Alessandro Merola

February 28th 2020


I have always considered myself patriotic. What can I say? I love this country. I am who I am today because of my country. It has given me healthcare, education, a home and a community to belong to. Therefore, I am so saddened to see the current state that our beloved nation finds herself in. But what concerns me most is the issue regarding the city of London. What was once a shining capital city that attracted so many from so far to come to gaze at its beauty in awe, is now (in my opinion) about as attractive as a landfill.

London has become a war-zone.

Not a day passes without another horrific murder or inhuman acid attack. The youth of London now find stability and meaning in gangs – leading a life of crime rather than pursuing an education.

Being young myself, I find myself looking at old videos of London online – videos filmed in what looks like a completely different city to the one that now stands. A city of smiling faces, where culture was celebrated, not hidden. A city where children were free to play in the streets, not forced to live behind double-bolted doors and barred windows. A city with happy and united communities, not no-go zones and foreign ghettos.

I fear that if action is not taken, the great city that survived invasions, the plague, great fires and the Blitz, will not be standing strong for much longer.

However, if action is taken, and taken quickly, I believe that we can salvage from the ruins the City of London that elder generations of my family and many others knew and loved dearly.

That is why I joined “For Britain”.

I saw that this was a movement of proud individuals, not elitist politicians, who were prepared to act to help their country be better – not for money, not for fame, but for Britain. A movement that would speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. A breath of fresh air, instead of the rotten stench of the mainstream political parties (Liberals, Labour and Conservatives) who are all the same and who are indeed all to blame.

And I believe with all my being that “For Britain”, is the movement that not only London needs, but it is the movement that the entire country needs, to return the greatness that was once proudly hers. We know this is possible.

After all, it’s in the name – Great Britain.


Alessandro Merola

For Britain, London Branch