Anne Marie Waters 

September 27th 2020


A policeman has been shot dead in Croydon by a suspect who had been arrested and transported to custody.  Somehow, through his arrest and transport, he had managed to conceal a gun to use when he arrived at the station, killing the officer before reportedly turning the gun on himself.

It’s a strange and tragic occurrence.  A person who has experienced arrest and detention at the same station told the Mirror newspaper “I do not know how this is possible – you really can’t get anything in there.  They search you properly, I can’t think how it would be possible to get anything, never mind a gun, inside.  There have been police stations closed down in this area in recent years – in South Norwood and Croydon, so it gets busy in there.”

The shooter had concealed the gun in his waistband and retrieved it, while wearing handcuffs, as the officer took his temperature as part of COVID-19 regulations.  The 23 year old shooter is in a critical condition in hospital.

Today however has been all about tributes.  The shocked colleagues of the slain policeman, and of course the authorities – the same authorities that have made the police so vulnerable.  It seems like not a day goes by that there isn’t a headline involving police and it is rarely encouraging from officers’ point of view.  Morale is low, crime is high, and police face constant criticism from the public (most of it justified) while senior officers and politicians subject them to an absolutely crippling political correctness that ties their hands.

The ordinary Bobby on the beat has a lot to contend with, and that’s the case on both sides of the Atlantic.  In the US, police are under the same pressure.

This year has been characterised by so many odd occurrences, including of course the killing of career criminal George Floyd in the United States.  In May, the US city of Minneapolis provided the spark; black criminal George Floyd, high on drugs at the time, died when policeman Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck during restraint.

The well funded Marxist-Anarchists of Black Lives Matter (BLM) soon took to the streets in protest at Floyd’s death, and what followed was weeks of street violence as mobs descended on British and US cities.  The scenes are familiar; we watched as anti-British fanatics set fire to the Union Jack, defaced the Churchill statue in London, and tore down a tribute to one of Bristol’s most famous sons Edward Colston (they have not, to my knowledge, agreed to refund Mr Colston’s financial contributions to the city).

Police across America and Britain then faced an onslaught of lies, helpfully promoted by the mainstream media of course.  The narrative is this: black people are severely abused and oppressed by police in both the US and UK.  Both countries are inherently racist and their very design and structure is to the disadvantage of black people.  What this means and how this manifests is never explained, largely because the press isn’t interested in asking questions or fact-checking, because if they were to fact-check, they would find that this is an enormous and truly dangerous lie.

The lie is that black people are disproportionately killed by police in the US.  The truth is that far more white people than black are killed by police in the US.

The lie is that black people are under siege and cops will shoot first ask questions later.  The truth is that police are under siege from black criminals and are far more likely to be killed by them than vice versa.

The lie is that white police go out of their way to knowingly and deliberately target black suspects.  The truth is that police are so afraid to approach black suspects that they essentially have a free-for-all.  As noted by Taleeb Starkes in his incredible book Black Lies Matter, stop and search by police in Chicago dropped by a staggering 86% in recent years.  Police actually avoid black suspects, not seek them out.

The lie is that black people are oppressed and kept in a state of poverty.  The truth is that black people have every opportunity to make the most of their lives as white people do.  In fact, moreso.  Black people in the UK are given a material advantage over whites in the jobs market (“positive discrimination”) in what ought to be criminal but is dressed up as justice.

The truths addressed above are never acknowledged by a dumbed down and unintelligent press.  Across the board from CNN to BBC, falsities about race relations and police are stated as undisputed fact.  Major organisations involving TV and sports began to repeat the falsities again and again.  A powder keg is about to blow, and it is all based on lies.

The police meanwhile are caught right in the middle.  Their role has completely transformed from enforcer of laws to regulator of political opinions.  The police stood back and watched Churchill’s statue be defaced, they watched Colston’s statue toppled in to Bristol harbour, and worst of all, they got down on bended knee to BLM, a far-left ideology that seeks to dismantle policing.

It’s easy to criticise officers for that, but before we do so, let’s take a moment to consider why they are in this position.  For example, what would happen to individual officers who refused to ‘take a knee’ to BLM?

People from the civil service have coincidentally contacted me over recent weeks with the same complaint; they are being forced to support BLM and other hard left groups and notions.

It was reported this week that Parliamentary staff have been writing all about their “white privilege”.  My guess is they’re under strict orders to do so.  White privilege is the ultimate hard-left lie and it contributed a catastrophic amount of hatred towards white people and caused immeasurable racial tension and stress.

White people in the public sector are under constant pressure and nowhere moreso than in the police.  Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick was vocal in tribute to the dead officer in Croydon yesterday, but when she’s needed to back her officers in race-related scandals, she fails to do so.

When black athlete Bianca Williams was stopped by police in London, she immediately insisted it was a racial issue and that was that.  It was.  No evidence needed.  At no point throughout this row did Dick back her officers.  In fact, she apologised and utterly humiliated them.  This will have been witnessed by every police officer in the country who knows perfectly well they’ll get little to no support should things go wrong.

Similarly, when the appalling race-baiting Labour MP Dawn Butler made a racial issue out of being stopped by police, the officers were thrown under the bus, as they so often are.

When police are weak it is everyone’s problem.  If police can’t stop and search, or make arrests, far more crimes will take place and that is to the detriment of all of us.

A complete cultural transformation from top to bottom is what is needed to shift the police dial back to a position of equilibrium.

As it stands, the press portrays them as racists, they have no support from their bosses, their imposed political correctness and bias has made them despised by the general public, but when one of them is killed, the tributes flow in.  What hypocrisy.  Of course we must pay tribute to the officer who died, but a greater tribute to police across the country would be to provide them with sufficient numbers, free their hands from obsessive political correctness, and allow them to enforce the law freely and fairly without bias.

That is the tribute that our powerless police really need.


Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain