Mike Walker, Education Spokesman

There are many reasons for being a member of For Britain and fighting with Anne Marie.  One which I regard to be very personal and heartfelt,  is to try to expose the appalling contempt of successive governments with regards their duty to control immigration.

For many years I fell for their ‘dog whistle call’ tactics of promising to make this a priority in successive manifesto pledges.  Like many naïve and loyal Tory voters, I trusted them, and the Conservatives got my cross at the polling booth.  My hopes were dashed time and again, following their shallow empty promises.

Please take a look at their disgusting record below:

Year Conservative General Election Manifesto pledge on Immigration Net Annual Migration to UK = difference between immigration and emigration
2010 We do not need to attract people to do jobs that could be carried out by British citizens, given the right training and support. So, we will take steps to take net migration back to the levels of the 1990s – tens of thousands a year, not hundreds of thousands [David Cameron]   256 000
2011 249 000
2012 161 000
2013 208 000
2014 309 000
2015 Conservatives believe in controlled immigration, not mass immigration. Immigration brings real benefits to Britain – to our economy, our culture, and our national life. We will always be a party that is open, outward looking and welcoming to people from all around the world. We also know that immigration must be controlled. When immigration is out of control, it puts pressure on schools, hospitals, and transport; and it can cause social pressures if communities find it hard to integrate [David Cameron] 329 000
2016 252 000
2017 But with annual net migration standing at 273,000, immigration to Britain is still too high. It is our objective to reduce immigration to sustainable levels, by which we mean annual net migration in the tens of thousands, rather than the hundreds of thousands we have seen over the last two decades [Theresa May] 249 000
2018 232 000
2019 Only by establishing immigration controls and ending freedom of movement will we be able to attract the high-skilled workers we need to contribute to our economy, our communities, and our public services. There will be fewer lower-skilled migrants and overall numbers will come down. And we will ensure that the British people are always in control. [Boris Johnson]  N.B. No mention of trying to bring down net annual migration to tens of thousands 270 000
2020 Do not hold your breath!

I live in the beautiful rural county of Wiltshire.  It is now being devastated by the property developers, aided and abetted by Boris and his corporate shareholding backers.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government has published a consultation exercise to ‘test the water and find out if the people will mind vast swathes of countryside being urbanised and covered in concrete and tarmac. The ‘Open Consultation, Planning for the Future’ [www.gov.uk] was published by Boris Johnson as an open consultation on 6 August 2020 for a period of 3 months.

Have you even heard of it?  It certainly did not make the same headlines as ‘Celebrity Come Dancing!’

‘This consultation seeks any views on each part of a package of proposals for reform of the planning system in England to streamline and modernise the planning process, improve outcomes on design and sustainability, reform developer contributions and ensure more land is available for development where it is needed [housing and associated infrastructure supporting communities].

In summary, there are going to be tens of thousands more new houses built in the near future, and there after annually, an inevitable consequence of uncontrolled population growth.   To facilitate this the current planning system in the UK is going to be changed to allow this to happen.

Current consultation for planning between Wiltshire Council and the public is covered by ‘The ‘Wiltshire Local Plan’ The following quotation is taken from the Wiltshire Council Website:

‘A local plan forms part of the development plan for the future of the local area, drawn up by the local planning authority in consultation with the community.  By law, all planning applications for new development must be determined in accordance with this development plan unless material circumstances indicate otherwise’.  Wiltshire Council then go onto state that ‘they have to maintain up-to-date plans to support growth, so there is enough land for homes, jobs, and the infrastructure necessary to support them’.

This government intend to bulldoze the concerns of the people, reflected in the Wiltshire Local Plan, like the fields and trees, needed to build those houses required for Boris’ ‘new Jerusalem!’

Chippenham is a wonderful rural town, ideally situated close to the M4 motorway.  However, this makes it a prime target for developers wanting to cash in on high property sales. Higher prices become fuelled by an ever increasing population, ameliorated by Boris Johnson’s open door joke of an immigration policy.

As stewards of this county, we must do our best to preserve our countryside for the sake of our children and grandchildren.  As a For Britain councillor, I intend to apply to become a member of the planning committee and promote the building of smaller and cheaper environmentally friendly, energy efficient, modular homes on brown field sites in and around my hometown of Chippenham.

Let us together, fighting alongside Anne Marie, carry the battle to both local and central government.  Please do everything you can to become a councillor next year for this great party. Make the self-serving, deceiving politicians for once show some honour and make good on their promises.

This ex-Conservative voter now knows there is no difference between the Tories and Labour.  It is time to fight to restore some sanity and demand control of the exploding population numbers on this overcrowded island.