Anne Marie Waters

February 6th 2020


It is fairly uncontroversial, or should be uncontroversial, for a government’s number one priority to be the safety and well-being of those who elect them.  One could make this assumption, but would not always be correct.  Today, in the United Kingdom, law and order has quite simply broken down; the law has become irrelevant.  Even the police ignore it.  It is a shocking reality.

For Britain’s primary promise to the British electorate is this – we will keep you safe, and we will do so by applying the law.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.  All British people, of whatever race, religion, sexuality or gender, will be equal in the eyes of the state and in the eyes of the law.  We are firm in our commitment to this fundamental democratic principle.

Law at present is sporadically applied as politicised police forces enforce it arbitrarily and on the basis of race, religion or sex.  Police also enforce the law in accordance with so-called ‘progressive’ ideals and in doing so, have trampled upon our freedom of speech.  For example, people have been arrested or threatened with arrest if they state openly that they do not believe people can change their sex.  This must end.

Furthermore, certain cultures and beliefs are given impunity, regardless of the seriousness of the crimes involved.  Female genital mutilation, forced marriage, honour violence, child marriage, and other horrific crimes are taking place across Britain while police and elected leaders do little to stop it; in effect therefore, allowing terrible crimes to occur.  This is evidenced most notoriously in the ‘grooming gang’ scandal that continues to blight our nation.

For Britain is committed to changing policing culture away from absurd political correctness and back to justice and order.

We will de-politicise and de-centralise the police, restore the authority of the law, and punish people for serious crimes.  We will reform our sexualised culture and reinforce the adult nature of sexuality.  We will raise the age of sexual consent to 18.

We will oblige police to prioritise violent crime and do away with the “hate” aspect of criminal offences.  All “hate speech” laws will be abolished.  The police and Crown Prosecution Service will be directly accountable to the public, to whom they will explain their decisions.  Early release, suspended sentencing, and the court system will be completely reformed; all with the safety of the British public as the first objective.

The British public is crying out for law and order.  The decent law-abiding taxpayer is confused at best, and distraught at worst, at the total breakdown of the social order that the law is intended to provide.

We will restore the law.  No exceptions.  As always, we will do so For Britain.


Anne Marie Waters


For Britain