An Assault Upon the Elderly

Sunday June 7th 2020


An Assault Upon the Elderly

I recently heard it expressed that British society is engaged in an assault upon the elderly, and I was relieved to hear someone finally say it.  I feel the same way.  I first started thinking about it when toxic elements of the Remain camp went on the attack, blaming elderly people for the result.

Before we start, let’s define elderly.  I’m reluctant to includes 70s; some suffer ill health, some do not, but for the sake of argument, let us define it as 70 onwards.



So criminal was the response of the dark side of the Remain camp that the United Nations human rights people felt obliged to comment.  Brexit unleashed a political assault on the elderly.  Demands were made for the removal of their very legal autonomy and identity – their right to vote.

In yet another display of its rotten lack of morality or responsibility, the mainstream media was right on-side.

Soon after the referendum, in July 2016, Rosa Kornfeld-Matte, the “UN independent expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons” said “We have seen a number of European national newspapers and social media outlets stigmatizing older persons as the scapegoats for Brexit and calling for restrictions on ‘grey’ votes.”

With the headline “People over 70 shouldn’t be allowed to vote”, the Manchester Evening News promoted the idea, and the mainstream felt it entirely appropriate to debate whether the people who built Britain should be allowed to vote in Britain.

The Sun ran with “Out with the old” as its headline before announcing that “Half of young adults say over 70s should be banned from voting on the country’s future”.

An equally appalling headline I saw was from Time, who went with “Why Old People Shouldn’t Vote” (quite revealing editorialism there). The reason this Time contributor believes people over 70s shouldn’t vote?  “..old people vote shortsightedly, choosing the least progressive outcome.”

Those italics are my emphasis.  That’s the truth right there.  “Progressives” are unhappy that their opponents’ vote is still counted, so instead of attempting to win the debate, they try to take that vote away, and they’ll do it by any means necessary.

I’m genuinely livid about this.  What is being proposed here is that when we reach the age of 70, we should have no say in the society in which we live.  We will have no ability to hold politicians to account on their policies related to us.  Laws could trample all over older people and they have no ability to protest.

People who care about their children and grandchildren and want to vote in their interests won’t be allowed to.  It also demands that those who have worked and paid the taxes that built our roads and infrastructure and much more besides, should be rewarded by having their fundamental human rights removed.  How dare anyone suggest this?

This is more evidence, as if any were needed, that some of those with interests in remaining in the EU, and the globalism and open border world it represents, are capable of sheer – I’m afraid I have to use that word again – evil.

What’s more, they see nothing wrong with their attitude.  They are tyrants.  This is the mindset of dictators, and these dictators have the backing of the media and most Western governments.  (The same forces are on the march again in America and have literally brought its police and leaders to their knees).


“Kill Old People”

Not content with campaigning to remove the votes of their opponents, many gleefully wish them dead.  The Express reported that there was “Outrage as Remainers taunt coronavirus to ‘kill old people and swing Brexit vote’”. The article states:

Several posts were shared online, where people appeared to delight in the outbreak, which has hit the elderly community hard. One social media user, who previously posted about stopping Brexit wrote in a sick post: “If Covid-19 kills a hefty amount of old people in this country, does that mean the general opinion will swing away from Brexit?” Another Twitter user said: “Coronavirus is the ghost of Brexit coming to kill the old people for voting wrong.”

Despicable.  These are the people we are at political war with, and remember, they claim the moral high ground: “equality”, “progress”, “tolerance”, “inclusion”… utopia.

But to reach it, we will throw people on a trash heap when they reach a certain age.  We’ll remove their rights, send them to “care homes” and hope disease kills them as fast as possible.

No doubt the hope is get rid of those who haven’t been indoctrinated in to “tolerance” and “inclusion”.


Care Homes

The Express reported in 2019 that “The number of allegations of abuse in care homes has nearly doubled in the past four years, with almost 70,000 made to the Care Quality Commission last year alone.”  In five years, reports of abuse went from 37,060 to 67,590.  Some examples of this abuse have been caught on tape.

Back in 2012, the BBC’s Panorama investigated abuse in care homes with undercover cameras.  It is difficult to watch.  This video shows a woman beaten and abused by a male nurse.  She is defenceless as he gives her an unwanted bed bath, and slaps her across the face to make her comply.

The same elderly lady, suffering from Alzheimer’s, was thrown around like an object by two female nurses as they put her to bed at 5.30 pm.

All of the nurses involved came here from the Philippines. No, I’m not saying “all nurses from the Philippines are potential abusers”, but why are so many from the Philippines?  The woman’s daughter said that she didn’t understand what the nurses were saying to each other when she visited the home.  This means they more than likely speak in their own language around patients.  This is not acceptable.

This woman was fed (too quickly) by a nurse who said nothing to her, no pleasantries, no friendly good morning, nothing.

The care home in question by the way, had been rated “excellent” by the regulator.


Coronavirus Crisis 

In March, the decision was made to lock people away in our homes.  This had a particularly hard impact on elderly people, who were made to give up any socialisation they may have had, and some struggled even to obtain food (not everyone has made the transition to the virtual world).

Elderly people were kept away from their families, many died alone, and people were forced to accept the awful reality that they could not say goodbye to loved ones.  Moreover, people over 70 were less than encouraged to visit their doctor, and serious life-or-death tests or treatments were kicked down the road indefinitely.

This is important.  This is a terrible thing to inflict upon people. Mismanagement across the board in dealing with care homes and the coronavirus crisis is likely to have cost 1,000s of lives.

In order to free up hospital beds, coronavirus patients were moved in to care homes.  In other words, people with a disease that can be fatal to the elderly and/or those with serious conditions, are moved in to places filled with the elderly and/or those with serious conditions.  What was obviously going to happen is exactly what happened.

The Telegraph reports:

Care homes cannot safely accept hospital patients suffering from coronavirus without risking the lives of residents, ministers were told on Wednesday.

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, said hospital patients who tested positive for Covid-19 would continue to be discharged into care homes despite growing evidence that the policy is fuelling outbreaks and deaths.

Charities and local authority leaders said the approach, designed to free up hospital beds, was “madness” because many homes do not have the resources to keep vulnerable and elderly residents safe.

A study in June showed that people in care homes accounted for more than half of the coronavirus deaths in England.  What’s more, Age UK issued a statement saying:

We are seeing shocking examples where blanket decisions seem to be being made about the care and treatment options that will be available to older and vulnerable people, who have felt pressurised into signing Do Not Attempt CPR forms.

Alongside this, many of the people affected have experienced fear and anxiety, and feel that their lives and wishes do not matter. This is shameful and unacceptable.

Yes it is.

Naturally the media can be relied on to whip up hatred of those who vote incorrectly, but politicians are little better, if more subtle.

When Ministers take part in things like Question Time, you’ll often hear them talk about an “aging population” as a primary cause of rising NHS costs.  They never mention mass immigration, nor the ridiculous past policies and mismangement that have seen millions spent on “consultancy” (not the medical kind) by a middle management so inept that it paid out £100,000s in redundancy payments to workers they then re-hired as contractors on higher pay.

That’s why the NHS is a money-pit. The whole world is allowed to use it, and it is run by jobsworth bureaucrats with a great deal of public money in their hands, and who answer only to other jobsworth bureaucrats.

This attitude to the elderly is sinister, it’s short-sighted, and it’s dark.  We have a duty to oppose both the cruelty and abuse and bring it to an end.  We have to protect people today and bring this horrific abuse to an end.  But we also have to protect everyone, including ourselves, from the kind of people who celebrate the death of their political adversaries.

We should all be very careful with this.  This is a proposal that people should be effectively extinguished if and when they prove to be politically or financially burdensome. Let’s not forget that government spending on pensions is the largest part of its welfare bill.

What’s extraordinary is the short-sightedness.  With a bit of luck, many of us will reach 70, so on top of the fact that it is deeply immoral to abuse elderly people and take away their rights, why jeopardise our own future?   Like women who argue against their right to vote, or the many who are keen to see the US brought down and replaced by China, my advice is to be very very careful what you wish for.


Anne Marie Waters 


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