By Hugo Jenks, Islam Spokesman

I remember the morning of 7/7/2005.

It started uneventfully for me. I walked to my job at a small engineering company in Walton on Thames, greeted my colleagues, and settled down to my tasks for the day. A colleague then said there were explosions in London. As the picture clarified, it was then hard to concentrate on doing any work. It felt very close – I would go into London for sightseeing at weekends, and it was a shock to me. A shock to us all.Until that point I had not examined Islam at all, and had only vague memories of it being discussed in RE lessons at school. Suddenly it became significant, and it was necessary to find out more.

Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, spoke of Islam as a peaceful religion. That the Koran was beautiful, and that he kept a copy on his bedside table. And of course he said that this attack were nothing to do with the peaceful religion of Islam. I had never trusted Blair, and it seemed obvious to me (but unfortunately not obvious to everyone at that time) that whatever he said should be treated with extreme scepticism. My task then was apparent: I would have to read the Koran for myself and decide whether Blair was accurate or not regarding Islam.

I downloaded a copy, and set about reading it. Starting at the beginning, as I knew no better at that time. It took around five days of determined slog to get through it. It is tediously repetitive, it makes little sense in many places, and what sense it does make demonstrates its violence, lack of concern for non-believers, scientific absurdities, lack of modern concepts of morality or basic rights, inaccuracies when relating Biblical stories, and yet with one overwhelming theme: inducing a state of fear into believers regarding the threat of eternal punishment in Hell – that they risk falling into if they fail to do exactly what the Messenger of Allah tells them to do.

As an aside: almost every church service that I have attended has barely mentioned Hell. On one occasion I did attend a small church where the preacher, shall we say “warmed” to his theme of hellfire and damnation, painting a picture of eternal torment in a lake of fire. It seems not to be something that the Anglican or Methodist churches that I am more familiar with have really mentioned. Not so with Islam it seems. This fear of eternal punishment appears to be central to their religion, and is a powerful motivator!

As I read more about Islam in the months following 7/7/2005, and gaining the understanding of the principle of Abrogation (that the more recently revealed generally intolerant verses supercede the earlier more tolerant verses wherever contradictions exist) and that Islam really is violent and filled with hatred – contrary to the deceitful statements by Tony Blair – it clearly needed some sort of response. I wrote to various people to try to alert them, however without many replies. A few months later David Cameron became leader of the Conservative Party. The Conservatives created a website were members of the public could write comments and suggestions for policies. Of course I set about attempting to alert them to the threat of Islam itself. It is not apparent that they took any notice whatsoever, unfortunately.

And today, a decade and a half later, it is clear that they are still taking no notice at all. Indeed they now expel any of their Party members for “Islamophobia” for even the mildest questioning of Islam. I absolutely know that they have been told the harsh truth about Islam – because I have told them! They have had plenty of opportunities to correct their errors, and I never gave up trying to alert them, and am still trying. However it is equally apparent that if we are to tackle Islam itself, then the Conservatives have shown repeatedly in the years since the London bombings that they have no willingness to do so. They must be replaced by a party that will tackle Islam: The party is For Britain of course! The next election will in effect be a referendum on whether the UK wishes to become Islamic or not. Time is rapidly running out – we do not have another 15 years to waste.

We have no option but to persevere with this task. The task is ongoing. We have to win in the end – we have truth on our side. Truth, justice, and beauty – the Platonic Triad – are the ideals that we must strive for. Islam is diametrically opposed to these – it is deceitful, unjust, and ugly.

The choice for us is obvious!