18th March 2020

We are in an ever changing and evolving situation with the Coronavirus pandemic, and many of us are keen to help within our local community as much as possible.

With activity on hold for the local elections, For Britain is urging members and activists to help the elderly and vulnerable in your community.  If each person delivers a few of these cards, it will make a huge difference (note, to be effective, just deliver locally to a limited number of people and gauge response to avoid over committing).

We owe the older generation so much and this is an opportunity to give something back.

If you are not in a high risk group, do not need to isolate and are fit and healthy / young enough – why not ask your neighbours and local community if you can help them? Many elderly and vulnerable are alone, without family and extremely worried.

Attached is a card that you can pop through letterboxes offering to help. To minimise printing costs, you can print 4 cards on one sheet of A4 paper (it has some colour but you can print in B&W).

It is a pdf that you can download and print 

Simply enter your contact details below the line so if a neighbour in need of help requires assistance, they can get hold of you to ask. Just post these through the letterbox rather than knock on doors – but of course always do this in line with current Government guidelines, this may not be possible in the coming days.

Brits pull together in times of crisis, and the kindness and generosity we show is something we excel at as a nation. For Britain has the protection of people encoded in our DNA, so I am sure you will all take up this challenge and do us proud.

Thank you.

Party Chair & Committee

Download PDF