By Suarav Dutt, Author & Political Analyst

30th March 2020

Guest articles do not necessarily represent the views of The For Britain Movement.

Is this really a lockdown? Where are the police vigilance groups making sure Britons aren’t gathering en masse, hosting barbecues in wide open spaces,cramming together in tube carriages without face masks and gloves and congregating in construction sites?

Where is provision for face masks? Why aren’t we being told to wear them when leaving the house or incur a fine? Where are the stricter ordinances
on our borders ensuring visitors are screened, especially when they are coming from other countries that have experienced full scale lockdowns due to the staggering fatalities in those territories due to Coronavirus?

There are a number of reasons for the transport network seeming so busy: the first is that there are still a lot of people who need to get to work,
whether because they are key workers, or working on construction sites which are remaining open. But the second is that the Underground is operating a reduced service, and so commuters are having to cram into fewer trains. Boris Johnson can talk about two metres worth of social distancing all he wants but saying nothing about the risk of hundreds of people cramming into a Tube carriage next to healthcare workers who will have been exposed to the virus on an hourly basis is not enough.

Then there’s the call for healthy members of the public to volunteer for the NHS. Why don’t all the MPs volunteer? You know, lead from the front instead of cowering from their voters in their cossetted retreats, contemplating how they will utilise the recently increased £10,000 limit on their “company” credit cards. That’s £10,000 a month limit, just to be clear. So outside of internet shopping they haven’t anything else to do. Parliament isn’t sitting. This is their golden hour, where they can demonstrate they are not motivated solely by venality and self-interest, which in the jobs they have is outright fraud, and actually do something useful for the salaries we pay them.

After 7/7 Ken Livingstone got on the first tube to show his journey would not be disrupted, where is the vertically challenged Mayor of London?

The airports are still open, and thousands of carriers of the virus continue to fly into Heathrow every day, and are allowed to just walk out onto the streets with no checks. Sensible people are not travelling only the few idiots, what’s needed is a lockdown on aviation, you can’t leave it to market forces, government needs to take responsibly and close the border.

For those who decry that such steps are draconian remember that this too will pass.

Life goes on. From a psychological perspective the isolation and forced confinement is an unusual sensation. Police patrols that were once described as ‘racist’ should be a new aspect to our life because quite simply Britons cannot be trusted to behave. Observing how stress manifests in neighbors is sometimes an unpleasant experience but without firm guidance from the front they will act to their own needs.

Scaring them with a possible fine is insufficient; on the spot fines must be standard operating procedure to punish those who treat this lockdown with contempt.

The key to weathering these changes is to remain calm, stay informed from factual sources, journal your feelings, relieve anguish and frustration through positive activities like puzzles, reading, board games, online games, music, dancing, studying languages. If you keep your mind in tact, most likely your body will follow.