Mike Speakman

Sunday 21st June 2020


Whilst the deaths and attacks in Reading may not be directly attributable to the preceding Black Lives Matter rally, Black Lives Matter’s rhetoric has created a climate of division based on race which may incite some people to acts of violence against British citizens. 

The media are providing a distorted narrative which does not reflect the wider issues. It seems that this individual’s presence in this country is due to the failure of this government to control our borders.  He has been described as a Lybian “asylum seeker” which probably means he was an illegal immigrant. 

He is also reported as having previously been imprisoned which means he could have been deported at the end of his sentence but was not just like most illegal immigrants and criminals who the government have chosen not to deport.  Boris Johnson and Priti Patel’s failure to enforce our laws means that further unnecessary deaths are likely. 

The government continues to facilitate Illegal immigration across the English Channel to this day. For Britain extends it sympathies to the families of the dead and injured and asks, “How many more before this government lives up to its responsibilities?”


Mike Speakman 

Policing Spokesman 

For Britain