In Defence of Democracy (Part Two)

Sunday July 5th 2020


In last week’s column (which you can read here) I introduced you to my new book In Defence of Democracy.

The book is written in three parts, with part one covering democracy itself; the morality of it, the history of it, and why it is superior to other systems.  By way of comparison, I describe communism, socialism, and other totalitarian philosophies.  Democracy is superior to every one and I describe exactly why that is.

In section two, I defend democracies.  This includes Western Europe and the United States; how they developed democracies and the long bloody journey they travelled to get there.

In part three, which I will focus on today, I will show you what threatens democracy today, and the peril it currently finds itself in.

Throughout history, notions of democracy have come and gone.  We have drifted between aspirations to freedom and submission to unaccountable rule.  Today, unaccountable rule is on the rise and democracy is spiralling.  We are in a perilous place and we must turn that around.

The threats to democracy that I highlight are these: China, Islam, Globalism, and the Far Left.  Let’s take these in turn.

China is a major threat to global freedom and has plans for world domination. That may sound fanciful but that is a mistake.  China does not play by the rules; it has promised it will engage in free trade as other nations do, and the hope is (or was) that given its engagement in the global capitalist economy, it would follow this up by instituting democratic principles.  This was naive at best.  China has no intention of adopting democracy.  It engaged in global trade, and said all the right things at international conferences, but the sole reason for this was wealth, not liberty.  China wants to be an economic behemoth in order to increase its power.  This task is almost complete.

China now has the second largest economy in the world and is predicted to overtake the United States in as little as 10 years’ time.  It achieved this by lying to the West, which was naive enough to believe its lies.  What the Chinese government says it will do, and what it does, are two very different things.  The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) loves to perform for the crowd.  It loves to sound like a responsible member of the international community by parroting all the usual buzzwords, but its actions portray something entirely different.

China obeys no international law.  It obeys no copyright law, no environmental laws, no workers’ rights.  It is a law entirely on to itself.  Much of its economy is quite simply stolen from others, and nothing is done to hold it to account because it has become too powerful.

The CCP knows how to gain global power – by both stealing and purchasing.  This country has made so much money through copyright theft and the dismissal of laws that it is now in the position to buy influence around the world, and that is what it is doing, including in America.

China has rode roughshod over the US Constitution, even getting interviews cancelled and employees fired in the United States for being critical of its government.

What’s more, it has made itself unaccountable.  As the world’s leading communist state, the Chinese government owns all of the country’s businesses, and of course its courts.  So, if a Chinese company steals your idea and passes it off as its own (which it does regularly), what recourse will you have?  The answer is none.  You cannot take the Chinese government to court because it owns the courts.  If China steals from you, you simply have to take it because your own government has sold its soul to this communist state and will not challenge it in any way.

For its part, China is utterly brutal and we already know what a world dominated by its ruthless leaders will look like.  There will be no free speech and no concern for individual rights or liberties.  It will turn the world in to one large communist state, and only by preventing its growth through holding it to account, can we avoid such a terrible fate.

Along with China comes Islam, although the two are incompatible with each other.  China does not allow freedom of religion and Uighur Muslims are held in concentration camps even as I write.  But two things, even if not compatible, can simultaneously pose the same threat, and that is the case here.

Islam is the religious equivalent of China; it tolerates no liberties or rights, it cares nothing for the individual, its punishments are arbitrary and brutal, and it demands total obedience at all times.

It is also given a free pass in the West as our leaders cover their eyes and ears to its reality.  Islam thoroughly dominates the weakened West.  It clearly opposes all of the liberties that make the West what it is, and yet we as a society are desperately pretending otherwise.

“Religion of peace” is about the most dishonest ludicrous catchphrase in the politically correct handbook.  It is the very opposite of the truth and yet our corrupt and dumbed down media parrots it at every opportunity.  Islam is a religion built upon violence and theft.  Mohammed was a murderer and a conqueror.  Islamic societies today reflect this.  Islam’s brutal and unforgiving philosophy governs several nations and all of them are theocratic tyrannies, irrespective of what they call themselves.

Islam has transformed our democracies; it has made religious violence and censorship very much a part of the Western world in 2020.  For 1,000s of years, Europeans fought against religious violence and  censorship, only to import and accommodate it in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Globalism is another layer of anti-democratic elitism (or “fascism”?)  Globalism seeks a world of open borders so that it can remove democracy from the states in which it operates, and replace it with people who will dance to its tune – all in the guise of democracy.  Here is how it works.

Globalism has combined with communism/socialism for a common cause – the destruction of nation-state democracy.  I am unsure if this is strategic or naive, but it is the case nonetheless.  The two philosophies have very different reasons but their requirements remain the same.  Globalism seeks the destruction of nation-state so that it can effectively select its chosen “elected” governments; ones that will obey the demands of unelected corporations.

Communism/socialism seeks the destruction of nation-states so that it can usher in a global communist utopia.  The two sides appear not to have discussed what happens when their shared goal is achieved and they find themselves on opposing sides.

This bizarre reality has led to a strange marriage; communists are giving their unconditional support to the advancement of privately owned mega corporations.  Communists are currently making the extremely wealthy even wealthier on the backs of the world’s poorest.  So much for “equality”.

The communists and globalists have completed their long walk through the institutions; schools and universities are steeped in anti-democratic thought.  It is for this reason that the media is so immersed in it.  The journalists have all been through university, they’ve all be trained in anti-democratic philosophies, and because the profession has been so dumbed down, and the majority of journalists so utterly unintelligent, they have fallen for this hook, line and sinker.  They then persuade the electorate to back these notions (indeed they persuade people if they don’t back them, they are Nazi-like racists and hate-mongers).  Nobody wants that so people vote to avoid it.  They vote the way the press tells them they should.  The press is telling them to vote for globalism and communism and this, in turn, makes the politicians go along with globalism and communism.

We know the threat posed by communism, but what of globalism?  Why does this endanger democracy?  Because it is buying politicians, who answer primarily to their CEOs, not the voting electorate.  The interest of big business is now placed way above the interest of the people.  We see this time and again.  When the British people voted to leave the EU, Conservative politicians spoke of keeping our borders open so that big business could satisfy its demand for imported staff that will work for low wages, keeping their expenses down, as well as causing wages to stagnate or fall backwards in the West.  Governments do nothing do stop this because, like China, there is no political will to put up a fight.  It’s easier for weak politicians to accept the status quo.

Furthermore, globalism threatens independence.  Small business is its first casualty.  Small businesses (individually) can’t threaten governments as they do not have the wealth or power.  They are also a hindrance to big corporations.  Big corporations therefore want rid of them and governments are more than happy to oblige.

Governments are wiping out small business using a variety of methods, not least taxation.  Business rates in most town and cities in the UK for example are astronomical and small independent businesses struggle to bear them.  If a small independently-owned fast food outlet for example is struggling to keep up with massive regulation and business rates, not to worry, McDonald’s won’t struggle.  McDonald’s can afford it, and so we end up with more and more McDonald’s and fewer and fewer independent outlets.

When corporations single-handedly own the retail and entertainment sector, then it is much easier for them to work alongside government in order to maintain the power of both – through the disempowerment of the people.

Do not underestimate how much big business can reduce our individual power.  It can do this by having so many customers that it doesn’t give a damn whether you buy their product or not.  That leaves the paying customer with no recourse, no comeback.  The company can, and does, do whatever it likes; there’s nothing the end consumer can do about it.  This creates a society-wide feeling of helplessness and individual unimportance, something that suits governments very much indeed.

Finally, the far left.  This has shown its ugly face most recently in the guise of the Marxist-anarchist Black Lives Matter.  To witness the totality of the surrender to this terrible group was genuinely alarming.  Politicians, government, police, media, and sport, all literally bowed down to Black Lives Matter, and those who opposed it were threatened with job loss – something that was carried through for a number of people.

Once again, weak government allowed this and once again, the voting public was the primary victim.  In Britain, we watched as historical statues were torn down and great leaders of the past defaced and insulted.

These are our challenges, and we must act and rise to them as others have done in the past.  A common factor to all of these threats is the unwillingness of our leaders to face them, or even acknowledge them.  That is the first step and it is a step I have taken by writing this book.

We must speak in the defence of our power, and remove those who would be betray it.

We must act now in defence of democracy.


Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain 

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