By Suarav Dutt, Political Analyst & Author

23rd March 2020

When the COVID-19 dust settles, there has to be a reckoning, and the Chinese government cannot be allowed to deflect or deny. There is going to be a new global dispensation after the Coronavirus pandemic is over, and if the Chinese want to be part of it, they have a lot of changes they are going to have to make, and a lot of accountability to dispense.

China initially failed to regulate the highly dangerous “wet markets”, lied for months about the nature of the disease, refused to cooperate with the WHO, politically persecuted whistleblowers who refused to participate in the cover-up, and is now waging an international campaign of black propaganda to accuse the United States for nefariously creating the disease.

For the first two months the media was reporting on this virus, they were referring to it as the Wuhan virus. It wasn’t until the Chinese Communist Party propaganda machine started cranking up that the media hit their fainting couches at the mentioning of China in reference to the virus.

Nobody is foolish enough to blame the Chinese people, nor harbor any animosity towards them. However, it is accurate to blame the Chinese communist government, through their secrecy, lying and suppression, for this plague unleashed against the world. It is a Chinese virus, specifically from the Wuhan region. Call it the Chinese virus or the Wuhan virus, either is accurate.

China did exert enormous influence on the WHO and through international diplomacy to prevent any other countries from responding. The PHEIC wasn’t declared until Jan. 30, the WHO then refused to declare a pandemic (even claiming they no longer used the term on Feb. 24) until Mar. 11. China directly threatened repercussions for any country which cut off travel. They downplayed the severity of the disease and the outbreak through February in their foreign relations, while having shuttered their economy.

This only changed in early March, after it became clear that the disease had escaped their borders, and was spreading uncontrolled. They immediately pivoted the declaring victory domestically and offering humanitarian aid to Italy.

It should be obvious that this was done on purpose. The Chinese regime clearly did not want to contain the virus within their own borders. They wanted to make sure that they were not the only ones weakened, because that would have harmed their goals on the international stage and probably threatened their grip domestically. Instead, they now look like saviors to their own citizens (and look at how many Chinese are repatriating right now) and are driving hard to pin this whole disaster on the US.

Referring to COVID-19 as the “Chinese” virus or the Wuhan virus is not racist. Taking the name from the locale from whence a particular virus or disease first arises is a common and long-standing naming convention. Lyme disease anyone? MERS? Spanish flu? Do not concede this point. The moment you throw a bone to the insane woke left, they will devour you. The moment you buy into their narrative – that all people are secretly deeply racist and xenophobic – is the moment they own you. Why? Because it’s the moment you supplant truth with their lies. Truth matters

China can see that there will be a tremendous amount of anger directed against it by the rest of the world, that its attempts to become the world’s new indispensable power with every country dependent on its technology and resources and investment are suddenly threatened, and that countries everywhere may start to rethink their dependence on China in their critical supply chains.

And so Xi is taking actions to try and head all of this off – engaging in propaganda and rewriting recent history to deflect blame and generously “giving” (ie selling) much needed supplies to other countries out of the sweet and sincere generosity of their loving hearts.

Will this entire shameful episode make our western governments think twice about stripping their sovereign nations of the ability to self support? Only time will well.