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Sunday May 10th 2020

We will no longer surrender this country, or its people, to the false song of globalism. – Donald J Trump

‘Globalism’ is one of those words that everyone knows but few can define.  Some argue that the world is no longer politically Left or Right, but nationalist or globalist: the fight at the ballot box is for the voters’ choice between one or the other.

To be clear, For Britain, and myself, are on the side of the nation.  We are fighting for its restoration, and like Trump, we no longer wish for Great Britain to dance to globalism’s devious tune.  But dance we will, and we’ll continue to dance, until and unless we replace the occupants of the Mother of all Parliaments – Westminster.  We must remove the status quo to defeat globalism, because Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, and the SNP are globalists all.

The problem with globalism is that there is no agreed definition of the word.  A little like “racism” it is used as an attack word, quite often inappropriately.  The term globalisation roughly refers to the interconnectivity of the world – a globalist is one who assumes this to be good and wants more of it.  Globalisation is economic or political.  Globalised trade for example means we can buy strawberries all year long; it also means the transfer of jobs from the West to poor countries, and in the process, gutting our own working class and working class towns.

Its political identity is found in internationalist bodies which, while having little formal political power, set the global tone and lecture national governments on any policy that goes against globalisation.  Or, perhaps I should say, lectures some national governments if they go against globalisation.

I say some because not every country is treated in the same way by the global bodies, including the leading globalist-body-extraordinaire – the United Nations (UN).  The UN doesn’t have direct political power, but that is not to say it has no power at all.  The United Nations broadcasts and delivers stern tellings off to certain countries, sending a ‘moral’ message around the world.  For example, when President Trump defied globalism to institute a ban on travellers from countries with high rates of terrorism activity, the UN objected:

President Donald Trump is in breach of the country’s human rights commitments, a group of United Nations rights experts have called on the US to live up to its human rights obligations and provide protection for those fleeing persecution and conflicts.

Not only are they legally wrong (US law does not allow for limitless refugees and there is no “right” to travel to America), but there is not even an attempt to disguise their obvious bias against the United States.  One would think that if the UN is going to lecture America on its human rights record, that it would also condemn the multitude of nations, from all over the world, with a far FAR worse record than the United States – right?  Not at all.  The criticism is reserved only for Western countries, real human rights abusers not only get off the hook, but are promoted to….. wait for it ….. human rights councils.

Here is the UN’s current human rights council:

Armenia, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Libya, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Namibia, Netherlands, Poland, Republic of Korea, Sudan and Venezuela 

A fascinating fact you may not know about Mauritania: Mauritania is one of the last countries in the world where people are still born into slavery and literally owned by other people, facing a lifetime of abuse and forced labour.

Indonesia has an FGM (female genital mutilation) rate of around 50%.

Human Rights Watch reported on Sudan in 2018 as follows: The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) used excessive force to break up protests and arbitrarily detained dozens of activists and opposition party members. The authorities censored the media, confiscated newspapers, detained outspoken critics, and barred key opposition figures from traveling outside the country. 

According to the UN, these countries are better than the USA in terms of rights.  They must be, otherwise why would the UN criticise the US while placing these countries on human rights boards?  There’s only one answer, and it is the right answer, globalism isn’t about the ‘globe’ at all, it’s about the West.


Have you ever noticed that in our globalised world of open borders, that the human traffic is going in one direction only?  Are there queues of Europeans at African embassies seeking asylum?  No.  Are there boats full of Europeans landing at African shores and being allowed to stay, given necessary resources, and eventually housed and clothed?  No.

The migration goes in one direction – from the rest of the world to the West.  That’s the traffic and it is not an accident.  From the criticism of Trump as outlined above, we can only conclude that the UN isn’t serious about human rights; it prioritised the ability of people to move to America, not human rights.  What is happening here is the promotion of a mass exodus to the Western world in order to dismantle it.

This is not a conspiracy theory, there is nothing underhand occurring here, it is all happening in plain sight.  It is a powerful political philosophy making itself reality.

The world is ruled by an increasingly connected and increasingly wealthy elite; it is ruled in other words, by big money and big business, and it they who are calling the shots.  Why would big business demand a mass exodus to the West?  Simply because the West is too well off, and Westerners demand good pay and good working conditions.  People from countries steeped in poverty will simply be glad of work, meaning they will take far lower wages and work in much worse conditions.  This all saves money for big business.  It also decimates the working opportunities of westerners, keeping wages low and increasing poverty levels with it.

Western politicians are happy with this for a couple of reasons; 1) they want big business to be pleased with them, 2) they want an increasingly impoverished population which will allow them to reduce the confidence, wealth and power of their citizens, allowing them to pass laws restricting our rights.  There is no better example of this than so called “hate speech”.  Hate speech is an old trick of communism, it labels political opposition as wholly immoral (i.e. “hate”) and then it criminalises that “hate”.  The effect is that it has criminalised its opposition, allowing it free reign in politics.  That very reality is evident all over Europe.  Oppose open border migration?  You’re guilty of “hate” and globalist governments are very happy to destroy your life (or imprison you) for having the temerity to swim against the tide and think independently.

Anti-white hatred is also integral to globalism. The West is (still, but only just and only for now) the freest and richest part of the globe.  For globalism to work, the West (by which I mean its citizens, not its leaders) must be made less free and less wealthy.  This is achieved through mass migration from the third world to the first, but in order for the majority in Europe to accept that scenario, that majority must be psychologically defeated, unwilling to fight for its own position and even its own rights.

To persuade white Europe to hand over its countries to the globalists, we whites first had to be persuaded that it is what we deserve – as whites, we are inherently evil and the only way to escape this, the only redemption, is to surrender our land, our culture, our heritage, and even our jobs.

Not only did whites allow our borders to be opened, but so self-hatingly docile had we become that we even agreed to laws which give non-whites an advantage in the jobs market (“positive discrimination”).  We opened our borders then bowed down in apology and obedience to those who arrived; all the while destroying our own way of life and our personal  prospects.

This is globalism – it is the destruction of the free and wealthy Western populations.


Global trade is the sales pitch.  What globalism means economically is a world of buying and selling across borders.  In practical terms, it means to deliberately move manufacturing from the rich West to the poor East, leaving the West with broken working class communities, while the East thrives – and all at much lower cost to the multinationals.

The perfect example is China (another of the UN’s previous “human rights” promoting nations!)  China now manufactures much of the world’s man-made produce, and a glimpse inside its factories will reveal the awful conditions and machine-like existence of many Chinese workers.  Significantly, China has little protections for employees or the environment.  The ‘Greta Army’ seems not to have noticed while they blame the Western world for environmental threats.

But China is, by far, the world’s largest polluter – knocking the USA in to a fairly distant second place.  Chinese factories exhale toxic fumes with absolute impunity.  China’s Yangtze River, the longest in Asia and by far the most polluted river in the world, carries 1.5 tonnes of plastic in to the sea every single year.

How does business profit from this?  Because it is far cheaper to open factories in China than in the West, it is far cheaper to pay for substandard Chinese products than for high quality products produced in the West.  The Communist Chinese government is happy because it is able to improve the lives of the Chinese people (their situation had been much worse) and claim the credit for it.  Meanwhile, its sins will be ignored because the globalist elite is too busy focusing on bringing down the West.

The Nation-State

The only way out of this is to restore our nation-states and our independence.  We must also restore our self-confidence as a matter of urgency.  The coronavirus pandemic has taught a hard and stark lesson to the people of Great Britain – we are no longer able to produce our own basic necessities at a time of national crisis.  This is the result of globalism.  We have outsourced the vast majority of our basic manufacturing and now, when the chips are down, we need to turn to countries like China to help us save the lives of our own citizens.  This is even more sickening when we add to the mix that China caused this pandemic in the first place.

For supplies of simple protective clothing (PPE) for our medical staff, we turned towards Turkey.  We paid our money, the PPE never arrived, we sent our airforce to collect the PPE, only to find it was substandard and we couldn’t use it.

We needed ventilators, but producers in the UK seemed unable to build machines that met with NHS specifications, so we went to China instead.  Nine days after the ventilators arrived from China, doctors wrote to the government stating that the machines were more likely to kill patients than save them.

The situation is beyond absurd.  Here we are, a major wealthy first world nation, and we are unable to produce our own basic products for the health of our citizens, even in a time of life-threatening upheaval.  Do we need more evidence to demonstrate the downfall of the West?

For Britain is 100% committed to bringing this to an end.  We will turn the tide.  We will discontinue our relationship with China as a starting point.  There are a number of countries that can produce our low cost products, let’s not put all of our eggs in China’s basket.  That is a big step and one we can take now.

Furthermore, we can bring upmarket manufacturing home.  Britain was once the world’s workshop, now we produce little to nothing; let’s put that in to reverse.  Let’s encourage a society of high quality and less quantity.  Do we really need all the China-produced substandard products we have in our homes?  Wouldn’t we be better off with higher quality, longer-lasting products that won’t pollute our lands and seas as rubbish not long after we’ve bought them?

We must deliberately, and with determined purpose, ensure that in times of crisis, Britain is self-sufficient.  We will make sure our NHS has high quality British-made products at its disposal as much as possible.  We will ensure that medical machinery produced in the UK meets with the standards of the NHS; this is common sense stuff!

But perhaps most importantly of all, we will stop immigration, send home those who should not be here, and wipe out the anti-white hatred once and for all.  As well as deporting those who commit crimes (including in the name of culture) and those who refuse to adapt to the morals of the British majority, we must change our education system and make Western children proud of their heritage; there is every reason for them to be proud, but they seem completely unaware of this.

None of this can happen however unless we change how we vote.  We know, there is no ambiguity, no need for speculation, we know that all of the parties currently sitting in our Parliament are a-ok with globalism, they all actively promote it.

As Britons therefore, our responsibility is great but simple.  If we want a Britain that is British, and if we want to pass this on to the next generation as it was passed on to us, then we must vote against the status quo.  We must vote For Britain.

Anne Marie Waters


For Britain 

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