Mike Walker

September 29th 2020


Sometimes your whole world can change overnight. Everything you’re accustomed to, and which made you happy, is gone in just a few short hours.

This can happen in times of war to a conquered people. The physical devastation of a bomb blast is clearly evident, causing the destruction of cherished buildings, monuments, the natural environment… even the air becomes poisoned. Friends and family taken away as prisoners. Some being killed.

Sometimes your world can change for the worse slowly and over years. The change is so gradual, yet insidious in its purpose, that many fail to notice. That was the case with me.

Then, something happened. It was ten years ago. It made me start to wake up and realise that everything that I cared for was under deliberate attack from an enemy more deadly than any other: human selfishness.

It began in a Yorkshire hospital. I was with my brother and two sisters. My mother was dying of cancer. We all knew it was terminal, and that she did not have long to live. She had a separate room, away from other patients, and was on a morphine drip.

We got there on the Friday night and stayed with her all weekend. I was told that the doctors were ‘very busy’, after I asked to see one. My concern was about her discomfort. The nurse had said that she was not certain if the morphine dose was sufficient for her. I never blamed that nurse.

I remember, in the waiting room on the Monday morning, hearing the news that she had died. I was looking through the window, watching cars passing by on the nearby road. Soon after, the doctor came and asked me what I wanted him for.

I kept watching the cars and just told him to go away. Something inside me changed.

My thoughts began to clarify and focus, the feeling of hate blowing away the confusion.

The MPs collectively lie: ‘The problem with the NHS is that it is underfunded and just needs more public money’.

Suddenly, the truth! The ratio between the number of doctors and their patients is exponentially widening, because of population growth exacerbated by mass, uncontrolled immigration into the UK.

As a result, doctors diagnose and now prescribe antibiotics over the phone to the public. I found this out recently when they misdiagnosed my daughter. She became very seriously ill as a consequence.

Too many patients to see. Too little time.

My mother-in-law is 82 years old and could soon die from a ruptured aorta if her aneurysm bursts. She lives alone but is continuously attended by my wife, who has had to become her carer. Social services are stretched, and we are waiting for their support. She is confused over her multiple types of medication, regularly overdosing; she then rings for the ambulance. In and out of hospital. There is no coordination of her medical information and needs between the various agencies. Just the same tired excuse: ‘Sorry, we are overstretched. We are doing our best’.

In the meantime, our government annually allows hundreds of thousands, both legally and illegally, into the UK.

The result is to push us further back to the end of that ever-growing queue of want.

Meanwhile, more of our wonderful countryside is being covered in concrete and tarmac.

Annually, 36 000 die of air pollution.

The water boards tell us there will be shortages of drinking water in 20 years.

Pieces of the simplest jigsaw puzzle ever designed! Anyone prepared or daring enough to fit them together?

I said that the enemy is human selfishness, and it really is a nasty, voracious enemy – one which now has declared total war on every patriot in this country.

It is the selfishness in every MP who tells you that you are racist to mention immigration, whilst shaking the hand of the globalist and capitalist who profit from the torrent crossing our borders. The same MPs who tell us to support the NHS and who poison the minds of our school children with false idealism, claiming that all cultures should be accepted and tolerated, and have equal standing.

This occurs in overcrowded citizenship lessons in schools. It is without recourse to the fact that other cultures may have different moral boundaries, with regards to, say, women’s rights, or the way animals are treated, or anyone of a different religion to themselves.

At the same time, these hypocrites never go near the NHS, with their private health insurance. And they send their children to the best public schools.

They belong to that self-promoting, hubris-ridden bunch called the ‘interest groups’. There are so many of them, such as BLM, the transgender lobby, Communists etc. All care nothing for the honest, hard-working taxpayer and their family, who value the culture and heritage of our great country. They want but never give.

At the same time, they create division within our families. They produce willing prisoners with a fixed mindset, who feel shame towards their parents. They cannot see with clarity the devastation being caused.

More casualties of war.

I am Michael Walker, 58 years old and a semi-retired teacher. I have been lucky enough to have been made the new For Britain Education Spokesperson by Anne Marie Waters. She is a fantastic person, and I have finally found where I belong.

I pledge my sword to Anne Marie in the coming battles against these barbarians.

As Education Spokesperson, I want to use all my skills to develop the best policies that I can. These policies will be like the shells for our ‘guns’ and will have such an impact when we canvas at elections.

I want to focus my hate and channel it in a way that hurts our enemies the most. There will come a time when we will feel their angst and pain; we will rejoice on those days, when we get our councillors and MPs elected.

I say to everyone in For Britain, grab the jackboot of perception, now pressing your face into the mud. Get up and push it aside and stand tall.

Together, let us all make our stand.

Let us remind the world that we are the British!


Mike Walker 

Education Spokesman

For Britain 

Text ‘Join’ to 60777