Immigration and why it matters 

Sunday July 12th 2020


For Britain recently launched its national campaign against open borders to the world.  Illegal immigrants have been entering the UK, by the 1,000, while the rest of us were on coronavirus ‘lockdown’.  Both Boris Johnson and Priti Patel are fully aware of this, and apart from a few meaningless words with nothing behind them, we’ve had no response from either.  In fact, it gets worse, the UK’s Border Force (or Farce) is actually ferrying illegal immigrants in to the UK.  We should have expected this from Boris Johnson, he has of course called for amnesty for illegal immigrants in the past.  This is an invite to the world to come to the UK; all you have to do is get here and we’ll let you stay and the taxpayer will foot the bill.

That is where we are.  It is little different to how Britain would look under Jeremy Corbyn.  We’ve got to come to terms with the fact that both big parties in this country are pro mass migration, even if their reasons are different.

Labour wants mass migration for a couple of reasons.  Among these are its visceral and psychopathic hatred for Britain, white people, and capitalism.  The hatred for Britain is based on its past, and because left-wingers are incapable of accepting the world as it is.  Britain was not the only country ever to engage in what might be described as immorality.  In fact, in terms of morals and behaviour towards others, Britain has a better record than most.  That fact isn’t entertained by leftists; their psychology allows them only to focus on negatives, there is no positivity.  They hate Britain and there’s no debate allowed.  They hate Britain because it was once a colonial power, but they also hate it because they hate many things – they hate white people (the native majority) and they hate capitalism.

The open onslaught on white people at present is truly something to behold.  It is a crime against humanity.  The hatred of whites is so intense that it isn’t even described as hatred.  It’s more ‘understandable’ than hatred. That’s how far it goes.  White left-wingers latch on to self-hatred for whatever personal reason they are steeped in it.

In my experience, most people’s hatred of others truly stems from hatred of themselves.  Self-hatred exists in almost every human being, but most of us can get a grip with it to an extent that we can lead productive lives (though none of us are perfect).  The level of self-hatred exhibited by British (especially white) left-wingers is extraordinary, and if it was only harming them, I wouldn’t care.  But it isn’t.  It is harming Britain and its children and that is something we should not accept.

Capitalism is the final culprit.  Leftists loathe capitalism with passion.  This is because their self-hatred once again causes them to believe they cannot make it in a world of self-reliance and sufficiency. These are people who want to be ‘cared for’ by the state rather than stand on their own feet.  They dress this self-contempt up as concern for others, but this is a lie; left-wingers hate, they don’t feel concern.  They hate themselves so much they can’t stand a society where they’ll be called upon to take responsibility for their own lives.

The Left believes that mass migration will destroy Britain (and it will) by destroying its historical and ethnic character, and by bringing down capitalism – something it is far more likely to do by importing the world’s poorest people in the belief that Britain owes them and they are welcome to collect.  Mass immigration not only bring votes for Labour (from people not willing to stand on their own feet), but it will also make state dependency bigger and bigger and bigger… leading inevitably to outright communism.  That’s the left-wing dream.

The Conservative Party also wants mass migration, but for different reasons.  The Tories want to make big business happy, that has always been their primary concern, and so immigration will provide all the cheap labour it can muster – keeping staffing costs down, keeping wages down, and keeping the working class with their heads just about above water.

In short, we must accept and come to terms with the fact that both big parties in the UK (and indeed all other parties currently sitting in Parliament) are committed to mass migration, regardless of the speeches they make saying otherwise.

No more denial.  No more fingers in our ears.  That’s the reality, so the question now is – what are we going to do about it?

Let me start by explaining it in detail.  Why is immigration such an issue?  Why is it so important?  There are countless reasons, but I’ll stick to the most profound, covering both legal and illegal migration.


Legal Immigration 

What makes immigration legal?  Simple; when the state legislates for it and allows it.  Legal immigration therefore should never be ‘blamed’ on immigrants, and indeed many British people understand that immigration per se is not a wholly negative or unusual thing.  Human beings have been moving around the planet for centuries – history has taken course around this very fact.  The United States is a prime example.  It was built by Europeans (mostly), as was Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Bringing it back to the modern era however, most Brits would still suggest that some immigration is ok.  What they’re concerned about is how much and from where.  They are right to be concerned.  Culture is one of the most important reasons.  Our culture is the way we live, it is a reflection of our morals and values, it is, in other words, of the most profound significance.

For example, let’s take a look at what is happening in Seattle on the back of the so-called Black Lives Matter protests.  A group of anarchists has taken control of part of the city in Washington state, and they intend to build their utopia within.  So what was the first thing they did?  They built a border.  This is a group that firmly believes in borderlessness.  Or it pretends to.  In reality however, it thoroughly believes in borders for what it values, it believes in borderlessness for what it hates.  It knows borderlessness brings destruction and as such, seeks it for the United States.  It does so because it hates the United States.  It is no more complicated than that.

But what does Black Lives Matter admit by setting up a border?  That to keep its values in place, it must physically keep out those who do not share those values.  That’s what borders are all about.  BLM has admitted that many won’t share their values and so they can’t be allowed to join.  It’s really very simple.

BLM want a certain kind of lifestyle within their commune; they want shared property (which of course means theft), they want no police, no money, no ownership… no reality.  They’ve put up a border to keep out those who won’t agree to this lifestyle and don’t share their values, because what would happen if not?  Well, anyone could join the commune, including those who don’t share its values and if enough of those join, people without those values will outnumber people with those values.  That means those values are gone.  The entire area becomes something completely different and their utopia is over.  That’s how it works.

They also set up a ‘black only’ area inside the commune (because they hate white people) and this too had a border.  Why? Because if whites (or Asians or any non-blacks) were allowed to enter the area, then it would no longer be a black only area.  The whole point of the border is to maintain what is inside.

It’s exactly the same with immigration.  To keep Britain a certain way, to maintain its culture and values, we must keep out what threatens that culture and those values.

It’s simple; people from countries with entirely different value systems will threaten the value system of this country, especially if they come here in large enough numbers (which they do).

The best examples for the UK are Pakistan and Somalia; two countries with huge levels of migration to the UK and two countries with entirely different sets of values to the UK.  The impact has meant the demise of the UK’s values, its identity, its character, its safety and freedom.

Most (though by no means all) Pakistani immigrants to the UK have formed insular communities, cut off from the rest of the country.  Much of this community will not integrate and are appalled by the UK’s freedoms; particularly religious and sexual freedom.  This is because of the culture in Pakistan.  There, religion and sex are both heavily regulated by the state and this is done through grotesque cruelty such as death for apostasy or stoning for adultery.  Women in Pakistan are expected to cover from head to toe or be thought of as a whore (or ‘immodest’ but they mean the same thing).  If women are ‘immodest’ they are asking for rape, and rape is what ‘immodest’ British women have been subjected to.

The Pakistani ‘grooming gang’ is no modern phenomenon.  The rape of British women and girls by Pakistanis has been happening in the UK since Pakistanis first started arriving.  We must accept that they came with a certain mentality towards women that made itself felt in the form of rape.  Because our ‘leaders’ wanted more immigration regardless, the rapes were covered up and allowed to continue.

Similarly, religious freedom does not exist in Pakistan, and so when people from that country came here, most of them brought objections to religious freedom with them.  What does that mean for us?  It’s obvious, it has led to a demise in religious freedom.  Apostates cannot live freely in the UK without threat; objectively then immigration from Pakistan has reduced both the safety of women and freedom of belief in Britain.  That is indisputable.

Somalia brought female genital mutilation (it brought other horrors too but let’s focus on this one).  FGM is practiced by 98% of Somalis.  Yes, 98%.  So what happens when migration from Somalia to the UK takes place?  The UK suddenly finds itself with FGM.  There are now clinics all over the UK dedicated to ‘fixing’ the physical effects of FGM.  It is now a part of the UK’s landscape.  Only a couple of generations ago, this part of the world had never even heard of FGM, but now it’s a brutal reality, and that’s all thanks to immigration.

British values and morals in other words, have been turned completely upside down because of immigration.  Britain is divided between those who share its traditional values and those who reject them, often violently.

Police can’t do their job because crime is so high, that is also because of immigration.  It is tragic.

Illegal immigration brings all of the same problems, while making an additional mockery of the law.


Illegal Immigration 

All of the issues mentioned above are compounded by illegal immigration.  Division, hatred, violence, rape, all comes from illegal immigration as well as legal.

But this one is even worse, and it is very serious because when lawmakers ignore the law, so will everyone else, and not just immigration law.

When a person’s first entry to a country is done through breaking the law, and they are not punished for this, what message do they receive?  That our laws mean nothing.  That Britain has no values it is willing to defend.  That’s what illegal immigrants are told and that is how many go on to live their lives here.

If Boris Johnson tells immigrants to ignore immigration laws, why not other laws?  Why should immigrants obey the law at all?  The message is they shouldn’t, and as a result, they don’t.

Being allowed to stay despite having broken the law is just the start.  If they commit crimes, including violent crimes, it makes no difference.  Rapists, terrorists, murderers, have all been allowed to stay in the UK at taxpayer’s expense.  They are literally rewarded for committing horrific crimes.  What message do they receive?  That they can do what they like and Britain will never punish them.  This includes murdering and raping Britons, stealing our money, destroying our way of life.  All of this ends not in punishment, but again, reward.

Given this, its hardly a surprise that people from all over the world think Britain is pretty pathetic.  Why wouldn’t they?  The Prime Minister said so.  He may not have used those words, but he didn’t need to, he told the world to come here and they can stay – regardless of the problems it causes for Brits.  The message to immigrants is Brits don’t matter, you do.

Illegal immigration reduces this great country to a mere ‘bit of land’.  This ‘bit of land’ has no history, no identity, no values, no culture, and it belongs to everyone and anyone.

If immigration continues, Britain will die.  Now we must decide if we want to let it die, or fight to save it.  I have given my life to saving it, and this starts with ending immigration.


The Short and Long Term

Culture isn’t the only thing under threat from immigration, but resources.  How on earth can any country be expected to provide resources for the whole world?  It can’t. The British taxpayer can’t afford to spend on healthcare for the world, or social welfare, or housing; we do not have an infinite amount of money.  We also have no responsibility here.  We owe nothing to the rest of the world.  In fact, if Britain owes anything, it is an apology to its own people and a promise to right the wrongs committed against them.

In the longer term, immigration means destruction and this takes me to the second part of For Britain’s most recent campaign; Save British Heritage.

It broke my heart to watch Churchill’s statue defaced – I could scarcely look. This isn’t because I have a particular love of Churchill himself (though I am a big fan), it is because of what that statue represents.  It is a tribute to everyone who has fought and died for Britain.  It remembers the dark times of the blitz (for example) and the fighting British spirit this brought to the fore.  That’s what was attacked and defaced, and that is why it broke my heart.

Much of this cannot be blamed on immigration, I understand that.  In fact, much of the Black Lives Matter mob are not black and therefore not descended from immigrants, they are white Britons filled with hatred.  However, immigration still plays a part.  Immigration from countries who have a history with Britain (ex colonies for example) will often bring people who feel entitled, who feel the UK owes them.  Many will have been raised with hatred for Britain, then when they come here, home grown Britain haters have gained a new set of allies.  The white Britain haters exploit the hatred of Britain we’re importing, and the hatred grows and grows.

Because many of the immigrants are non-white, the Britain hating left will exploit this and tell the non-white immigrants that Britain hates them because it’s racist, and so they must destroy it.

In other words, the Britain-hating left wants Britain-hating immigrants, both to swell its own numbers, and to exploit the race element so that anyone who objects can be accused of racism.

Look how well it has worked.

Police, politicians, footballers, and beyond, literally got on to their knees in submission to a radical Britain-hating, democracy-hating, West-hating, communist mob that openly calls for anarchy and destruction, and they did so purely because the left attached the race element.

Police allowed the torture and gang-rape of British children purely because the left accused them of racism if they intervened (a lesson quickly learned by the rapists themselves who used it to great effect).

Mass immigration in other words is a complete disaster for any settled nation.  Good individuals who contribute are of course welcome in manageable numbers, but that is not what is happening here.  We have imported people whose contribution is overwhelmingly negative, which has broken Britain in to pieces.  Such people continue to come here, and continue to be invited here, by those who hate Britain and want it destroyed.

To those immigrants who come to Britain because they love it, you also need to know that Britain is under threat; that others intend to bring it down and will exploit immigrants to do so.

My advice therefore is to stand up for Britain and contribute to its defence.  It is in imminent danger and all of us who love it must now come together to save it.  We cannot do that while allowing current immigration levels.

For Britain will ends mass migration to the UK.  We will deport those who break our laws or who reject our culture.  We will deport illegal immigrants and send a new message to the world;  Britain is no longer weak, it will no longer apologise to those who harm it.

Britain is NOT a ‘bit of land’, it is Britain, and for as long as I breathe, I will fight to keep it that way.


Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain 

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