Anne Marie Waters 

March 2nd 2020


Priti Patel’s immigration policies are largely to be welcomed. A points-based system is an obvious method of weighing up a person’s merits and deciding who can or can’t come to Britain. It’s a convenient and common sense way to have a look at those who wish to live here, for whatever length of time.

But there are problems with Patel’s overall approach – culture isn’t taken in to account, and there’s a worry that the speed at which ‘unskilled’ workers will be severely restricted may contain risks to business.

What the Tories seem to see as a selling point is similar to that little bit of political correctness that Ukip used to put forward – that non-Europeans will now have the same opportunity to come to Britain as Europeans.

What is actually needed is for that policy to be reversed.

Europeans should have priority. There is nothing at all wrong with that. Europeans do not threaten our cultural values in to the future, nor are they likely to drag us back to the dark ages with practices like FGM or honour violence.

For Britain cares for the longer term, and we maintain therefore that Europeans are far more likely to integrate than migrants from other parts of the world. This is crucial.

Furthermore, is it right to make unskilled migration so difficult so soon?

Nobody wants to reduce immigration as much as I do, but I also understand the need to listen to the nation’s employers.  We cannot make rash decisions on our economy.

The ares most likely to affected included the hospitality sector, care, farming, and the NHS. Will we have enough grown workers for these jobs in a year’s time? I’m afraid it’s unlikely.

Patel proposes that ‘unskilled’ workers will need 70 points to work in Britain. They will earn 10 points for speaking English, and 20 for having secured a job. The higher the salary they will earn, the more points they will earn. The points are not easy to build and will most certainly bring immigration down (or should).

It’s right also to state that British business must invest in British workers, bringing employment and wages back up. But one must wonder whether the country will be ready for this by January 2021; we must be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater and damage British business – particularly small business which can ill-afford it.

For Britain proposes something different. Yes we propose a points system but cultural compatibility will be among the points.

Most crucially at this point in time, For Britain would stop all illegal migration via the English channel from France, close the open arms to refugees and asylum seekers, and certainly have no part in accommodating the masses currently making their way to the Greek border.

We will restore British culture and make certain that mass migration cannot further threaten it in the way that it has. We have religious violence and censorship in Britain and it is a direct result of immigration from societies where religious violence and censorship are not uncommon.

For Britain wants to suspend immigration for 5 years. This includes asylum (except in very rare circumstances), indefinite leave to remain, the granting of British citizenship, and all current visas to the UK. Temporary visas will be issued for vital workers, and Europe (e.g. eastern Europe) will be given priority.  The numbers will be determined upon balance; the short term needs of business versus the medium-to-long term investment in British workers, and the reduction of reliance on foreign workers.

The movement of large families from poverty-stricken parts of the world, something exploited using forced marriage, has to stop as well. We have to look again as the asylum seekers and illegal immigrants already in our country, and prepare to deport the vast majority. This is the only way we can stop mass movement towards our shores.

Britain has to secure its borders and has to do it soon. It has to happen, not only for our current well-being, but for the future of this nation. We have a duty to pass on a free and vibrant Britain to the next generation; that’s our task, let’s take it seriously…

Join us.


Anne Marie Waters


For Britain