Anne Marie Waters 

Sunday August 30th 2020


Yesterday I used public transport for the first time since ‘the madness’ began.   There are plenty of occasions we could name as the start of the ‘the madness’, but for the sake of argument, let’s make it the day the world stood still, our shops closed, and we were confined to our homes.  In other words, the start of ‘lockdown’.

I had completely forgotten about the masks (I forget about them regularly) so I found myself in a position of rebellion, and it wasn’t an enjoyable experience.  Things feel different, tense.

I was on my way to the capital from Essex to a poetry reading in central London, and the launch of a new For Britain branch.  The train pulled in to the platform and it was only then I remembered that masking is now compulsory.  Sitting opposite me on the train was a young couple who decided, upon seeing me maskless, that they would join me.  There were three of us unmasked at that point.  Then another two young girls got on and made it five.  No problems so far.  Then I descended to the tube, and the mood changed.  Here I was on a packed Central Line, and the only person not wearing a mask.  Not everyone keeps their annoyance at this to themselves.  Stares and dirty looks followed, indicating there’s an anger growing – people are frustrated and taking it out on each other.

Other than looks, the tube was incident-free, but I also attended a bank in the last couple of days and this was another tense experience.

Outside Barclays was a long queue of depressed-looking mask wearers.  I saw that the machine I needed to use inside the branch was free, so I asked the woman in charge if I must queue for a machine that nobody else desired to use.  She said ‘no, go ahead’.  So I did.  Only to be confronted seconds later by a man incensed that I had avoided the queue.  I asked him if he wished to use the deposit machine before me, and he didn’t.  But that wasn’t really the point.  This man was angry not because I was using a machine nobody else in the queue wanted to use (I checked), but because I had avoided the queue simply by asking.  He was angry that his time was being wasted and mine wasn’t.

Arguments and rows and anger and dirty looks and hostility are what happens when a population is frightened, unsure, and encouraged by unscrupulous leaders to turn on each other.   A public distrustful of each other is much easier to control.

These are the times we live in.

On my way home from the poetry reading, I was handed a leaflet that said the following:


This was from a group that firmly believes our government intends to commit genocide against us, either using technology or contaminated vaccines or both.

Meanwhile, a large protest against facemasks, vaccines, and lockdowns takes place at Trafalgar Square.  The press reports the crowd as about 10,000 people.  It is as biased as it always is.  Those are the times we live in too.  Forget about an objective media.  It simply does not exist.  Reporters dismiss all concerns at this rally as absurd, but what I saw on the tube is absurd: signs telling us to keep 2 metres apart on a packed tube.  That’s absurd.  Facemasks at the end of the pandemic, that’s also absurd.  Shutting down an entire economy for months on end, that’s absurd.  But never does the press question this.  On coronavirus, as with so much else, the press merely acts as the propaganda arm of the state.

Politicians tell us we must wear masks that do nothing.  We must “social distance” (unless protesting about black lives!)  The whole situation is arbitrary and ridiculous and has taken all of the joy out of life, but the press parrots the government line without scrutiny.

Speaking of “black lives”, throughout this madness, we’ve been told again and again that they “matter”, as if we didn’t already know.  The fact that black and white have the same rights in British society is completely ignored and we are told that black people face severe and awful oppression; something that simply isn’t true.

This spectacular lie has of course been parroted by the press without question, without scrutiny, whilst those protesting against economy-breaking lockdowns are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists”.

Even if that were true, surely the press should ask questions of the government instead of pretending nothing is wrong.  The Guardian (the worst of the worst) makes the following observation:

“A PA system set up in front of Nelson’s Column broadcast speeches by a number of speakers, who denied the reality and severity of the pandemic and accused the government of attempting to curtail civil liberties.”

Accused the government of attempting to curtail civil liberties? The government HAS curtailed civil liberties, not “attempted” it, but done it, and spectacularly so.  The government has power over us now that would have been entirely unimaginable a year ago.  We are little different to communist China.  The press finds this unremarkable and instead focuses on deriding those who raise objections.

It’s easy to understand why, the press is part of the machine taking away our liberties.  This is not conspiracy, it is fact.  We no longer have the freedom we had a year ago.  Fact.

Here are more facts.

We do not know for certain how many people have died from coronavirus.  We don’t know what age they were or what complications they had.  The numbers are hidden among smoke and mirrors.

We introduced mandatory face masks in the UK after the peak of the infection was over.

We have spent billions of pounds of public money with no indication or information from government as to where this money is coming from.

We are facing the biggest recession we’ve ever known.

Law enforcement is arbitrary and political, with police picking their favourites and siding with them – openly.  Police officers got on to their knees to participate in a protest that took place unlawfully during lockdown, not only expressing preference in a political debate, but breaking their own rules to do so.

The press is also openly biased and political. It describes left-wing violence as “peaceful”, while describing right-wing speech as violence.

These are the times we live in.

Finally, this morning I checked online to catch up on the news.  I saw a post on Twitter stating that “transphobia” includes debating transgenderism.  In other words, just debating whether someone can change sex is itself transphobic and as such, 21% of people in Scotland believe it should be a criminal offence.

A fifth of people in Scotland believe we should go to prison if we don’t believe people can change sex.  This comes closer to reality with each passing day, because Scotland is about to introduce a ‘hate crime’ law that could criminalise just about any dissent from the prevailing norms, no matter how mind-boggling these norms may be.

In her book Invisible Women, Caroline Criado Perez discusses the medical differences between men and women in some detail.  She tells us that even heart attack symptoms differ between the sexes and some drugs will have one affect on a male body, and a completely different one on a female body.

She writes: “Researchers have found sex differences in every tissue and organ system in the human body, as well as in the ‘prevalence, course and severity’ of the majority of common human diseases.  There are sex differences in the fundamental workings of the heart.  These are sex differences in lung capacity, even when these values are normalised to height (perhaps related is the fact that among men and women who smoke the same number of cigarettes, women are 20-70% more likely to develop lung cancer)”.

What Criado Perez is saying is that men and women are entirely physically different.  She provides a mountain of medical and scientific evidence and fact to back up her claim.  Every cell in my body is female, every cell in a man’s body is male.  That cannot be changed by wishful thinking, and regardless of how trans people “feel”, science is science and facts are facts.

To clarify, even though science, medicine, reason and truth tell us without question that people cannot change sex, it will soon be a criminal offence in Scotland to agree with that science.

These are the times we live in.

To summarise then; the government can confine us to our homes, it spends billions without telling us where the money is coming from, it closes our businesses and destroys our livelihoods, it compels us to wear masks for dubious reasons and this is enforced arbitrarily, it tells us to stay away from each other – “social distance”-  while doing nothing about left-wing protestors refusing to do just that, it tells us black people are oppressed while white people are prevented from applying for jobs, it does nothing to protect our statues from defacement, it allows children to be manipulated and confused and experimented on with drugs and hormones, it tells us that men can become women simply by saying so….

If you object to any of the above, the press will dismiss you as a conspiracy theorist.  Worse, the police may well arrest you as a criminal.

These are the times we live in.

There has never been a better time for political change.  There are millions of us who  know that all I’ve written above is 100% true.  They also know that the big political parties, the press, the police, the education system, the judiciary are corrupt, corrupt, corrupt… and absolutely wedded to solidifying this tyranny we find ourselves in.

To end on a positive note, that tyranny is now so evident that any thinking person can see it.  That’s the silver lining.  It’s up to us now to give those who see the truth a place to go, and an action to take.

That’s what For Britain intends to do.  Join us.


Anne Marie Waters 


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