Anne Marie Waters 

Sunday November 29th 2020 


Last week was our third national conference and I want to thank everyone again who took part.  It’s not quite the same as meeting in person – which hopefully we can do again next year – but it’s important and enjoyable nonetheless.

One of the primary focuses of our conference is of course our annual newly updated manifesto.  This is not a typical thing for parties to do, but I know that life moves very quickly and we must adapt to changing circumstances with new thoughts and ideas; hence a manifesto that is flexible and informed by our members.

This morning I’d like to highlight some of my favourite new additions to the manifesto, and what I think are some of the most important ones for us both at home and abroad.  Let’s start with the police.

The year 2020 was a remarkable one (and it’s not over yet).  One of the remarkable aspects was the advancement of the radical Marxist group Black Lives Matter (BLM).  This group engaged in a summer of criminal behaviour such as vandalism and criminal damage, but the police, rather than arresting them for it, actively took part in the ‘protests’ accompanying the criminal behaviour.  Any pretence at impartiality from the police was lost.

The police have taken sides politically in a radical departure from their usually understood role – to enforce the law equally and to protect the rights of citizens, equally.

This is important, very important.  The police are a substantial element of a civilised and ordered society.  In a democracy, they (along with the judiciary) are called upon to act with impartial integrity and treat our citizens the same way, regardless of their political viewpoint.  This is necessary because to do otherwise is to police politics and therefore a particular political philosophy and therefore a particular political party or parties.  This is not democracy.

We must restore our democracy and to do so, we must restore police impartiality.  For Britain will therefore make it a criminal offence for police to display political preference in public.  The spectacle of police officers getting on to their knees to bow down to any political group, as they did with BLM this year, must never be repeated, and the British public must be assured that the police will deal with them even-handedly irrespective of their politics.

For Britain will also legislate nationally to protect statues and memorials locally.  We will not allow local councils to dismantle Britain’s heritage.

If we were to believe Government propaganda, we would almost be persuaded that since voting to leave the EU, immigration has reduced – it has not.  In the year ending March 2020, immigration had actually risen to its highest level in 4 years.  In other words, since we voted to leave the EU, immigration has increased.

According to Migration Watch, 313,000 people were added to the total population last year.   This obviously means that 313,000 extra people need to be catered for in terms of housing, schools, healthcare, and no doubt, benefits.  We cannot afford this.  It’s as simple as that.  But even with cost taken in to account, the further transformation of British culture seems not to concern our politicians at all.

The integrity of the law doesn’t concern politicians either as they continue to flat-out deny the existence of immigration laws.  In 2020, not only did we see the police on their knees, we also saw the UK Border Force facilitate illegal immigration – the very opposite of their role.  Throughout the year (and still) UK Border Force boats were going out in to the English Channel and collecting illegal immigrants to bring them to Britain.  Those immigrants (well clothed and with the best of technology) were then bussed to hotels where they will stay (in comfort) while permanent (free) lodgings are prepared for them.  I think it’s worth pointing out at this stage that there are around 280,000 people homeless in England alone.  This figure rose by 23% in 2019.  It’s also worth pointing out that around 13,000 military veterans also bed down on the street every night.  No hotels or new apartments for them.

This is a scandal and anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that.  The British government continues to allow mass immigration even though it is clearly against the wishes of millions of British people.  Our leaders make speeches saying they will stop it but they clearly have no intention of doing so.  In fact, it’s going up!

Enough. For Britain will stop this immigration and just as crucially, deport those here illegally and actively protect British culture.

But all these significant occurrences in 2020 are dwarfed by the thing that will forever define the year; COVID-19.  This virus, which was Made in China, spread all over the world at a rapid rate and governments responded in the most extraordinary way by completely shut down our economies.  ‘Lockdown’ became a reality and we were closed off from work, leisure, and family.  It was the ultimate shock to the system.

I’ve heard it described as ‘a war on the working class’ that these lockdowns continue as I write (and we have no idea when they’ll end), because it is small business that is suffering most.  In the North East for example, 75% of small business owners in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne said they are unlikely to survive a 6 month lockdown.  We began our lockdowns in March!

Meanwhile the country is in eye-watering debt (to the tune of around 2 trillion pounds) and Chancellor Rishi Sunak is already hinting at tax rises to pay for it.  China on the other hand is on the rise.  The Chinese are dancing in nightclubs while their economy grows.  They’ve paid nothing in compensation to anyone for unleashing this virus and in fact, made money from it.

China itself must be looked at more carefully.  This manufacturing giant is governed by a monstrous communist regime and its business practices mean that outright copyright theft and contract breaches take place routinely and without any fallout for China.  To put it another way, China does whatever it likes and other world leaders say very little – especially in the West (with exception of Donald Trump).

As China’s global power grows, so do its demands, and it is imposing itself and its values throughout the world.  For example, Hollywood movies are reportedly altering themselves in accordance with China’s wishes, and I have read of several instances of people in the West fired from their jobs for social media posts critical of China.

We need to do something about this.  We can start by not giving this regime so much of our money.  Not only will For Britain pursue financial compensation from China for COVID-19, but we will reward British businesses who source production in any country other than China.

Other crucial elements of the manifesto include our policies on climate change – in which we offer the truth about the global situation as well as simple and effective solutions.

There are additions to education policy, and there are more protections for animals from unnecessary cruelty.  Our Government and Public Life policies include a new body of England-only MPs to vote on England-only issues, action to prevent anti-white discrimination, and a new bank holiday on June 23rd each year!

We have introduced a thorough and detailed economic policy that seeks to reduce debt and promote ownership, as well as responsibility on the stockmarkets by banning the buyback of shares.

Also added this year is a new section on Agriculture and Rural Development.

The 2021 manifesto from For Britain is, I firmly believe, the most needed and wisest manifesto in the country.  It’s exactly what we need.  Furthermore, we are a party of conviction and principle, meaning that we would actually enact these policies if in the position to do so.  Our task now is to make that happen.


Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain 

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