Police/Left wing cadre there. If not, they will water down each and every reform you try to make about law and order. They will, of course, tell you otherwise. Already many of us can detect the whiff of house-training. Poor Teresa May was eaten alive by the cop-haters in the Home Office and turned her into the worst Home Secretary in history. Having Tess on a butty was a doddle.
Does the British public need another 20,000 Social Justice Warriors or minority political activists masquerading as Police Officers, preening, prancing and dancing and openly relishing their lack of impartiality? While their kids are being poisoned by drug dealers and subject to industrialised and organised rape. Or butchered in the streets in the name of ‘Multi-culturalism’?

Preening, prancing and dancing, of course, is great PR for the Police and why not? On the promotion stakes – Gold dust. As for Joe Public, who probably and rightly applaud ‘Diversity’ but may be more concerned about the return of their stolen lawnmower/bike/car. Or could be unhappy about the all- pervading smell of cannabis smoke everywhere. Because the Woke Generation think it is fab, groovy, harmless and will result in the end of ‘Gangsterism’.

What they really mean, of course, is that they don’t want the Old Bill paying unwelcome visits when they hold their Cocaine, Chablis and Quiche evenings in Islington. The fact that the urban mental health system is overflowing with Waynes, Waynettas and Shaniquas is not relevant.
Until the same institutions overflow with Hugos, Tamsins and Nigellas…..

Boris, how do you propose to recruit and train your street cleaners? Labour closed most of the Regional Training Centres. Where will you train your recruits – sorry ‘students’? And who will train them? It is well-known that (with the very odd unpopular exception), the vast majority of Police trainers were notorious street-dodgers on the career carousel. Whose ballistic upward career is dependent on avoiding REAL policework as much as possible. They’re mostly back in post, pushing the woke garbage forced on them by the Home Office via their acolytes in the ‘College Of Policing’ (College of Policing for God’s sake!)

Hint: – They call it ‘street-tainting’. At one time the name ‘Thief-taker’ was a name given by reputation with pride.
The SJWs now snigger at this title and use it as a term as abuse.

‘PC X….he’s only a thief-taker’.

This attitude pervades through Police Headquarters and even up to the Home Office.

How can Boris put right this obvious dichotomy? As a former proud street-cleaner I would respectfully offer up several strategies and tactics..

1) Get rid of Police Commissioners – useless expensive baggage. Exactly what have they achieved? Answers on a postcard….
2) Ramp up the pay of CPS lawyers – make sure only the best apply to be prosecutors as their first choice
3) Bin the Graduate Entry nonsense idea for Police Officers and in fact bin the National Police College – or whatever it calls itself
4) Bin Graduate entry to higher ranks – didn’t work in the 1930’s – won’t work now. Does the British public REALLY want failed supermarket managers running the area where they live.
5) Return proper pay grades.
6) STOP listening to people who call themselves ‘Doctor’ – a medieval scholastic moniker which induces people to think they know where to put a thermometer- whereas the reality it’s just another meaningless academic title.
7) Start building prison space for 200,000+ offenders and be prepared to keep most of them there.

1) Rule 1. Teach recruits the law and how to enforce it
2) There is NO rule 2
3) Rule 3 in case of confusion/debate/argument, Rule 1 applies
Will it work? Is Right On PC policing working?
You decide. When you hear the noise of someone sneaking around the back of your house at 3 am, who do you REALLY want to speed up and protect you…….It’s up to you. Do you want action, empathy and a report to Social Services because the offender is disadvantaged? Or the prevention of you and yours becoming another meaningless crime Stat? It’s THAT simple

Your call Boris