Anne Marie Waters 

Wednesday August 26th 2020

There is a strange feeling about Dover, something it’s difficult to quite put your finger on.  On Saturday, August 22nd, several members of For Britain travelled to the Kent coastal town to see what we would find.  We found tension….. and a lot of discarded boats.

Dover has been the site of much of the illegal immigration in to the UK that has been taking place over recent months.  Since we ‘locked down’ for coronavirus, 1,000s have crossed the channel; many of them aided by the UK Border Force.

The role of the Border Force is to maintain immigration laws and ensure they’re enforced.  It is entirely illegal for people to come here without official permission, so these crossings require a cover, a veneer of legitimacy.  What happens when something has no actual legitimacy?  Officials lie, and pretend it does.  The Border Force is engaged in a fraud, telling enormous fibs to the British people.

The fibs?  Among others, pretending that those arriving on the UK’s shores are fleeing war or political persecution – the only actual grounds for (temporary) asylum.  The persecution test is a subjective one.  In other words, it’s not enough that hypothetical people might be endangered by their government for exercising free speech for example, an asylum seeker must be able to show evidence that they are in danger for exercising their free speech.

Does anyone believe this is happening?  That all of the men (and they are men) arriving in Dover are providing evidence to show that they, the individual, are threatened by a government for exercising a fundamental right?  Not a chance.

The reality is, they are not asylum seekers or refugees and the Border Force couldn’t care less one way or the other.  Don’t ask, don’t tell, just arrive.  That’s the message.  It is the message sent firing round the globe by Boris Johnson and Priti Patel, and the world is hearing it.

The story is that those making their way to Dover are desperate and poor and fleeing horrors.  All of it lies.  Even if they are poor, that is not grounds for asylum. This is another lie told by our politicians and press.  Most of the world is poor.  If the West is to take them all, it too will be poor.  In fact, that’s the idea.  It is very difficult to impose top-down government tyranny on well-off, free, united and confident people.  That was the West, so they’re now bringing it down – immigration and censorship will be the primary tools.

The lies don’t stand up to even minimum scrutiny.  Poverty?  Fleeing war?  Persecution?  No.  There are no signs of this.  What we see instead are hugely expensive (often brand new) dinghies; equipment that costs a small fortune.  Where are these desperate people fleeing war, poverty and oppression (remember poverty isn’t grounds for asylum in the first place) getting the £1,000s it costs to buy these boats?  For that matter, who is paying for the expensive clothes they wear and phones they carry?  They’re better dressed than many working Brits, and certainly have better phones.  What’s going on?

What is going on is that European governments are doing all they can to import as many people as possible as quickly as possible.  The transformation of Europe in to a grand prison-state was not moving fast enough, and the resistance to it was becoming stronger.

It has happened in all European countries.  Mass migration has transformed our continent, and it has been a complete disaster.  Rape, terror attacks, murder, cultural clashes, racial and religious tension, censorship, and a fast-train back to the 7th century in terms of science and secularism, that’s what we’re getting, and what we’ll continue to get.

Mix this up with anti-white hatred, a dumbed down (and that’s putting it mildly) education system, corrupt police and judiciary, a media so divorced from journalism that it’s like they’ve never met, and politicians with fewer principles than scruples, and you have the perfect storm.  The end of the greatest civilisation we have ever known.

To add insult to grave injury, the immigrants coming here illegally are overwhelmingly Muslims.  What better way to crush our speech, destroy our liberties, and send reason and truth crashing out the window than to impose Islam?  If you want to destroy people and immerse them in fear and dysfunction, Islam is the ticket.  It will get the job done.

Now, we are under unprecedented control.  Thanks to coronavirus and the social madness it has produced, the government can dictate what shop we go to and whether or not we cover our face when we do.  Boris Johnson can decide tomorrow that you can’t visit your parents, or meet any friends, or mingle with other people at all.  Did you think you’d see such a day?  Probably not, but you’re not only seeing it, most of the country has accepted it without question.

Despite all the panic about locking you in your home, there is no such panic when 1,000s arrive from Africa.  You stay home because you’re dangerous.  Africa however is welcome.

Even the rotten globalist United Nations has admitted that the whole thing is a fraud.  Just like the EU was forced to admit it in 2015.

The UN’s Refugee agency has this weekend acknowledged that around 70% of those coming to Europe from the Middle East and Africa have no legitimate claim for asylum.  If the UN says 70%, assume it’s more like 90%, and you’ll be closer to the truth.

Back in 2015, the EU was forced to admit similar.  We were told that people were coming from the Syrian war zone (a legitimate asylum claim) but only 1 in 5 actually were.  The rest were coming from whatever African or Middle Eastern nation that springs to mind.  Nobody checked.  Nobody cared.  The political class wants us subjugated, it doesn’t care how.

This is a betrayal of truly shocking proportions.  In Kent, we visited the Battle of Britain memorial.  The site commemorates those who died defending our great country from Nazis at the famous Battle of Britain over Kent skies 80 years ago.  The names of those who died are etched in stone.  Is this a facade?  A pretence?  If we truly honoured those who died defending Britain from invasion, we would honour them by ensuring that invasion never takes place, that they did not die in vain.

Instead, the very Battle of Britain site overlooks the beaches of Dover, the entry point of illegal migrants making a mockery of Britain and its history.  Those who fought for it, are forced to overlook the very site of Britain’s potential demise.

Despite all of this, I remain optimistic and I know that something as special as Britain won’t be wiped out easily.  I also know that most of its people love this nation dearly.

Therefore, do not lose heart, take inspiration from those who fought and continue the fight in their memory.

We will save Britain, but we must take that urgent first step to do so; that step is to stop and reverse the flow of immigration.  Be in no doubt, under a For Britain government, there would be no further illegal immigration, no bogus asylum, and no more lies.  ALL of those who have entered this country illegally will be returned home.  Immediately.

Then it is time to look at those who are here legally but have contributed nothing.  Jihadis on benefits?  No more.  Polygamous non-English speaking families all paid for by you?  Not a chance.

We’ve had enough.  It’s time to send home those who bring nothing but trouble; whether it be rape gangs, religious fanatics, or simply those who live in a world we left behind centuries ago, they must go.  We owe them nothing.

We do however owe something to the people of Britain, beginning with an apology for all that has been inflicted upon them and their society.  This apology will be followed up with action and that action has one focus, restoring Britain for its people.

It can be done and it will be done.  Join us and be a part of it.

Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain 

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