Anne Marie Waters 

Sunday September 13th 2020 


On my most recent Monday night livestream (which you can see here) I opened a Pandora’s Box; I delved in to the life of billionaire Bill Gates.  It was shocking.  This man has global power, masses of it, and yet he is accountable to no-one.  Governments, including the world’s most powerful government of Donald Trump, are dancing to his tune.  What he says seems to go, so it’s rather important then that we know who this man is and what his ideas are.  It’s uncomfortable reading.

Bill Gates has transformed from a software giant to a health one.  Gates owns a piece of just about every health organisation in the world.  He has purchased influence that no single person should have.  Even the World Health Organisation counts Gates as its second largest donor behind the US government.  He is a passionate advocate in particular for vaccination and immunisation and has helped to fund GAVI, an organisation paid by world governments to deliver vaccination to the poorest parts of the planet.

This is not in itself a bad thing, vaccination has saved probably millions of lives, but what is so disconcerting is his power, his role in the coronavirus crisis, and above all, his dedication to vaccinating everyone in the world while advocating that digital records of people’s vaccination history be inserted in to the body and read via a barcode.

This is exactly the scenario that people have feared; that our vaccination history will not only barcode and label us, but will be used to force compliance in the post COVID-19 world.  The idea has gained ground – vaccinate the world in response to COVID-19 and while doing so, include a ‘chip’ recording the vaccination which can be read to determine whether or not a person can be given access to an area or service.

This is what Bill Gates wants, and without opposition, he may get it.  To top it off, he stands to make millions from the deal, as do the world’s big drug companies.  It is all hugely convenient, COVID-19 has been a gift to Big Pharma, and indeed to Bill Gates.

In an explosive documentary entitled ‘Who is Bill Gates?’ (which  you can watch here) the driving force behind Gates is concluded to be “control”.  What Gates visualises, according to the documentary, is a world where all people have an internal ID chip, cash is abolished and replaced by a global spending grid, and where every corner of the earth is filmed all the time.  It sounds fanciful, until you consider the technological “advances” of the last few decades.  Cash has been largely replaced by debit cards (something accelerated by COVID-19), but most remarkably of all, we have gone from a dial telephone in a fixed position in our homes, to technology that allows us to video broadcast live to the whole world from a device in our pocket – all in the space of two decades.

The nightmare is becoming reality.  GAVI, a group part funded by Gates, has declared its intention to digitally tag every person on earth.  Seth Berkley, GAVI CEO wrote in 2017 that “vaccination needs a technology boost” and argues that the goal of 100% immunisation can’t be reached without vaccination records being kept.  He advocates “secure digital identification systems that can store a child’s medical history”.

Not only could such a global system be used to control our every move, but the potential for abuse on political grounds is immeasurable.  Look at how people are ‘unpersoned’ for having the ‘wrong’ opinions in the UK today.  Now imagine a society controlled and divided by who has had a vaccination and who has not.  If you do not wish for this vaccination, you’ll be denied basic services and rights.  That’s the nightmare scenario and it is drawing ever nearer.

The British government is in talks with a company called Onfido, and this is exactly where the talks are headed.  The press keep telling us that vaccination won’t be mandatory, even though Health Secretary Matt Hancock has not confirmed if this is the case.  In May, Hancock said “the question of whether it’s mandatory is not one that we’ve addressed yet”.  We have no choice then but to wait and see, however, 1 in 6 Britons say they will refuse the vaccine, so whatever happens is unlikely to be strife-free.

Back to Bill Gates.  What is this control he seeks and how close is he to getting it?  According to ‘Who is Bill Gates?’, the “very purpose of a globally integrated ID grid and cashless payment architecture is to remove privacy from our lives”.  Information is power, and those who hold your information, hold power over you.  Immense power.

Bill Gates is an investor in Earth Now LLC.  This group will be the one responsible for making the whole planet visible to everyone all the time.  They describe their plans as follows:

The Earth is our one and only home, and human activity resides in almost every corner. As our civilization advances, and as we put increasing pressure on Earth’s resources, we all share in the responsibility of caring for and maintaining our home. One way for each of us to better understand the health of our planet is to see it for ourselves. At EarthNow, we’re creating the means for you to instantly see almost anywhere on Earth in “true real-time,” giving you a live and unfiltered view of your planet. Our aim is for you to experience Earth’s beauty and its fragility, and to recognize the importance of being good stewards of our world. Via a constellation of advanced imaging satellites, EarthNow will deliver an unprecedented and highly valuable user experience: continuous real-time video of the Earth enhanced by machine intelligence.

Under ‘What is meant by machine intelligence?’ it states:

Each satellite is equipped with an unprecedented amount of onboard processing power, including more CPU cores than all other commercial satellites combined. When combined with terrestrial processing and machine learning, this will give the EarthNow satellites the ability to interpret what they see in real-time. Machine intelligence is expected to be of great value for applications where users need to know what is happening, as it happens.

A world under constant surveillance everywhere is now a technological possibility, cash has largely been replaced, and COVID-19 has opened the door to global vaccination and identification.  Gates’ idea of utopia is closer than we think.  But there is one remaining question: why?  What is to be gained through this transformation of our world?

A starting point is Gates’ own wealth.  Since reinventing himself as a philanthropist, Gates has grown ever richer with his personal wealth doubling in just the last decade.  He is now worth approximately $105 billion.  Furthermore, in an interview, he described the return on his $10 billion dollar investments in to vaccination as 20 to 1.  Gates said “so if you just look at the economic benefits, that’s a pretty strong number compared to anything else”.

But the real issue is one of power and control.  Gates has no need for more money.  He comes from a background of power and wealth with two rich and influential parents.  His “big break” partnership to provide software to IBM only came about because of his mother’s influence with that company’s board.  His father was a prominent lawyer and lobbyist.  Gates started his career by complaining that software was being shared freely, something he sought to end and turn in to a business instead.  He succeeded.

Gates’ father was involved in Planned Parenthood and he grew up exposed to concerns surrounding population numbers.  He has spoken throughout his public life of reducing the amount of people in the world, once again, something that is not a bad thing, it depends on whether this means fewer births or more deaths.  In one interview, Gates argued that instead of paying for another 3 months of life for one person, the money might be better used elsewhere.  In other words, allowing people to die.  The question then is, which people?  My guess is that the answer won’t include anyone loved by Bill Gates.  He called this idea “the death panel” and added “we’re not supposed to have that discussion”.

Some would argue that a “death penal” deciding whose life is worth saving amounts to something like eugenics.  Some would also argue that a man who openly discusses “death panels” isn’t necessarily the best person to lead the response to a health crisis in the way Gates appears to be leading the response to COVID-19.

Gates is in bed with all the bigwigs, including Jeffrey Epstein and other world elitists.  He has denied any relationship with Epstein, but the New York Times contradicted this with an article in 2019 entitled “Bill Gates met with Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past”.

The creation of “perfect” people is something that preoccupies Gates, and according to Forbes, he poured millions in to a “revolutionary gene-editing start up” company.  The science behind this is as it sounds, the editing of genes.  It is the stuff of sci-fi nightmares, as is Gates’ idea (for which he has funded Harvard University research) to “dim the sun” to stop global warming.

Whatever one thinks of Bill Gates, some things are very clear; this man has immense power, something he has bought and paid for.  He has ideas to create a world of engineered people constantly surveilled.  He is doing just that.

Those of us who remember life before the internet and mobile phones, remember the value of privacy and ownership and individuality.  We know that’s where our power comes from, and we know that is why it is being taken away.  None of this is inevitable.  Throughout history, things have been turned around, bad ideas have been defeated and the unaccountably powerful have been dethroned.  It has happened before and it can happen again.  For Britain is 100% dedicated to restoring our rights; including our right to privacy.  Technology has brought a lot of good, but at a high cost.  It’s a cost we don’t necessarily need to pay, so let’s stop paying it, and return our world to imperfect human beings and their independence.  That’s the future we need to aim for, not the One Government global prison state we are currently predicted to become.


Anne Marie Waters 


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