By Hugo Jenks, Islam Spokesman


Within countries controlled by Islam there are traditionally three choices for non-Muslims: convert to Islam, be executed, or live as a Dhimmi.  This third option was usually available only to the “people of the Book”, namely the Christians and Jews.  The strict rules have been varied at different times and in different places, such that it was simply impractical to slaughter tens of millions of Hindus when Islam conquered India.

A Dhimmi is regarded as an inferior person, and they are obliged to pay a special tax, the “jizya” tax, as a sign of subservience and humiliation.  The Dhimmi may be required to bow down low, or even crawl on their stomach when paying the tax.  The subservience is spelled out in the Koran in verses that have not been abrogated:

Koran 9:29. Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger, and follow not the Religion of Truth, until they pay the tribute [jizya] readily, being brought low.

See this website for further information.

This verse, Koran 9:29, abrogates eight other verses.  To find out which verses these are, do a text search for “9:29” within the Abrogated Koran eBook.  Just to add a little extra complication: note that some verses are abrogated by more than one abrogating verse. Knowing which verses abrogate which other verses is absolutely key to gaining an accurate understanding of the Koran.  The “verse of the sword” Koran 9:5 abrogates an astonishing 108 other verses – which were generally the more tolerant ones.  You can sometimes also catch out Muslims, even Imams, when they quote abrogated verses.  The Imam who spoke during an evensong service at Wells Cathedral quoted two verses which had been abrogated.  They may well do it knowingly – deception is permissible within Islam.  If we are to have much hope of tackling Islam itself we have to be one step ahead of these blatant deceivers!  It is not an easy task.

The Abrogated Koran is a valuable tool for this task – the eBook edition is a free download. It indicates which verses are abrogated, and by which other verses.  Key verses are also colour-coded.


For all that the Muslim Council of Britain complains about “Islamophobia” in the Conservative Party, the reality is that the Tories are very willing to bend the knee to Islam.  They have evidently already developed the Dhimmitude mindset.  And furthermore, they show a willingness to give special financial and other assistance to the Muslims in their area, using of course our money.  This has to be regarded as a jizya tax, levied upon unwilling non-Muslims.  This may seem like a bold claim, however, you can see the evidence of it with your own eyes.

See this video, where Councillor Simon Dudley, the then leader of the Council of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, made some extraordinary promises to a group of Muslims:

Councillor Dudley’s speech to Maidenhead Mosque:

There is much in his speech that is despicable.  Consider some examples of his shameful statements:

…the whole Conservative group guarantee to you…”  an extraordinary guarantee.  Does any other community have such favoured status?

“…I want them to redesign their plans to provide both the parking locally, which can be used by people who live there, but also your community as you come to worship...”  this is deliberately setting up a conflict between the future local residents and those attending the mosque.  They will be competing for parking spaces.  This is hardly likely to engender good community relations.

I hope when we have our local government elections on the second of May, you will vote Conservative…”  blatant electioneering – using taxpayers resources as the bait.  Is this permissible?

Note that the speech was on the 26th April 2019.  On the 29th Sept 2019 a local newspaper reported that Cllr Simon Dudley had resigned with immediate effect.  It is not clear from the newspaper article what the true reason for the resignation was.

It is vitally important that we hold the existing elected representatives (of all parties) to account.  It is highly doubtful that many of them have examined Islam in any depth, and thus it seems unlikely that they have understood the existential threat that Islam itself is to us all. As seen by the behaviour of this councillor as a prime example, we cannot expect the Conservative Party to be of any use whatsoever in the task of saving Western civilisation from Islam.  They have to be booted out of office!

Nevertheless, we should meanwhile still keep up the effort to educate them regarding the harsh reality of Islam.  Some Conservative councillors (elsewhere than Maidenhead) have spoken out honestly and courageously against Islam.  They know that they will then be expelled from the Conservative Party.  Some see this as a price that is worth paying, in order to retain their own integrity.  We need to put in the effort to encourage more of them to do so.


Sagheer: We’ve had talks over the last year and a half, two years with the council, and just this morning we’ve had some papers through on email (from the council) to say the council will give us preferential treatment or first denial on the site next door, so I’ll allow Simon to say a few words.

Councillor Dudley: Sagheer, thank you, As-salamu Alaikum, I hope that was reasonably good. I am Simon Dudley, I am the Leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, and I wanted to come along and talk to you, because we’ve been discussing with Sagheer, and Arif as well, how we can make sure that your community has the opportunity to expand over the coming years. I think as you know, there is a lot of work going on in Maidenhead, regeneration of Maidenhead. But what I as the leader of the council, and people like Gurch, as hopefully a future councillor, and the whole Conservative group guarantee to you, is that as the town develops, we will make sure that you have the space to expand here, for the education of your children and the important community worship facilities that you need. With the Ivy Leaf, the council own the freehold of that site and we are negotiating with them for them to surrender their lease. We had thought that we might build apartments, flats on that site. We will never do that. That is my undertaking to you, as the leader, the Conservative leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. We have sent an agreement over that when we have control of that site, we will allow the Islamic Trust to acquire that site, so that you can expand here. And indeed, when the Magnet Leisure Centre, we’re building a new one along the Braywick Road, when that closes, and we start to build new homes on here, we will make sure that they are set back from the mosque here, that they aren’t overlooking it, that it is respectful of your place of worship. So I am going to tell our partners, who are called Countryside, that I want them to redesign their plans to provide both the parking locally, which can be used by people who live there, but also your community as you come to worship, but also that the development is respectful of the mosque. Now, the reason this is important to us, is that your community is an essential part of the community of Maidenhead, and the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. So I’m proud to be the leader of a multicultural local authority, and I’m proud to be a Riverside councillor with so many of you as residents there. And I will always defend your religious beliefs and freedoms as long as I am the leader of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, because you are an essential part of our community and one which I hold in deep respect. So these are my assurances to you, to your families, to your friends. As your community grows, we will ensure that your facilities are able to grow as well, because that’s essential in the development of Maidenhead as a town, in exactly the same way that the community at 22 Cookham Road, we made sure that they were able to buy that site a number of years ago. I was instrumental in that, that they got that site, and now that is being redeveloped. So the same way that I was true to my word then, I will be true to my word with what I’ve just said to you, which is being filmed, and that’s absolutely fine by me, and you can hold me to account. So I wanted to thank you for your time, I hope when we have our local government elections on the second of May, you will vote Conservative, you will put your crosses, yourselves and your families, next to the tree, the Conservative tree, because it’s that political party that is going to help you develop a stronger community here, and the facilities that you and your loved ones need. So hopefully, that, you know, I just wanted to make sure you were all aware of all of that, and thank you very much for giving me some time to say that.