31st May 2020

By Ed, Party Chairman this week as Anne Marie is finishing her new book!).

This week has been particularly eventful, at a time when every week seems to bring us increasingly significant news. Anne Marie will be talking about the mainstream media earning the trending hashtag “#ScumMedia” (much to their collective annoyance) in her next livestream, so I will prologue that a little in today’s column. As ever the media have had a major role in shaping the narrative of the news of the week, and as ever, they haven’t covered themselves in glory!

The ‘ScumMedia’ hashtag was well earned here in Britain by the relentless witch hunt of Dominic Cummings. The Press wasted their questions and answers opportunity at the daily Government briefings by pursuing personal vendettas, no doubt still sore over Brexit. At a crucial time for the UK coming out of lockdown and ahead of the greatest recession we have ever known, did they really think their priority was shared by the public?  But the events over the last few days in America have seen further irresponsible behaviour from them, fueling a powder keg situation in US cities that risks spilling over to the UK and beyond if it isn’t challenged and dealt with appropriately.

The riots that have sprung up across the USA originated in Minneapolis, the location of the death of George Floyd, a criminal and African American who died under police restraint on the 25th May. The policeman involved, Derek Chauvin, has been roundly  and correctly condemned from across the political spectrum for pressing his knee on the neck of Floyd. The President himself spoke to the victim’s family and has expressed his sadness and outrage at the incident. Ideally justice would then take it’s course, because as a civilised society that is of course what should happen. The actions of one individual do not reflect an entire group of people – he wasn’t taking orders or instructions for his actions, or was part of a community that collectively believe his actions were justified.  He is one man, who acted inappropriately of his own accord. Nobody is supporting him.

However we have entered the now all too familiar zone of ‘politicisation’. The initial coroner’s report shows that Floyd died from a heart condition exacerbated by the intoxicants in his system and not asphyxiation. Now it would be crazy to claim that the knee on the neck didn’t cause his death, triggering stress and anxiety that led to the catastrophic result of his death. But the likely defence of the policeman is surely newsworthy? Yet the media have ignored this, even the latest ‘timeline of events’ from the BBC today fail to mention it. They also minimise the fact he struggled under arrest (he was arrested for passing a counterfeit note), because the media wish to paint a picture of an innocent black man murdered by a white cop then start to frame it against President Trump. Make no mistake, the actions of Chauvin were reprehensible and he deserves all the criticism he receives and whatever justice that is coming, but ahead of all the facts in the public domain, we have angry mobs acting as judge and jury before justice has run it’s course. And that is down to the media providing the ammunition needed for extreme groups to engage in criminal behaviour

The best way for me to articulate what I mean are to make a few statements that people I have told don’t believe until they research it. Every year, the police in America kill more white people than any other race. Of the 228 civilian shootings by police in the first quarter of 2020, 31 were black. Every weekend there are double digit shootings in Chicago between predominantly black gangs. One of the worst cop ‘murders’ was the case of Daniel Shaver, who was on his knees sobbing and begging for his life. Haven’t heard of him? He’s white and this isn’t the narrative of division the media wishes to disseminate so it isn’t headline worthy.

The fundamental problem here is that this ISN’T a race issue. There may be rogue racist policemen, that is a reflection of society. But America, like the UK is far less racist that most countries around the world – all polls show that and it is why so much of the world wishes to emigrate to our countries. Being a minority in America or Britain is far better than being one in an Arab country for example. Like For Britain, most people don’t see skin colour, they see character and actions. Yet the (left leaning) media won’t allow this. They fan the flames and try to make every story about racial division; and that is entirely political and to destroy the characters of individuals they dislike. For some in this country, child rapists attract less anger than the people criticising those child rapists and shining a light on them, and the first line of attack from the left leaning media is to insinuate they’re ‘racist’.

The media (and the usual race baiting politicians from Labour) rushed to tell us that Belly Mujinga, the TfL worker allegedly  ‘spat on by someone with COVID’ and who subsequently died tragically was another ethnic minority suffering from racism. Anger and fury provoked, they failed to mention there was no evidence of this incident. Consequently when the CCTV footage is examined and the Police say there was no evidence she was spat at, they drop the story rather than ensure they correct the misinformation. The assailant didn’t have COVID, but the press is safe in the knowledge that their original intention was placed firmly in the public psyche. To hell with the white guy who may well now be receiving death threats, hatred and career problems. What happened to journalism and a desire to report facts?

So back to America – it is entirely likely that what is unfolding could happen here in the UK. If you wish to see how the Media is desperate to stoke racial tensions, read the Independent’s twitter feed. Every headline is twisted to create some sort of “racist” narrative (always with white people as the bad guy of course). The combination of Antifa / Far Left and BLM activists looting, rioting and destroying are receiving little criticism because there’s an anti Trump / anti West sentiment that they typically subscribe to.

Imagine for a second that the cop victim had been a Trump supporter and Trump supporters were currently attacking elderly women in wheelchairs (yes that happened, just not reported) and looting / rioting; imagine the coverage. Look at how in the UK any so called ‘right wing’ rallies where a minor scuffle happened the media leapt on it to tar all normal decent Brits as ‘knuckle draggers’, yet here we have coordinated unrest, violence and destruction. What does the media do? Investigate Antifa and the criminal gangs ? No, the media manages to criticise Trump for saying the mob descending on the White House will be met with force as though this isn’t a completely reasonable thing to say.

Katie Hopkins has had tweets with tens of thousands of likes threatening her both directly and indirectly if riots start in the UK, but Twitter don’t seem to mind. They’re still there. All because she had the temerity to question whether Black Lives Matter are genuine when black lives are lost every weekend in Chicago in gang shootings. Michael Moore, with 6.1 million followers tweets “White Minnesota – you’ve told us quite clearly police murder of black people is OK”. This incitement whips up further anger, yet Twitter choose to censor the President for correctly pointing out that when looting  starts, inevitably shooting starts . A point proven correct by a store owner defending his property and shooting dead a looter as the angry mob attacked business and properties.

I come back to it – the West is incredibly tolerant and non racist. The only people obsessing about skin colour are the leftist media because they seemingly can find no other way of attacking centre right / right wing politicians. They assumed when President Trump called the rioters ‘thugs’ he meant black people – racist much?! I actually think they know he didn’t mean that, they just pretended he did to stoke the fires further.

We must reject the normalisation of criminal rioting and looting under some kind of moral justification umbrella. Crime is crime (one law for all). We must reject the media’s unchecked incitement (and that is what it is) hoping to stir racial tensions and live our lives judging people just by their actions and character. They project their guilt at Trump, Boris or whoever else for stirring up division, knowing full well they are entirely guilty of that which they accuse.

At For Britain we are clear about this – there is a determined media and far left effort to create tensions and problems when we have enough real issues to deal with, so we will call out the toxic press every time they try and set us against each other. We can’t let what is happening in America happen here, we must not have rioting and looting whipped up by the Press.

Listen to Anne Marie in the livestream on the 1st June to hear more about this and discuss it in the Q&A on YouTube.