Over the last few years we have seen increasing examples of how the British Police service has implemented two separate models of policing.  This perversion of “one law for all” first became apparent as the grooming gang scandal was exposed in more and more forces across the whole country.  It became apparent that these gangs of almost exclusively Pakistani Muslim men had been given a free pass to rape, kidnap, drug and generally abuse young white girls and some Sikh girls.  Evidence has emerged that the police ignored the problem in the interest of “Harmonious Race Relations”.  There is also a close association of this phenomenon with majority Labour councils.   Effectively the Police gave the Muslim community a get out of jail free “Race Card”.  Labour councils are heavily reliant on the Muslim vote and gave them a similar card.  Some Police Forces were so compromised by their complicity that they were deemed incapable of investigating their own grooming gangs and responsibility for investigating these crimes has been given to the National Crime Agency. This is an admission of the scale and depth to which some forces have been rendered impotent in dealing with minority groups, even when they are patently and overtly criminal.

One might assume that the exposure of the extent of the problem would have seen the end of this two-tier style of policing. It is unfortunately apparent that this is not the case.

In recent weeks we have seen the police take very different attitudes towards policing protests and political demonstrations.  They have shown a willingness to resort to excessive force when dealing with anti-lockdown or anti-illegal immigration demonstrators often inflicting quite serious injuries with the use of unnecessary force.

Contrast this with the total lack of action and sometimes overt submission in the face of illegal activity by Black Lives Matters demonstrators or the Ashura March in London on 28th August when thousands marched in contravention of the Social Distancing rules. Social media regularly provides examples of how police ignore the law when it comes to minorities.

It is the enforcement of the COVID restrictions that is once again illustrating how extensive is the Two-Tier Policing system.  The failure to observe social distancing was the excuse for the police to violently break up anti lockdown demonstrations in Trafalgar square on two occasions, the last only a week ago.

Contrast this with the scenes in Rochdale, Greater Manchester this week when at a funeral (Limited by COVID rules to a maximum of 30 people) was attended by hundreds of mourners with no attempt at social distancing.  No action at all was taken. The mourners were Muslim. Could this have been a factor?   Rochdale has the highest level of COVID cases in Greater Manchester, if ever there was justification for enforcing the rules it was here. Not for the first time Greater Manchester Police have been derelict in their duty.

This failure to not enforce laws against minority groups but use excessive force when it comes to protest by disaffected white people is seriously undermining the reputation of the police. They are supposed to police by consent and the consent of a large proportion of the community is being withdrawn.  There is a wide body of opinion who foresee serious disorder in this country in the next few months. The police may find they do not have public support to deal with it unless they are seen to be equitable.  They are actively favouring racial and religious minorities and we are in a dangerous position where the indigenous population may no longer support the police.  I have to ask why the police are doing this, but I do not have an answer.

Mike Speakman
Retired Deputy Chief Constable
For Britain Law and Order Spokesman.