Anne Marie Waters

February 12th 2020


Rebecca Long-Bailey, a front-runner in the race to be the next Labour leader, has given her backing to the expulsion of “transphobic” members of the party.

Obviously Labour still has its finger on the pulse of the British working class!  (Or not).

A new group, comprised of people who are so self-indulgent and narcissistic that they will not countenance other people having the freedom to disagree with their dictats, has formed within the Labour Party, and its specific purpose is to ‘rid the party of transphobes’.

The “Labour Campaign for Trans Rights” has made a list of requirements that it feels fully entitled to demand.  It wants absolute authority over what people are allowed to think, and knowing the Labour Party, it will get it.

The first tactic is to pretend that there is a threat to trans rights, but where is it?  Who is arguing that transpeople shouldn’t have the same fundamental rights as everyone else?  Nobody that I’ve heard and if I did, I’d disagree; transpeople should have all their rights in tact, just like the rest of us.

But this approach tends to work, it turns the trans lobbiests in to the victims, and disguises what many of them truly are – cowardly bullies demanding control.

The requirements are clear: “transwomen are women, transmen are men”.  That’s the starting point and if you disagree, you will be expelled from the Labour Party.  All in the name of inclusivity and tolerance.

Furthermore, if you point out that there are clashes between the best interests of “transwomen” and of actual women, that too is transphobic and will mean you’re no longer welcome in the party of the marginalised and demonised.

The fact that there are obvious clashes, and that actual women always lose out when these clashes occur, is completely irrelevant.  Women are losing sporting contests to much larger men, men are violating women’s refuges and rape crisis centres, women’s toilets are handed to men on a daily basis; this is a clear clash of interests, but point it out, and you’ll be expelled from the Labour Party.

There is going to be an exodus of people from that shambolic party, and For Britain will be waiting to welcome them on board.  Labour has become a Titania McGrath-like parody, even indulging the utter, mind-bogglingly absurd “non-binary” farce with full gusto.  “Non-binary” is someone who doesn’t identify as a man or a woman.  If you find that silly, or even slightly odd, or completely pointless, or the tantrum of an attention-seeking narcissist, or even remotely confusing, you’ll risk expulsion from the Labour Party.  It’s staggering.

This is the party that once stood for the working folk, the coalminers, the factory workers, the road sweepers… now it is a party that will expel you for not appreciating the nuances of gender fluidity.  Give me a break.

It’s over for the Labour Party, this is its death knell, it will never win back its core vote with this nonsense.  This is the end, and nobody deserves it more.


Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain