I wish to start by stating this blog does not refer to all Muslims. It certainly does not apply to the wonderful nurses, doctors and others who come to our country to work hard, obey the law and contribute to our society. If only all Muslims displayed the same high standards – our country would be in a far better place.

I am writing this blog in the hope that ‘For Britain’ will consider my request for turning a dishonest situation into an honest one. I am referring to the dishonest way in which our government has betrayed us as a nation, by not publishing the true and full facts of the inquiry into the child rape gangs that have plagued our country.  I am writing this because our government thinks it’s totally acceptable to ignore the fact that thousands of officials, be they MPs, councillors, police officers, or social workers, have failed to act to stop or report what has been happening, and not a single one of them has been prosecuted for their inaction. It is simply a further cover-up over an existing cover-up.

I watched Tommy presenting his Rape of Britain speech in Russia and although I was already aware of most of the despicable details he outlined, when I actually heard them all in chronological order it sent shudders down my spine.

I personally believe Tommy is very brave in dedicating much of his life to this cause, and one day he might actually get recognition for his actions – but not now, because of our spineless government’s capitulation to this country’s Muslim community.  Indeed, the ‘politically correct’ brigade, along with the media, will openly support the government in stifling the true results, and the inquiry will remain censored under the Public Records Act for the next 30 years. By that time, we will be governed by Sharia Law and our population will be well on its way to Muslim domination

Governments of both major parties have ignored what has occurred, because they want the Muslim vote. This is so corrupt.  Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows the perpetrators of these abuses were mainly Muslim and that their filthy behaviour stems from the Koran’s teaching, so let’s have the true facts out in the public domain.

With this in mind, I now believe it is time for the ‘For Britain’ party to hold its own official investigation into this national scandal and bring it to the public’s attention in a big way. Legal action should be demanded against every single person who, in their official work capacity, neglected to act or failed to stop the abuse.

No British political party has had ‘the balls’ to do this thus far, so ‘For Britain’ is in a perfect position to take this on. Unbelievably, these abuses are still going on all over the country and needless to say, they predominantly affect working class children and children in care homes – a fact that is not made sufficiently.

As an ex-police officer, I feel ashamed this could ever have happened, and although I retired on medical grounds in 1990, this would not have been allowed to happen in my day, and certainly not on my watch. The inquiry could be carried out under the supervision of Mike Speakman who, given his previous occupation and rank, cannot be polarized like Tommy.

I believe this would be a defining move for ‘For Britain’, and if the party made an appeal for funds to help finance this review, I and other members would support it generously. Its conclusions could officially be handed in to 10 Downing Street with the promise if they don’t publicise its contents, we will.

There is an inspiring Lebanese-American activist called Brigitte Gabriel, who is America’s version of our own Anne Marie Walters, and I will steal some of her words here in summing up:   “It is time to throw political correctness in the rubbish where it belongs and start speaking the truth. It is time to develop a backbone, to develop courage, to stand up and speak with authority in defense of our nation, in defense of our values, in defense of our freedom, in defense of everything we stand for” – so that Great Britain can once again be the best country in the world, bar none.


Paul B. 

For Britain member