Anne Marie Waters 

Sunday November 1st 2020 


History has its pivotal moments; an event or occurrence from which it is impossible to go back, an event that changes everything.  What used to be is no longer.  What was once united becomes divided.  What was once high becomes low.  What once worked no longer does.  Labour, as a party, no longer works.  It has lost its identity, its passion, and its purpose.

Labour hasn’t known who it is for some time now.  Once a party of the working people, and of the poorest people, it rapidly turned in to the elite it had once opposed.  Just like in George Orwell’s Animal Farm; they became what they’d set out to defeat.

The average Labour MP today has little (if anything) in common with the working classes that brought it to power.  While working people worry for their jobs, wages and conditions, Labour insists that a mass oversupply of candidates for work brought about by immigration has had no impact.  They ignored the British who feared for the livelihoods, they prioritised open borders instead.

The divide got even wider with Brexit.  Fuelled by just those (very real) fears for the jobs market, many voters in Labour’s prior heartlands – particularly in the north of England – voted to leave the EU, from where much immigration was arriving.  Labour MPs were appalled!  They were appalled because the live in ivory towers of multiculturalism and “wokeness”.  They are far more concerned about trans rights than workers’ rights.

When Labour’s heartlands voted to leave the EU, the party’s MPs told its loyal supporters that they had voted incorrectly.  They then set about trying to overturn (“soft Brexit”) the result and nullify the democratic wishes of their own constituents, and they did so unashamedly – such is their sense of their own intellectual superiority over those they purport to represent.

All of this has caused enormous damage to Labour, and this has been reflected at the ballot box for some time.  Yes, Labour may still win many of its key areas (though not all as the breach of the ‘red wall’ in 2019 proved), but it is doing so with smaller and smaller margins.

It’s my firm belief that if the Labour heartlands had another established party, which genuinely stood for the ordinary folk of the UK, Labour would be finished.  Even so, its demise is now inevitable.  The week just gone may well have dealt the fatal blow.

Let’s start at the beginning.

A report was published this week by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) in to antisemitism in the Labour Party.  While, in my view, anti-Jewish sentiment has long been common in the party, the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn gave it the courage to come to the fore – it was finally laid bare for all to see.

The report concluded that the Labour Party had broken the law in failing to prevent acts of harassment and discrimination towards its Jewish members.  As the far left gained prominence during Corbyn’s leadership, shocking stories surrounding harassment of Jews began to be made public.  Luciana Berger for example, a former Labour MP, complained that antisemitism “permeated the Labour Party from the top right to the very bottom”.  She is not he only Jewish Labour MP to make the claim.  Veteran Parliamentarian Dame Margaret Hodge has similarly complained, and in the light of the report’s release, she said “I cannot describe the sense of relief that the report is finally being published and the hope that this is the beginning of the end.”

According to the Independent, the report’s author Caroline Waters said:

“The Labour Party made a commitment to zero tolerance for antisemitism.  Our investigation has highlighted multiple areas where its approach and leadership to tackling antisemitism was insufficient. This is inexcusable and appeared to be a result of a lack of willingness to tackle antisemitism rather than an inability to do so.”

The current Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, has until December 10th to implement the recommendations of the report, or these will be enforceable by law.

The report specifically stated that Jeremy Corbyn’s office had deliberately interfered with complaints regarding antisemitism on no fewer than 23 occasions.

In response, the Jewish Labour Movement said:

“Since 2015, we have consistently warned the Labour Party about a deepening casual culture of anti-Jewish racism, that saw Jewish Labour members and activists harassed and discriminated against.

Instead of listening to our growing concerns over the scale of the challenge, we were told that this racism was imagined, fabricated for factional advantage or intended to silence debate.

Today’s report confirms that our voices were marginalised and our members victimised.”

(Of note, the usual condemnations of “racism” were deafeningly absent this week.  No ban for Labour from Twitter or Facebook. No smearing as ‘fascists’ by the BBC.  Nothing.  Silence.)

The report was not the sum-total of Labour’s drama this week however.  To top it off, the current leader has shoved his predecessor out of the party.  Jeremy Corbyn has had the whip removed and been suspended from Labour – a party he has represented in Parliament since 1983.

Starmer has promised to crack down on antisemitism, and is no doubt using the suspension of Corbyn as a demonstration of that commitment.  In June, he sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey from the front bench.  The Guardian reports it like this:

“In a swift move, Long-Bailey was summarily dismissed as shadow education secretary for sending an approving tweet about an interview in which the actor Maxine Peake said the US police tactic of kneeling on someone’s neck was taught by the Israeli secret service.

This was emphatically denied by Israel, and Peake later retracted the claim. By then, however, Long-Bailey had been fired.”

On the surface then, it seems like Starmer is trying to be true to this word, but in reality, this is window dressing.  There is a massive antisemitism problem in the Labour party that Starmer will never address: Muslim antisemitism.  That’s what is at the heart of it.

To look back over Jeremy Corbyn’s political career is to look back at a career pandering to Muslims and to sharing every one of their grievances.  Pro-Iran, pro-“Palestinian”, and of course fiercely anti-Israel, this section of the left has grown and grown in the Labour party, and is now so large and significant, that Labour will struggle to survive without it.

Having alienated so many millions of working class Brits, Labour now finds itself obliged to appeal to a new electorate – hence its unquenchable thirst for immigration, more immigration, and then more immigration after that (preferably from countries with an anti-British bent).

Labour increasingly relies on the immigrant vote (something only British citizens should have in the first place), but there is one particular immigrant it does not want to lose.  There is one particular demographic it does not want to lose.  The Muslim demographic.

Just imagine if Labour truly opposed antisemitism.  If it truly came down hard on the Muslims in the party who are rigidly anti-Jewish.  What if the mullahs and the imams were displeased?  What if they instructed the occupants of Muslim ghettos to vote for someone other than Labour?

The fact is that the Labour Party has utterly transformed since the days it once represented working people.  It has moved to the extreme left, meaning it hates our country and Western nations generally.  It always sides with whoever our enemies are, and has now completed its journey in to outright extremism; political, social, economic.  The party is a shambles and Keir Starmer simply isn’t strong enough to rescue it.  He is as far-removed from the lives of the voter as anyone else in the remote political and celebrity elite.

Labour rose when the working people had no representation.  Now, here we are again – zero representation.  What we have is a Parliament at odds with its people, and which refuses to listen to anyone outside its celebrity bubble.

The writing is on the wall – Britain needs new politics, and it needs to be For Britain.


Anne Marie Waters 


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