By Mike Speakman, Law & Order & Policing Spokesman

26th August 2020

I may stray from my usual brief in this blog, but at heart it really is a law and order issue.   The country is being undermined from so many different angles that many people, including me, must wonder what is going on.  Despite an 80-seat majority we have a government which seems totally impotent and manages a “U” turn at the slightest hint of opposition. Its really difficult to know where to start.

Prior to being elected and several times since Boris and Priti Patel promised to end free movement and in particular to stop the illegal immigration across the channel.  Not only are they now providing a free taxi service into the country but at the same time saying the law prevents them from returning illegals or stopping them coming in the first place.  This is the same European Law that has seen Poland and Hungary refuse to take immigrants and sees Greece, France and Italy forcibly return some of them.  Why are we so impotent when countries with stronger leadership can put their people first?   It is not just the principle that’s at stake, ISIS has consistently said that they will infiltrate Jihadis into Europe under the disguise of “Refugees” and it is apparent they were telling the truth.  Many of the terror attacks here and in Europe are committed by Jihadis disguised as refugees and the government ignores the issue despite the origins of the Manchester bomber and other murderous attackers.  Admittedly, some of the Muslim terrorists are home grown, but with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants welcomed by the government we appear to be in the midst of a clandestine insurgency.    Their Jihad is not just about stabbings or bomb attacks on people but there has also been a massive upsurge in Arson against churches in Europe and to some extent in this country, although the media try to hide it as much as possible.  It is almost certain that all mosques have been provided with security at public expense when the evidence that they are threatened is rather thin, but have we done the same for churches where inexplicable fires are now regular? I do not believe we have.

The government’s failure to acknowledge the insurgency is fueling all sorts of conspiracy theories, are we signed up to something we don’t know about and have never agreed, are politicians corrupt and being paid off?

Apart from the overt terrorism threat from Islam we have pseudo terrorist activity at home in the form of Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion.   Both organisations have shown they can break the law with impunity even with the active assistance of the police. Both organisations have overt political aims for the overthrow of capitalism, and both have displayed violence in their activities. Both these organisations have been actively supported by some elected politicians.  I have no sympathy at all for BLM, they are openly racist and creating division, but that is what the history of these sort of groups illustrate. If they cannot find a grievance, they will manufacture one.  The Tyranny of the Majority seems to have become the Tyranny of the Minority. We have seen Muslims attack mosques trying to implicate “far right” groups and in my policing experience I saw black activists causing damage they attributed to attacks on the black community by white racists. Fortunately, they sometimes get caught.

For some months I and other retired police officers have feared an outbreak of serious public disorder and the coming weekend is a critical point.  The bank holiday Monday is usually the occasion of the Notting Hill carnival with its associated spike in crime and violence.  It is cancelled this year and now Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion are combining in an unholy alliance with marches in central London on Monday, despite the law saying you cannot organise an event of more than 30 people. (What chance of that being enforced?).  Police numbers are at their lowest for decades, police moral is destroyed by the failure of their senior officers to support their constables, and the police management is itself seriously woke.   If there is big trouble in London this weekend, it will probably trigger copycat events around the country. The police will not cope.

Internally the government is being obstructed at every opportunity, no matter how incompetent they may have been over Corona, the professional bodies of the General Medical Council and the teaching unions have been quite defiant of the government’s attempts to deal with it.  The NHS is mostly idle, few patients are being treated and no one seems to know why. Teachers on full pay don’t want to go back to school.

In my younger days it was the manufacturing and miners unions which lead opposition to Conservative governments. Now it is more subtle with professional and managerial groupings leading the way, in alliance with minority-based activists. All want to destroy capitalism and replace it with some form of socialist anarchy.

So are we under attack?  Yes we are, its not as overt as in the past and is all the more dangerous for it.  Our government is incompetent and impotent. They are not fit for purpose.

There are small emerging signs of a public backlash which the media are desperate to hide. In truth the British people have become too tolerant.  We need to recognise what is happening and stop voting either Labour or Tory, there is little to choose between them. The rhetoric may be different but the outcome is the same. The country is being destroyed from without and within.   For Britain will be standing many candidates at the May elections. It is your chance to make a difference. Come and join us. We are the only populist party left standing. We are here for you, for Britain.