By Hugo Jenks, For Britain Spokesman on Islam

11th September 2020

Out of a blue sky, passenger planes smashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York.  A plane also smashed into the Pentagon and another was heading towards Washington D.C., but hit the ground in open countryside, as the passengers attempted to gain control.

It felt numbing and surreal.  Almost the whole world was in shock.  Not everybody was outraged by it – there were some who celebrated.  There were some who shouted “death to America”.  There were some who sought to defend these despicable acts.  The callous murder of nearly 3000 souls, and around 25,000 injured.

If you have read the Koran, you will know that the Islamic enemies of the West believe literally and fundamentally the words within it.  They make no secret of it. There are numerous verses that call for the murder of unbelievers.  The Islamic scriptures are as powerful and relevant today as when written some 14 centuries ago. (It may be less than 14 centuries, but let us not be side-tracked.)  Read the Koran for yourself, with an understanding of abrogation – the later revealed verses superseding the earlier verses where contradictions exist.  Unfortunately the later verses are the more violent, intolerant and hate-filled.  Non-Islamic countries are traditionally regarded as Dar-al-Harb, the “house of war”.  We may not wish to be at war with Islam, however Islam is very much at war with us.  Whether we want it or not, this is the stark reality.

I have a feeling that 9/11 was a turning point in another significant way too.  We started to see openly and in plain sight the notion of a “moderate” Islam and a “radical” Islam.  This concept was promoted by Western politicians – President George Bush, Condoleezza Rice, and Prime Minister Tony Blair.  This same error was propagated on the other side of the political spectrum: David Cameron, and more recently by Theresa May and Boris Johnson.  Pragmatically you can see some sense in this, in that it allowed the USA and UK to operate military bases in Islamic countries.  However it makes no sense from a theological perspective.  Islam is, of necessity, fundamentalist.  This concept of “moderate” Islam unfortunately also fatally weakens the West, in its centuries old battle against Islam itself.  It is a significant distraction, and is deeply dishonest.  It is not possible to solve any problem, in any field, unless the root cause is properly acknowledged and addressed. It is a good thing that our ancestors knew what Islam was intending, or the West would have been lost centuries ago.  Our foolishly ignorant and wishful thinking politicians today are clearly out of their depth, and floundering.  We desperately need a Churchill.  He would undoubtedly be expelled from the modern Conservative Party, for his “Islamophobic” views, if he were alive today.

Somehow we must wake up the political class to the reality of Islam.  If they refuse to wake up in a timely manner, they musty be replaced by those who do understand. The next general election will de facto be a referendum on whether the public wishes the UK to become an Islamic state, or not – we are rapidly running out of time – as the point of no return towards the Islamisation of the UK approaches.  The problem is multi-faceted.  In the simplest case we are faced with the argument “I know Abdul at the corner shop.  He is a really friendly man, how on earth can you say Islam is evil?”  Then there are arguments such as: “There are well over a billion peaceful Muslims in the world, how can you say that Islam promotes violence?” (or promotes sex slavery or the death penalty for apostasy / gays / blasphemers etc.)  Other arguments are along the lines: “You don’t know much about Islam, why should I listen to you?”.  Then there are arguments: “But there are some beautiful verses in the Koran, such as whoever kills a man kills all mankind, and whoever saves a life saves all mankind”.  And in denial, an exact quote: “Ancient texts aren’t relevant to the modern world.”

All such questions are, in a way, intended to divert us and to dissipate or energy and effort.  Non-Muslims apologists for Islam – the “useful idiots” – seem to have been pre-programmed with these questions, and they deploy them, not so much because they are interested in the answers, but as a smoke-screen in which they try to hide themselves from reality.  Somehow we must clear away the smoke screen and to challenge them, honestly and fearlessly, to examine Islam for themselves.  There is an immense resource online to do so – point them in that direction:  Robert Spencer, David Wood, Dr Bill Warner, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Bat Ye’or, Gad Saad, etc. and any videos by ex-Muslims such as Nabeel Qureshi explaining why they left Islam.  We need to persuade people to be honest.  Truthfulness is on our side.  Islam permits deceit. How can we fail?

Unfortunately 9/11 was a missed opportunity to wake up the world to the threat of Islam itself.  Had Islam been taken seriously, and tackled comprehensively, we in the UK might have avoided the London bombings of 7/7/2005, and the numerous other Jihadi attacks.  We would also have been more able to tackle the “grooming” gangs.  In 2019 an estimated 19,000 girls, maybe even more, were raped by Muslim gangs in the UK.  The problem seems to be getting worse, not better.  At the root of the problem, why neither the Jihad terrorism nor the Muslim rape gangs are comprehensively and effectively tackled, is because mainstream politicians are refusing to be open and honest about the root cause – namely Islam itself.

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