By Mike Walker, Education Spokesman

Oh Joy!!!  I must teach 10Y2 Tutor Class, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education [PSHE]!

PSHE is an unnecessary school subject designed for the social engineering of our children by the political establishment.

Whenever politicians deem a problem of social concern becomes too difficult to handle e.g. transgender rights, legalisation of soft drugs or whether society should turn a blind eye to underage sex between two 15 year old pupils, it is passed onto the PSHE lesson!  We now have untrained and unenthusiastic non-specialist teachers and tutors to teach a lesson on how we should all feel and behave in all circumstances.  Yes, that is exactly what happens! (1)

‘Many teachers who are good tutors do not have the knowledge and the understanding of appropriate teaching methods for many PSHE topics. They are also, perhaps understandably, reluctant to teach some topics. Pupils quickly notice a teacher has a lack of knowledge or enthusiasm for the subject; they react negatively or are simply embarrassed.  [OFSTED]’ (2)

Obviously, this is an absolutely crazy notion.  The state is replacing the role and responsibility that is the  prerogative of parents and guardians.

The first national frameworks were introduced for PSHE and citizenship in 2000.  I was responsible for delivering PSHE to Year 10 and 11 [ages 14-16] in a Swindon School for many years and never met anyone, teacher, or pupil, who valued it.  The curriculum would change to ameliorate acceptance by the younger generation of current orthodoxy from that government and/or the personal opinions of the teacher delivering the lesson.

As a result, multiculturalism was always great.  Nobody ever talked about the deleterious effects of uncontrolled immigration. Non-specialist teachers without a background of graduate biology could not explain the harmful effects of drug taking, smoking or alcohol abuse. They would rely on role play, worksheets, and the good old TV programme to get them to the end of the lesson.

Poor quality education serve up like reheated chips wrapped in old newspaper.

More recently Sex and Relationship education in PSHE has been updated to ‘teach pupils’ to accept transgender changes in an incredibly positive way as a social norm that should not be questioned.  For Britain see this as a concern for two reasons:

[1] Everyone has the right of free speech within a moral context.  Consequently, it is totally permissible to believe that humans have only two genders, male and female and one cannot change their sex.  One could argue that it is more valid than believing the opposite as it is supported scientifically. The male is genetically designed to be the donor of DNA whereas the female is genetically designed to be the recipient of DNA.  Both viewpoints are accepted since free speech and belief within a moral context is supported by the European Convention of Human Rights Articles 9 and 10.

[2] There are possible side effects / dangers associated with the transgender change.  This could be taught and developed by graduate biologists in science lessons but not within the context of PSHE, which is taught by mostly non-specialist tutors, usually tutors (1).  Unfortunately, certain interest groups are now exploiting the lack of scientific rigour and objectivity characteristic of PSHE.  This subject is becoming ‘politically weaponised’, preventing full analysis of the pros and cons of major issues of social concern, in this case the transgender issue, with the limited mandate of the syllabus requirement and ability of the teacher (4).

PSHE was used on the 13 March 2020, by the ‘educational elite’ to address another issue, that of the prevention of murder itself!  James Gray, MP for North Wiltshire sensibly publicly declared that he would discuss the incorporation of self-defence lessons in schools in parliament. He would do so in support of friends of a murdered girl called Ellie Gould.  They believed that Ellie may well still be alive if she had learned to defend herself.

The proposition was received with little enthusiasm by a Department for Education spokesperson who said that there were no plans to make self-defence mandatory, but “schools have flexibility to provide this should they choose”.

“As part of the new relationships and sex education curriculum [part of the PSHE syllabus], pupils will be taught the characteristics of positive and healthy relationships, as well as types of behaviour within relationships that are criminal, violent and include coercive control,” the spokesperson added (5)

A jaw dropping proposal! To restore some sanity to the debate, For Britain propose the following:

[1] All aspects of personal education should be treated in the same way as we did before the advent of PSHE.  Parents, guardians, sympathetic caring educational professionals give 1:1 support to individual pupils as and when needed.  This is called pastoral support.  We have always had this system.  Why the sudden need to make the discussion of feelings public within the context of a lesson format?  Please can we escape the bubble of social media which overwhelms and consumes us in this ‘brave new world’?

[2] All aspects of social concern goes back to the traditional 20 minute assembly held by Headteachers etc.  Other aspects of social concern can be incorporated into National Curriculum Science.

[3] All aspects of health and social concern can be addressed in an objective and fair manner in National Curriculum Science and P.E.  Examples include the health pros and cons of transgender change, possible dangers from 5G or mobile phones and underage pregnancy for the pubescent girl.

[4] All aspects of economic education e.g. how to write a check, balance a household budget, understand about taxation should be covered by National Curriculum maths not the confused Art teacher on a Monday morning who must somehow negotiate a hour with her Year 8 tutor group in a PSHE lesson that she dreads!

Talk to your children.  Ask them what happens in PSHE.  I rest my case.



(2) (page 16) Time for change Personal, social and health education (Word format)