Richard Carlyon

Tuesday 28th July 2020


The London branch recently opposed an application to turn part of the famous ‘Troc’, or Trocadero, building into a mega mosque. We learned from this struggle that the whole building, well-known to generations of Londoners, is owned by a company of Muslim origin.

On hearing this I recalled discovering, two years previously, that another of our classic buildings had been sold to Saudis. Unbelievably, and shockingly, this was the famous Old Admiralty building. Its popular Friday night bar was immediately closed. A memorable piece of our national history, situated in Whitehall, is now a shariah zone. Just let that sink in.

These, we regret, are not the only examples. I am told that half a dozen or more significant sites in Central London alone have been sold off to Saudis, Qataris, Emiratis and inevitably, to the Chinese. London is not the only place where this has happened – but London is the heart and soul of our nation. Each square foot of it has meaning for our national history, and there are layers upon layers of our past stored here – events relevant for all the nations included in the United Kingdom. It is being sold from under us without our consent or even our knowledge. And to our everlasting shame.

Who has committed this gross sacrilege? Who made these decisions to lay waste our unique and priceless heritage? How was it accomplished? Where did the money go? Who made themselves a tidy profit from all these transactions? I would like to know the names of those who have sold us out.

Some of you may sneer, indeed some have already sneered, at my concern, my anger and my hurt. Those who hate our nation and its unique history will shrug, as they have already done over the recent vandalism of our precious statues and memorials. ‘Its only stone and metal’, said one of these people. No. No. No. To be able even to say such a thing is proof enough for me that the ‘enemy within’ is cold, heartless and unable to feel what you and I feel.

So what do we do? What can we do now? First of all, we must begin to find out and uncover detailed information about all places sold off to the enemy. They will include whole streets of houses, famous places, historic sites, manufacturing sites, and places generally important in British history. We must begin to make lists of all British sites owned by foreign concerns, by ‘shell’ companies and by alien individuals. I fear that this process will be distressing. There will be some nasty shocks for us. But we need this knowledge. Some of it is already known, but I suspect that very many such places are secretly held by aliens.

It should not be a difficult task. Even a thousand years ago, such a record was made in fine detail: the Domesday Book. The clerks of the time had none of the electronic aids which we possess. We ought to know who owns Britain.

I suggest that the alien owners should then be notified that they must dispose of/sell the properties to British individuals or wholly British companies. This to be done by a certain date. If they do not comply, then the property will revert to the United Kingdom, without recompense. This final requirement would, I think, make the alien owners act with a certain swiftness.

We have for too long allowed our nation to be slandered, traduced, lied about and vilified. Will we sit idly by while it is actually sold from beneath us to people who wish us harm? I note that New Zealand has recently passed a law forbidding the sale of landed property to foreigners. Well done, you Kiwis! We need a similar law, which goes further and retrieves our common history from alien hands.

This situation is not the first time that the corruption of our leaders has made a painful mockery of our national pride. Kipling’s poem ‘The Dutch in the Medway’ tells the story of how our ships, immobile in Chatham for want of basic upkeep and supplies, were unable to resist the attacking enemy. Our ships were burnt and our betrayed sailors forced to watch as our Navy’s flagship was hauled away as a prize. That shameful and wounding disaster happened through the corruption, neglect and lack of patriotism of England’s then leaders.

‘Our King and Court for their disport Do sell the very Thames!’

In these lines from the poem Kipling uses the image of the Thames being sold, as a fanciful and outrageous idea, But today it is no longer fanciful. It is real, and it is outrageous.


Richard Carlyon

Regional Organiser

For Britain (London)