For Britain activists in London today campaigning against the ‘Piccadilly Mosque’

Anne Marie Waters 

Tuesday May 26th 2020 

Plans to build a 1,000 person capacity mosque right in the heart of London’s West End are meeting fierce opposition – with For Britain leading the way.

Members of our London branch have been working in the hot sun today, raising awareness of this serious issue.  Well done to all the team.The mosque, to be funded by the Aziz Foundation, will be located at the iconic Trocadero in London’s Piccadilly Circus.  The group states on its website that “the Piccadilly Mosque will be a great addition to the area, adding diversity as well as boosting it economically.”

For Britain says it will not bring “diversity”, it will bring religious tension.

Piccadilly Circus is right in the midstof London’s nightlife capital – the West End.  It is a place filled with theatres, bars, clubs, and restaurants and has been a centre of entertainment in London for decades.  A 1,000 man mosque is entirely inappropriate and raises significant questions as to why this site has been chosen.

Furthermore, the mosque, if plans go ahead, will be within spitting distance of Soho – the ‘gay quarter’ of central London.  Soho is home to many gay bars and clubs, and this already raised serious concerns.  It is particularly worrying that the mosque will ‘let out’ at 7 pm on a Friday evening, when Soho will be packed with gay party-goers.  Is this really a good idea?


We must fight this, and people have been expressing their opposition here (you don’t need to live in London to object).  Please add your voice if you can.  Meanwhile, For Britain will continue to protest these entirely inappropriate plans.

The West End is a place for entertainment, not tension.