By Phil Kemble

21st April 2020

My experience from debating Patriotic Alternative and why Anne Marie’s video on them is so important for our party

I have debated conspiracy theorists before but have not done so for several years because the debate always follows a predictable pattern.  Your opponent provides some factual information but if you dig a bit deeper, you find it is just conspiracy theory nonsense. However, members of Patriotic Alternative (PA) had challenged us to a debate so I wrote two opening posts in the comments section under Anne Marie’s video.  For brevity, I have only included pertinent information.  You will find this account very interesting and why Anne Marie’s video is so important for our party.

The first thing that strikes you about conspiracy theorists targeting Jews is their pathological hatred of Jews.  Jews control the West as in PA’s case or the World in other cases. In their warped minds, everything from wars to mass 3rd World immigration to the West, is orchestrated by Jews for the benefit of Israel.  That was the firm belief held by the member of PA that I debated.

In conspiracy theories targeting Jews, Muslims are not to blame for their actions because Jews control Muslims as well; they are helpless puppets. For that reason, conspiracy theorists targeting Jews wreck anti-Islam movements because the anti-Islam message becomes totally corrupted.

Several members of PA commented on my opening posts but only one member stood the course for a reasonable debate.  My opponent was intelligent and well educated.  For the most part, the debate was cordial without ad hominem abuse.  PA’s policies are easy to tear apart in a debate but some very interesting points came up in the debate as you will see below.  PA’s lack of knowledge of Islam and the Muslim mindset unravels their cornerstone racist policy of making Britain 95% white.

PA want to form an alliance with both Sunni and Shia Muslims to achieve “common goals” which obviously include the destruction of Israel.  This would likely lead to the widespread slaughter of Jews in the Middle East.

PA’s Laura Towler shows in a video that Muslims are vastly outbreeding whites and have the highest birth rate in Britain so Muslims must be PA’s prime target for paid voluntarily repatriation.

This raises a massive disconnect in PA’s policies.  PA need the assistance of Muslims to destroy Israel but also need Muslims to leave Britain.  The Global Muslim Ummah would reject Muslims leaving Britain because for over a thousand years Muslims have dreamed of conquering European Christendom and can only do that through immigration and demographics. Anyone who has studied Islamic history knows this fact.

The above information on PA wanting to form an alliance with Muslims and the Global Muslim Ummah etc was in one of my opening posts.  My opponent replied:

“You are thoroughly disingenuous. Nothing you have written provides any substance to your opening claim that “PA want to form an alliance… which obviously includes the destruction of Israel. Do you have any links to video evidence that supports your opening claims?”

My opponent was unaware of his own organisation’s policies but must have seen PA’s videos on British demographics by Laura Towler. These videos are the cornerstone of PA’s racist policies so the only person being thoroughly disingenuous was my opponent.  In an article on PA’s website titled: “Zionism & Neoliberalism: A Struggle for the Soul of the British People “it states:

“It is claimed Zionism is merely supporting “a homeland for the Jewish people”, but we can understand it to be the endorsement of the destruction of every surrounding people. Libya, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria have already been destroyed and obedient puppet Trump recently threatened to destroy precious ancient sites in Iran with Aryan, Zoroastrian roots. The threats of the New Yorker echo the Book of Esther without the mythos but all of the bloodlust. Zionist support for jihadis that destroyed Palmyra and beheaded Aramaic speaking scholars and priests demonstrates the criminality of tolerating this uncultured greed”.

“So, we can conclude that Zionism and neoliberalism are two sides of the same anti-white coin and as nationalists, we should be prepared to work with Arabs, Syriacs and Persians for common goals”.

Article referred to here.

The beginning of the first paragraph shows an inclination towards supporting the destruction of the “homeland for the Jewish people” (Israel) because in PA’s warped minds, Israel is behind the destruction of countries that surround it and Libya.  But that inclination of support is solidified at the end of the first paragraph with this statement: “…. demonstrates the criminality of tolerating this uncultured greed”. You can picture Hitler speaking the exact same words.

In the second paragraph, it is common knowledge that Muslims want to wipe out Israel and kill every Jewish man, woman, and child in the country.  Hamas has it in its charter!  Surrounding Muslim countries have invaded Israel three times to do just that.  Iranians (PA’s Persians) regularly chant “death to Israel”.  Putting the two paragraphs together, the “common goals” are obvious.  They are the destruction of Israel and the mass slaughter of Jews.

In a Laura Towler video titled: “Demographics Explained in 5 Minutes!”, at 1.29 in the video Laura Towler says: “these numbers were then swamped from 1997 onwards when mass immigration was amplified”.  This is when hundreds of thousands of Muslims started arriving every year under Tony Blair’s Labour.  The Conservatives did not stop that mass immigration either.  Laura Towler’s video shows the British white birth rate being only 1.5 children which she says: “is below the recommended 2.1 birth rate per woman required to maintain a population to stay the same in a 1st World country”.  At 2.40 in the video, Laura Towler says: “Pakistani and Bangladeshi families have a birth rate of 3.5 and above” with a picture of a Muslim woman in a niqab.  They have the highest birth rate in Britain by far according to the video so by their own evidence, PA would have to target the Muslim demographic with their paid voluntary repatriation scheme.

The massive disconnect between needing Muslim assistance to destroy Israel and needing Muslims to leave Britain is clear to see.

Zionist support for jihadis is yet another conspiracy theory.  The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has a military field hospital on the border with Syria. They have made a pact with Al Nusra Front to treat its wounded in return for them not attacking a large Druze community close to the Israeli border inside Syria. The IDF field hospital also treats wounded Syrian civilians.

In the PA article, they are anti For Britain, anti Tommy Robinson, anti “Zionist” Trump and even anti “Zionist” Winston Churchill.  According to PA, For Britain and Tommy Robinson are funded by Zionists.  My opponent claimed Churchill was originally anti-Jewish but then took the shekels!  However, PA are pro the megalomaniac Putin and the butcher of Syria, Assad who they believe have been maligned in western media.  You couldn’t make this stuff up.

PA being anti a “true” British patriot, Winston Churchill, formed my 2nd opening post.

In reply, my opponent quoted from an extract of an article written by Winston Churchill and published in the Sunday Herald on 8th February 1920 as proof that Churchill hated Jews.  I countered with an extract from Churchill’s official biographer to show Churchill was always pro Zionism.  I have since found out that Churchill’s 1920’s Sunday Herald article is often misquoted by anti-Semites. The article is titled: “Zionism versus Bolshevism”.  My opponent’s extract conveniently did not have a title. “Churchill’s article was an attack on Bolshevism (“a sinister confederacy”), not Zionism, which Churchill supported”.  This is typical of digging a bit deeper to find the real truth behind conspiracy theories.

Although claiming to have read the For Britain manifesto, my opponent had our immigration policy completely wrong.  I explained For Britain’s immigration policy and how it and other policies in our manifesto would greatly reduce the Muslim demographic.  I informed my opponent that around a third (1.1 million) British Muslims are Islamists and that percentage would rise as the Muslim population rises. Our future would be civil war and Lebanon unless action was taken to address the Muslim demographic.

Trapped in a catch 22 situation where PA’s policies would not resolve the Muslim demographic problem but For Britain’s policies would, my opponent had the gall to say:

“For Britain’s immigration policy is weak; it is also “racist”.

This coming from a member of an organisation whose raison d’être is racism!

My opponent was obviously blind and deaf to Anne Marie’s passionate rejection in the video of policies based purely on the colour of someone’s skin.  PA’s supporters obviously were not blind and deaf.  Their comments, many with high upvotes, are totally against Anne Marie for standing up for British people of colour.

For Britain wants white British people to be recognised as indigenous British and we want the dominant culture and values in Britain to remain those of the indigenous British people.  That is not racism.  In fact, it is racism to refuse it.

Patriotic Alternative will only ever be a conspiracy theory organisation and not a serious political party.  Their belief in a loony conspiracy theory will always weigh them down.

Anne Marie asks a pertinent question in the video.  What do you do if people of colour do not take up your offer of paid voluntary repatriation?  I asked the same question but my opponent failed to answer.

I am an Army veteran.  Some of my closest brothers in arms are veterans of colour.  I would never ever desert them.  I would not be a member of For Britain if it was a racist political party.

Perhaps Anne Marie’s video on Patriotic Alternative should be sent to the likes of “Hope not hate” etc to show them that For Britain is not a racist far right Nazi party whereas Patriotic Alternative most definitely is.

Anne Marie’s raw passion is plain to see in the video.  Unintentionally, the video could become one of the best PR campaigns our party has had to date.

Phil Kemble