The Law Commission, a government quango set up to review our laws is currently looking at vastly extending hate crime legislation.  They are proposing amongst a whole lot of other nonsense, a Hate Crime Act, a Hate Crime Commissioner and that the law be extended to what you say in your home.  I know it has become somewhat of a cliché but 1984 is truly with us and worse.

From the start a “Hate Crime” was a flawed concept; it looked at motives behind an existing offence and turned them into Hate on the basis of those motives.  So, if you killed someone at random it would be a crime, but if you killed them because of their religion or race it became a “Hate Crime”.  In practice there was no difference in the actions carried out, so why create this extra category.  I have to say I don’t know, but it emanates from wokeness.  We have become dominated by liberal lefties who think we should all be nice to each other and never say hurty words in case it gives offence.  The term “snowflake” was not invented for no reason at all. We have a generation of fragile personalities who have been taught in our cultural Marxist schools and feel entitled to everything but responsible for nothing.

The idea of a crime being worse because of the motives, started I think in the 1990s, when in a desperate attempt to appease minorities, a racial motive to a crime was determined if the “victim” thought it was racial.  This idea has been extended to “Hate” so if someone thinks something is a “hate crime” it is recorded as such.  However, in many cases there was never a crime to start with, so the police recorded these as “Non-Crime Hate Crimes” and such incidents are recorded against an individual’s record. So we have ended up with none crimes being indexed against individuals and this record is available if they apply for employment.   This process has been partially successfully challenged in court by the Fair Cop organisation after a very damning incident involving my old force Humberside, where a police officer called someone “to check their thinking”.   They claim they were following the College of Policing guidance and this is also being challenged through the courts.  It has also come to light that children in classes who say something that could be considered a “hate Crime” are also having these incidents recorded on their records by the police. This process  is also being challenged through the courts with the assistance of Fair Cop.

The police in common with all our institutions have been infested by the wokeness virus which has led to the Orwellian state in which we live.  Every aspect of government is suffering a severe infection.  The law commission is a further example.  The whole idea of creating a Hate Crime statute fills me with horror, to have a Commissar of Hate Crime is even worse and to intrude into your home is the ultimate invasion of privacy.

The willingness to be offended has been hijacked by just about every minority who exploit their status for political and financial gain. The left have jumped on the bandwagon and most minority groups now find themselves aligned with socialist groups of one sort or another,  all looking to exploit “Hate Crime” legislation to further their cause. The Law Commissions proposals would give them further power.

For Britain would abolish the concept of Hate Crime. We would also disinfect the establishment of its wokeness. We would sweep away the police leadership and replace it with practical coppers. We would get rid of the CPS as an agent of wokeness and we probably would need to find a better way of selecting judges. Our Civil Service is not fit for purpose and needs replacing.

If you want to do your bit to stem the tide then fill out the Law Commissions consultation here

But let me warn you, it will enrage you with its wokeness, its tediousness, its lefty vocabulary.  You will have steam coming from your ears, you will struggle to stay calm.  Such is the state of Britain in late 2020.

Mike Speakman

Retired deputy Chief Constable

Law and Order Spokesman