Anne Marie Waters

Saturday July 18th 2020

Good news!  For Britain’s campaign against the Piccadilly Mosque has been successful.

The 1,000 person mosque that was planned for the Trocadero centre in Piccadilly Circus will not go ahead – for now.

Plans to build an Islamic place of worship in the heart of the West End were met with fierce objection, and communication has now been sent to objectors that the plans have been withdrawn by the applicants; the Aziz Foundation.

The Foundation had initially argued that the mosque would bring “diversity” to the area, but For Britain believes it would bring nothing but tension.

Building a mosque in the middle of the capital’s entertainment hub, and in close proximity to London’s ‘gay village’ Soho, was entirely inappropriate and should not have been entertained.  The West End is not a place for devout Islam, but for secular entertainment, and we say it should stay that way.

Well done and thank you to our fantastic London Branch for getting out there and informing local people about this flawed venture, without which so many objections would not have been heard.

Well done London Branch!  Once again we show what can be achieved.

We’ll continue our fight to keep Britain British.  Join us.