Last night in Washington the “Million MAGA March” (a protest organised to show support for President Trump) descended into predictable violence as Far Left and Black Lives Matter supporters searched out isolated women, children and elderly to assault. The march itself passed without incident as expected, but the Media and Left seemed frustrated by such a good natured peaceful display of support. The most vocal output from the crowd seemed to be a rendition of the national anthem.

There were no obscene placards , no rioting, no looting and no vile chanting or attacking the police. So the Media instead decided to mock the event, calling it a gathering of a “few thousand far right and white supremacists” (BBC). The actual crowd numbers aren’t known at this stage but it clearly was way more than a few thousand. As dusk fell, the BLM and Antifa thugs attacked innocent people isolated from the crowd, something only alternative media seemed interested in filming and showing.

For four years we have heard that Trump supporters are a violent threat, are fascists who are just waiting to unleash carnage upon society. The truth is the opposite of course, and replicates other left wing tropes and narratives, such as the constant assertion that Islam is a religion of peace whenever a terror attack happens. Trying to project a false narrative just doesn’t work however often you repeat it, all it does is anger people by showing an inability to swallow egos and face the truth even when it is staring you in the face. Thank goodness we have mobile phones and social media to show us what is really going on, but as we know, that ability to speak and report the truth is also under threat.

Diane Abbott responded to the news of the problems in America by bizarrely blaming President Trump for inciting violence. The truth is, as the chair of “Stand Up To Racism”, a British far left activist group that often describe themselves as Antifa, she has turned a blind eye to this behaviour for many years . We saw it at the Lewisham East Hustings where a violent mob closed down democracy by not allowing For Britain Party Leader Anne Marie Waters to enter the building for the debate. Again, the Media and politicians failed to even mention this disgraceful incident.

The role of the Media in whipping up anger cannot be underestimated. For four years they have pushed a claim about Russia helping both Brexit and Donald Trump, that of course proved to be false. They published outrageous allegations about a good family man Brett Kavanaugh being a rapist just because he was Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court. Yet now we have a situation where there are hundreds of people giving affidavits of fraud, countless examples provided that haven’t yet been tested in Court, and the media has dismissed them all as ‘baseless’. They are even going after the character of people making the claims, and high profile statisticians and other individuals are being banned from social media merely for providing their professional opinion.

Watch out for the headlines and the wording of all these stories. The Media uses the word ‘unsubstantiated’ or ‘baseless’ before the word ‘claim’ in every story (sometimes it is followed by ‘without evidence’). This is unprecedented. It is not the job of the media to determine whether they are baseless, that’s for the Court so the mere wording of the reporting is propaganda aimed at delegitimising the claims themselves.

The reality is, Trump received more votes than any sitting President in history, and his rallies were huge events in stark contrast to the enthusiasm shown for Biden. Those people are incredulous that someone as unpopular as Joe Biden could beat this record vote, and this is based on data, not because they are ‘sore losers’ as the left wing press portrays them. The irony is that Trump increased his support in all minority groups and women, the only gain Biden made was amongst white men.

Biden lost significant numbers of votes compared to Hillary in Democratic heartlands such as New York, but seemingly gained in working class heartlands which sets off an initial alarm bell. Trump is revered there. Occam’s Razor tells us this just doesn’t seem logical. The evidence emerging from the States where ‘Dominion’ software was used clearly warrants thorough investigation. Too many examples of huge vote swings after experts have stated the ease with which these machines could be rigged. All those examples of ‘dead people’ voting – anyone who cares for democracy needs an answer to this. A moral media would be all over these stories as a fraud against American democracy is possibly the biggest story they will ever report. But no, they want to dismiss without even looking, such is the strength of their anti Trump agenda.

Is it unreasonable to suspect a group that made up and pushed the Russia nonsense for four years wouldn’t attempt fraud to guarantee an election victory? When you see the sheer volume of lies and misinformation about Trump and an obsessive desperation to remove him from Office (ie the ridiculous impeachment proceedings), the answer has to be no. We’ve seen voter fraud before from the left in isolated incidents, so we know for some that it doesn’t challenge their moral compass to cheat.

If it is proven that no fraud occurred, there won’t be looting or rioting. It will be accepted. ‘The Right’ respects democracy – and it will be up to the Republicans to come back better in 2024 to win the next election. There are benefits to Trump being unconstrained by the office of presidency; to tackle media and social media – and Biden will be so wrapped up by a Republican Party (which had party success in the election), that his powers will be limited. No doubt his China dealings will result in an impeachment process. Biden is already being attacked by the left of the party, and Black Lives Matter are making demands – it will remain to be seen if Biden can hold that cabal together. Without Trump as the focus of their hate, the Left may well turn on each other as often happens when your politics is built on anger, envy and frustration.

There’s no enthusiasm for Biden, and if Trump eventually loses the election, I suspect he will still dominate the headlines for years to come, as the reality of what the left voted for isn’t that appealing.

Even to themselves.