Anne Marie Waters 

February 17th 2020


If you had enormous influence over the minds of the young, how would you use it?  Would you teach them to be positive and self-respectful, or would you fill their minds with shame and self-contempt?  The former is a gift to a child, the latter is nothing short of abuse, and it is incredibly cruel.  But it is the latter that is happening in our classrooms, and For Britain is determined to bring it to an end.

It is no exaggeration to say that British children are taught to hate their own country at school.  There is simply no doubt about it.  Whether it is encouraging children to see things from the perspective of an anti-British terrorist, or promoting mass migration and multiculturalism (i.e. all cultures are better than ours), the message is consistent and clear; Britain is bad and you should feel ashamed to be British.  It is terribly damaging, both to the individual child and to our future as a nation.

The reasons are not hard to understand.  The teaching profession is dominated by “progressive” leftists.  The National Union of Teachers (now the National Education Union) in 2020 proposed motions at its national conference condemning “Islamophobia” and supporting transgender teaching in schools (disguised as “inclusivity”).

It has also called on the government to abolish the Prevent strategy, aimed at restraining Islamic extremism.

This is clearly a left-wing organisation, and it is free to promote its destructive left-wing ideals to Britain’s children while the government stands by and does nothing.

This has to end.

As usual, For Britain has the policies that the country needs – they will transform our education system.  We will introduce a new curriculum to restore excellence, and to teach British children pride in themselves, their country, and their national identity.  Those who refuse to teach this curriculum will be removed from their jobs; no ifs or buts.

We will bring back the basics – strive for excellence in reading, writing, mathematics, and the sciences. Our schools and universities will be places of open debate, diversity of opinion, and facts.

We will prevent universities expelling students because of their political views, and will oblige discussion and debate with all perspectives represented.  A University Bias Board will be established, to which students can appeal if their event of is cancelled as a result of left-wing bullying and intimidation.

The Conservatives have spoken about this, but as so often with mainstream parties, speaking is all that they’ve done.  No real action has been taken or will be taken until we replace mainstream politics with a pro-British alternative.

That is our role, and we will succeed.  We must succeed, for the children of Britain and the future of Britain.


Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain