Hugo Jenks is For Britain’s Spokesman on Islam.

Below is a letter written to Scottish Parliament for consideration, and it is published here for transparency. Two previous letters were seemingly ignored and not responded to. The points raised are well sourced, but undoubtedly any response will attack the messenger and fail to address the points raised.

We have a bizarre situation in the UK in which the public cannot express thoughts and concerns and have them answered in a measured and reasonable way. We know that the concerns related to Islam are shared by millions, yet all our politicians dismiss them.

Any response will be added to this article.

Dear Member of the Scottish Parliament,

Regarding Saving Western Civilisation:

Western nations are facing an existential threat from Islam. Demographic changes are far more significant than terrorism. Terrorism directly affects relatively few people, whereas the demographic changes will, in time, affect everyone. If we are to avert tragedy, the time to act is right now. The younger generation, your children and grandchildren, will be eternally grateful if you would help to save Western civilisation.

Please read the attached document [see below] “The real nature of Islam”. I am in contact with the author, and so if there is any feedback I will forward it to her. Of particular relevance to the current deliberations of the Scottish Parliament is this section, on page 5:

And it also means that Muslims can settle in non-Islamic places (hijra) – as Mohammed supposedly did in Medina – be accepted as peaceful, law-abiding, citizens as Islam gains strength there, and avoid being expelled. So the majority of Muslims are required to live their normal lives, whether in Islamic countries or elsewhere – but are required to support, in every way possible, the activities of the minority who engage in violent jihad. And, to advance the cause of Islam, they should incrementally increase their influence and power in the West, through demographic change, politics and “lawfare” e.g. supporting “hate” speech laws, lobbying for laws against blasphemy, and protesting against “Islamophobia”, to prevent all honest scrutiny of Islamic practices, and debate regarding Islam.

Deceit is permitted within mainstream Islam. Please look up: “taqiyya”, “kitman”, “tawriya”, and “muruna”. These are different types of permissible lies within Islam. Do not be fooled by the words of Muslims. There is no requirement to be truthful within Islam, if deceit will further the cause of Allah.

Modern concepts, such as: equality, the abolition of slavery, Human Rights, and freedom of speech are alien to Islam. Once we lose our hard-won freedoms, they will probably be gone forever.

This is my third attempt to alert you to the threat that we all face from Islam itself. Will you have the courage to speak out, before it is too late?

Yours sincerely,

Hugo Jenks

[7 page pdf may be downloaded or browsed]