Anne Marie Waters 

February 10th 2020 


MPs are rarely as vocal as they’ve been for the last few days.  Some have stood up in Parliament to speak out, others have made television appeals, and 170 have gathered together to write to the Prime Minister to demand action.  What’s happened?  The Government is due to deport 50 offenders to Jamaica, so MPs have sprung in to action.

For Britain is clear that the vast majority of foreign offenders, particularly those who commit violent crime or are reasonably suspected of involvement in crimes such as rape, should be removed from the UK if they are not British citizens. That is our policy and it won’t change.

The details of the offenders to be deported aren’t known to me, therefore I will not comment on them.  However, what is notable is that while our MPs argue to keep convicted criminals inside the UK, they’ve said nothing at all about the record number of foreign criminals currently walking our streets.  I include Boris Johnson in this.

Johnson is clearly trying to look tough by pushing this deportation, but let’s not forget this is the same Boris Johnson that called for an amnesty for illegal immigrants; people who have also broken UK law.

What has Boris got to say about the record number of foreign criminals on our streets?  Nothing.  Where is the letter to the Prime Minister from 170 MPs regarding the obvious danger posed to the British public by this?  There is none.

The Daily Mail reported today that 7,300 foreign criminals are currently free on British streets.  These include killers, rapists, and class A drug dealers.  Since the start of the year, as many as 5 foreign criminals per day have been released from prison.  They are supposed to be deported, but this hasn’t happened in 1000s of cases.  They clearly pose a threat to the public, and yet, silence from MPs.

It really is rather obvious.  Our MPs care far more about people from other countries than about British people.  We’ve known this for a long time.

What we want is competence, justice, and a system that works.  Yes, people were unjustly deported during the Windrush scandal and this should not recur.  But the British people want to know why our MPs become so animated about foreign nationals, but we don’t hear a peep from them when our people are assaulted in the streets.

Political correctness utterly dominates our political scene, and the Tories are every bit as bad as Labour.  It’s “woke” to care about foreign nationals, and “racist” to care about our own… that message has been roundly reinforced by every MP jumping up and down about this issue while staying silent about the victims of crime.

For Britain will turn this around.  The real scandal isn’t rare deportations, the real scandal is the number of foreign criminals on our streets.


Anne Marie Waters


For Britain